Balcony decoration: 99 ideas for small spaces

decoration balcony creative ideas amenagement

If you will like more space on the balcony, then know that you are not alone in your desire. Considering the number of people living in the world's largest cities, often in multi-storey dwellings, there are thousands of creative ideas and solutions for balcony decoration small space.
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Today, we will share with you a beautiful collection of small designer balconies to inspire you.

Modern balcony decoration small space

decoration balcony modern idea

It does not matter if you live in an apartment with a small balcony or in a house with a compact outdoor area upstairs. The images in this article will give you some creative ideas to try. Often, it's all about green plants, comfortable furniture and creative design. Do you believe it or not, the optimization of the outdoor space is not, necessarily, very difficult. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that your small balcony can not become a modern and relaxing space!

Deco ideas for the small balcony

decoration balcony small space

The key to successful balcony decoration dream: green plants and flowers! Because there is nothing worse than an empty balcony. If you have your plants and flowers a little high, you will create a natural beauty that recalls moments spent in nature. The plants will give an atmosphere of intimacy to your balcony decor, as well as color and depth to the space. You can even make a balcony decoration entirely with plants on the floor and on the walls. And speaking of the ground, making a decoration with flowers will create the illusion of being in a beautiful outdoor garden. But sometimes just a few well chosen plants are enough to achieve a remarkable effect. Do not forget to put them in beautiful design flower pots that follow with the decor theme of your balcony.

Simple but elegant balcony decor

decoration balcony furniture white

Do you know that you can use the same decorative details and accessories on your balcony as those used for decorating large gardens? It's all about knowing how to make each element unique. Make interesting and original arrangements and arrangements and place plants and flowers so you can even see them from inside your apartment. Do not forget that every detail counts on a small balcony. Treat each pot of plant as if it were a plant bed in your garden. Make a strategic investment because each plant and flower is different and has individual charm.

Deco Scandinavian style balcony

decoration balcony idee Scandinavian style

After the plants, it's time to talk about the rest of the decor. If you want to enjoy the time spent on your balcony, then you need some comfortable furniture to sit and relax. In case your budget is tight, do not think that it is impossible to find modern furniture at low prices. If you like DIY, you can even make your own balcony furniture using wooden pallets or other recyclable materials.

Small balcony decoration in colors

decoration balcony creative ideas

And if your balcony has a little bit of free space, it is perfectly possible to furnish it with a small table and chairs to be able to organize dinners under the stars. Why not? Who would want to enjoy an outdoor meal in the summer? In reality, even a small table and two-three chairs can give you the opportunity to have an aperitif outside with your friends.

Small ultra modern balcony

decoration balcony modern idea

The development of your priorities is a top priority when planning balcony. When it comes to small spaces, you will have to make some very important choices. Do you like green plants? Do you want to have a space where you can sit and enjoy the view, or do you prefer a large dining table with chairs? Feel free to decorate the space with objects that you like.

Scandinavian decor of small balcony

decoration balcony idea furniture

Simplicity is also a force in itself. If all you want is a little room to sit with a friend, then you do not need to overload the decor of your balcony with objects that are not necessary. One or two modern chairs can sometimes become the only essential element to make you feel comfortable on your balcony.

Small practical balcony with wooden furniture

decoration balcony interesting idea

And yet, you will be surprised to learn that in reality it is possible to put many more things on your balcony than you think. The small sofa or chairs, arranged on the perimeter of the balcony, are often also a very good idea. Leave the center of the space open to create the illusion of more space, but place a bench on the side to enjoy the sight of a strategic location. Do not forget to give colors and patterns to your balcony decor with an ingenious selection of furniture and accessories. Blue, green, yellow, pink - these are colors that will make the balcony decor much more cheerful and inviting.

Balcony decorated with design chair

decoration balcony armchair design

Take time to get the best out of your outdoor space. Plan the placement of furniture and fixtures and strategically incorporate color and patterns. By paying special attention to the design of the balcony, you will be able to more easily arrange the space of your dreams. The details in different heights will make the decor of your balcony more interesting. The vertical garden, the chairs and the wooden table will create a warmer atmosphere. The potted topiary will accentuate the garden look of your balcony. In reality, it is the green elements that help a lot to unify the decor of the small balcony. Here are now, as promised, the examples in photos:

Modern balcony with light decoration

balcony design idea

Balcony decor for the winter

Scandinavian style balcony decoration

Balcony layout ideas

decoration balcony original ideas

Small balcony layout with table and chairs

balcony design idee design

Creative ideas for balcony

balcony design creative ideas

Small balcony with Scandinavian decor

modern balcony layout idea

Balcony small space decorated with green plants

landscaping balcony green plants

Original small balcony decoration

balcony wooden floor

Small balcony decorated with flowers

landscaping balcony flowers

Balcony decor with modern outdoor furniture

small balcony layout idea

Small balcony of minimalist deco

small balcony minimalist layout

Balcony small space in black and white

small balcony black white

Design balcony with wooden furniture

small balcony furniture wood

develop a small balcony idea

balcony minimalist contemporary design

deco balcony flowers

balcony small red chairs

balcony small idee deco

deco balcony amenagement idea

deco balcony modern design

deco balcony flowers plants

deco balcony interesting idea

balcony rattan furniture

balcony red furniture deco

deco balcony furniture wood

deco contemporary modern balcony

deco balcony original idea

balcony small idea

deco balcony small white

balcony small idea

deco small modern balcony

deco balcony small ground wood

deco balcony plants idea

deco balcony green plants

deco balcony zen idea

deco small balcony accessories

deco small balcony color

deco small balcony furniture design

deco small balcony green plants

deco small modern balcony

decoration balcony white small

decoration balcony design elegant

decoration balcony modern design

decoration balcony shelf wood

decoration balcony flowers plants

decoration balcony flowers pots design

decoration balcony idea amenagement

decoration balcony creative idea

decoration balcony interesting idea

decoration balcony scandinavian idea

decoration balcony garden vertical

decoration balcony furniture design

decoration balcony furniture wrought iron

decoration balcony furniture rattan

decoration balcony small chairs wood

decoration balcony small plants

balcony decoration small wooden table

green plant balcony decoration

decoration balcony pots plants

decoration balcony scandinavian style wood furniture

decoration balcony round table

decoration small balcony flowers

decoration small balcony furniture design

decoration small balcony furniture design 1

decoration small modern balcony

decoration small balon idea

decoration balcony small wood

deco idea small balcony

small balcony

small balcony elegant deco

small balcony green plants

small balcony deco interesting

small balcony design idea

small balcony interesting design

small balcony idee deco

decoration balcony modern deco

decoration balcony succulents

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