Bamboo pendant: tips for a successful decor

hanging bamboo ideas lighting design

Do you like the look of bamboo suspension and wonder how to use it for a successful effect at home? Find the answer in this article! Today, we present a series of interiors in different styles with bamboo suspension lamps, accompanied by some tips for a successful decoration with this kind of lighting.
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Bamboo suspension, accessory for a successful interior decoration

bamboo pendant lamp contemporary design

To start, why choose a bamboo pendant light and what are its main advantages? The lamp suspension Bamboo is made from a material that is natural, lightweight and strong. In fact, bamboo is one of the materials used since a very remote period and many modern uses of this material are inspired by the experience of the ancients. Besides, did you know that the lightness and the resistance of the bamboo make it a material that one uses today for the construction of skyscrapers? In short, we love bamboo not only for its beauty, but also for its naturalness and durability!

Bamboo pendant lamp - accessory for different decoration styles

suspension bamboo modern design deco living room

What are the decorative styles that can be complemented by a bamboo suspension? Like many other accessories made of natural materials, bamboo blends perfectly with many interior design styles. You can see it on the pictures we have chosen: we can use a bamboo suspension in a room with modern and contemporary decor, as well as in spaces decorated in the Scandinavian style, ethnic or in an eclectic design room.

Floral bamboo pendant lamp by David Trubridge

bamboo chandeliers living room lamps design

How and where to put a bamboo pendant light for a successful decor? A first possibility to achieve a successful decorative effect with a suspended luminaire is to put it over a table, as in the picture above. If you choose this option, you can install its hanging lamp in a dining area of ​​the kitchen, in the dining room or in the kitchen. living room .

Bamboo pendant lamp for decoration of work or office area

suspension bamboo lamps office lighting

In this type of space, the suspended lamp can be a source of ambient light or to illuminate the entire room. The function of the luminaire will depend on the height to which it is placed and its design. We can also draw inspiration from this use of suspended luminaires to decorate the space around a table in a room. work area at home or even a conference room at the office.

Bamboo pendant lamp design and idea of ​​modern entrance decoration

deco entrance lamps modern design

Another way to use a pendant lamp as a decorative element is to put it in an entrance or in a hallway of the house. In this setting, one or more pendant lights design could help you create a remarkable effect, even dramatic, thanks to the interesting shapes of their shadows. Added benefit: The bamboo hanging lamp will also be a sufficient source of light for your hallway or entrance!

Original decorative idea with pendant lamps in the bedroom

chandeliers decorate bedrooms

The bamboo pendant lamps can also be used as elements of the decoration of a bedroom. An effective and very successful way to decorate a bedroom with this kind of lighting is to put it in the space corresponding to the two corners of the bed. From a practical point of view, these lamps suspended on both sides of the bed can also be used as a light source in small space rooms, where bedside tables can not be installed.

Successful deco ideas with bamboo suspension

decors suspension in wood and bamboo

Have you already chosen the piece you want to decorate with your bamboo pendant lamp? You can find more ideas of successful decorations with this type of lighting, as well as photos of bamboo designer suspensions, in our gallery:

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bamboo pendant lamps

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