Baroque style room: luxurious and full of character

bedroom baroque style deco headboard wood and fabric

The Baroque style bedroom decor draws on the rich intellectual and artistic tradition in Europe, translating them into today's interior. The Baroque style has its origins in a period of intellectual and artistic awakening in Europe that began with the Renaissance in Italy, which has gradually influenced the whole of the western part of the continent.

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Baroque style room: planning ideas

Baroque style room interior contemporary deco

This style of decoration is associated with the period from the 17th to the 18th century and was practiced in parts of Europe until the 19th century. The modern Baroque style incorporates decorative elements of classical Baroque furniture, as well as wall and fabric decoration, while modifying them for a more comfortable and contemporary effect.

Interior decorating idea for baroque style room

small baroque style room layout

Heir to the European past, the Baroque-style room includes many pieces of furniture that were designed in the period of classical Baroque. Baroque solid wood furniture, which is used today in bedrooms, has its origins directly from the tradition of making wooden furniture in the past.

Baroque style room: example of wooden furniture

baroque style room idee deco fireplace

It is thanks to this tradition, inspired by Italian art, that furniture such as the dresser, the dressing table and the various baroque tables and consoles made of wood appeared. To give a baroque look to your bedroom, it is therefore advisable to use this type of wooden furniture. The image above provides a nice illustration of this style of furniture which you can find more examples on the pictures in our gallery.

Nice example of baroque bed in champagne white

baroque style bed ideas deco parent bedroom

The baroque bed is an important accent in the bedroom. This one is an invitation to moments of relaxation, luxury and pleasure. It often occupies the central part of the room and may be larger than the one used in modern design bedrooms. The Baroque bed is richly decorated with ornate pillows and blankets and made of luxury fabrics, such as satin or velvet. It can also be completed with a canopy or have a padded headboard, made of fabric whose color matches that of the rest of the decor in the room.

Beautiful baroque style room with rich ornamentation

modern master bedroom baroque furniture

The room in Baroque style is characterized by its rich ornamentation and by the number of its accessories. The wall decoration of this type of bedroom is usually composed of two colors. A base color, of neutral shade, and another color that produces a contrast effect are used. Like furniture, the decoration of the walls aims to amaze with its richness and its beauty beyond measure. Another solution for the wall decoration of the baroque style room are the wallpapers. If you want to use this solution, you can choose wallpapers with a floral pattern or with Baroque period ornaments that echo the furniture in the room.

Baroque style room: ideas for accessories

dresser wood white dressing tables baroque bedroom pictures

Side accessories, we advise you to privilege the fixtures richly ornamented that exist today in various colors. You can also opt for glass accessories or for a large mirror and frames with wooden ornamentation. Finally, to complete and emphasize the effect of the Baroque style, do not forget to use a gold or silver paint that is almost mandatory for a bedroom in this style. You can find our selection of baroque style themed room pictures below.

Baroque style master suite

decorating idea home bedroom baroque style

Baroque bedroom decoration in pastel colors

image baroque rooms wooden dressers

Furniture for baroque bedroom deco

baroque style bedroom furniture idee padded headboard

Idea of ​​baroque style dressing table for bedroom

dressers wood dressing tables picture bedroom baroque style

Baroque style bed and furniture for bedroom decor

modern baroque style bedroom furniture

Baroque furniture for bedroom

furniture baroque style deco bedroom

Baroque style furniture for bedroom decoration

furniture idea decoration baroque room

Baroque cabinet for adult bedroom furniture

baroque furniture baroque style

Baroque bed and dresser idea for bedroom

baroque deco beds adult rooms

Baroque bed for bedroom decoration

idea bed deco baroque bedrooms

Bedroom with ornate baroque bed

beds for baroque adult rooms

Bedroom and idea of ​​baroque beds

Baroque deco beds Bedrooms

Beautiful baroque style room with white furniture

nice baroque dressers white furniture bedroom

Baroque style furniture ideas

Furniture idea in baroque style

furniture idea baroque style solid wood dressers

Example of tufted baroque furniture

baroque decorative idea upholstered furniture

Baroque cabinet for adult bedroom decoration

white decoration idea bedroom baroque furniture

Ideas for decorating rooms in baroque style

home baroque style home decor ideas

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amenagement bedroom bedside table baroque

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baroque style baroque bed

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Beautiful Bedrooms Wooden Dresser Baroque Ornate Beds

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