Balcony garden: plants, care and advice

Balcony garden flower multicolored green plants

A balcony garden is the only hello for the many nature lovers who live in apartments and lack garden. A balcony garden creates joy and offers a pleasant aesthetic environment to oneself and to others.

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The beautifully landscaped balconies with plants and flowers are a background that changes the gray of the buildings and always arouse admiration and respect for their creators.

Flowers and plants hanging in balcony garden

Pink red flowers hanging plants yellow balcony

But the effect is only achieved if everything is studied and planned in advance. the beauty of each balcony garden will depend mainly on the skilful selection of plants and the correct composition of colors. Do not worry if your balcony is small. Look carefully if you can find more places for your favorite plants. Active use of all levels gives you a lot of space and most importantly, greatly expands the aesthetic design of your balcony garden.

A balcony with flowers and climbing plants

White balcony green plants hanging flowers

If the place is sunny, plant geranium-ivy, ageratum , carnation, nasturtium, wallflower and others. If the balcony is in the shade or north, your plants are Fuchsia, and forget-me-not. If the balcony is windy, you must choose plants resistant to the wind. They must be firm, with small flowers and leaves. These conditions are suitable for flowers such as begonia, verbena, agerate, and others.

Sheltered balcony garden

Garden balcony wooden roof arrangement

If you want your balcony to be covered with flowers from early spring to late autumn, fall plant in containers of tulip bulbs, daffodils and other spring flowers the abundance of plants in the garden of balcony will still guarantee its aesthetics. Plants growing in containers require more care compared to plants in the garden . Water regularly and ...

The flowered balcony of a beige building in Rome

Balcony flowers Rome building beige

Beautiful floral decoration of a small balcony

Flowers in balcony crooked plants

The balcony of a red building while flower pots

Balcony garden building red flowerpot

Balcony garden with blues and red flowers

Balcony Garden Blues Red Flowers

Hanging plants from a balcony garden

Balcony garden lawn shrubs

Red petunias on a balcony

Red petunias balcony garden

The multicolored flower pots of a balcony garden

Balcony garden multicolored flower pots

The four flowery balconies of a gray building

Four balconies pink flowers building gray

The neat gardens of some balconies

Three balconies well-kept gardens

Sea view by a flowered balcony

Sea view balcony flowers

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