Bathroom 2015: 100 painting ideas and tiles

bathroom tiles tenandances

The floor covering and walls of the bathroom is a theme to consider carefully when you come to this stage of work in the construction or renovation of a house.

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This task is far from easy, especially when looking at the wide range of materials and coating solutions available today. We must find the coating that manages to create an atmosphere that follows the 2015 trend , or at least who fits in his time.

trend materials 2015 for the bathroom

photo bathroom idea trend

But in terms of tiles for example, we all have in mind a certain bathroom whose motives, which must have been modern at one time, looked old-fashioned and old-fashioned. We will therefore explore the existing possibilities keeping in mind the evolution of the modes, and direct us to a personal solution and which will have all the chances to remain modern and elegant in spite of the time which passes.

an elegant and timeless solution for the bathroom

bathroom tile modern color

So let's try to understand what are the elements that must be taken into account for the coating of the bathroom, in order to give it an aesthetic side, and which integrates harmoniously with the rest of the house, both as regards the style as the existing or chosen furniture, and in the case of a bathroom, which accords with the sanitary.

choose the wall covering that matches the sanitary

bathroom trend contemporary design accessories

The importance of tile selection applies to homeowners who have decided to completely renovate their bathroom, or who are moving into a new home. If, on the other hand, you want to revamp your bathroom at a lower cost, or if you are not sure of wanting to undertake such a project, we will see that there are several other options, through the installation of a parquet, or an epoxy resin floor covering. It is also quite likely to paint the old coating, whether it is in tiles or otherwise.

idea of ​​walls and floor covering of bathroom

bathroom amenagement deco idee trends

The choice of materials is vast, declining in many finishes. You can follow a line that declines the tones of one color, even several, you can opt for a decoration in black and white , for an aspect that is satin or matte, for a modern and contemporary style, urban, oriental, rustic or Mediterranean. What are the criteria that must be taken into account when choosing the flooring, whether for the floor or the walls? To answer this question, it is necessary to look at the technical characteristics of the materials, so that they are perfectly adapted to the bathroom.

epoxy resin design tiles

epoxy resin tile

These technical features should include being able to withstand sudden changes in temperature, even more so if you plan to incorporate floor heating, and be able to effectively manage the humidity and water vapor generated in that room. Water vapors condense when the temperature of the room is not constant, and the latter is not sufficiently ventilated, forming flows along the walls.

provide effective moisture management

epoxy resin bath

The result is the formation of mist on the mirrors and windows, which can lead to the formation of mildew stains that are not very pretty, and especially harmful to health. This is a recurring problem especially in very small bathrooms, or deprived of windows, such as extra-bedroom water features, created by creating a space inside a bathroom. larger room. To counter this problem, it is necessary to install a ventilation system, for example by means of air extractors, which will be installed in the upper part of the walls, preferably outside to evacuate the hot air without the need for go through the installation of a conduit. The alternative is to open the windows to ventilate the room and allow the steam to come out.

the alternative to a VMC is to open the windows

imitation brick cladding

In this type of humid environment, the coating to be preferred will be in tiles, to be applied either on all the walls, or at mid-height of the room, or in some most exposed areas. There is a wide choice of tiles in the trade; ceramic tiles include earthenware tiles and sandstone tiles, commonly referred to as porcelain stoneware tiles, but there are also marble, stone or cement tiles, available in prestigious collections and in different formats, colors, and in a wide range of textures, possibly with the addition of special patterns, metallized, glass added, etc.

tile application up to half height

hexagon tiles design

This great wealth of products allows architects and interior designers to display the full extent of their imagination and know-how. The current trend is in favor of ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles, which perfectly imitate a wide range of varied materials, from marble to stone, wood to a metallic look, anything is possible. The porcelain stoneware is a kind of 3D photo, that is to say with a texture in addition to the realistic appearance of the finish.

porcelain stoneware tile imitating wood

imitation wood tiled bathroom decoration

Another trend for 2015 is to use epoxy resin, which allows in addition to create original and unique works, on the floor or on the walls, and even more, the furniture also can benefit from such a finish! Their rendering varies from modern brilliance, to super gloss or matte or to a more satin aspect. It is an absolutely ideal material for a bathroom, completely impervious and of a great resistance in time, incommensurate with the application of paint or varnish.

the many possibilities of epoxy resin

epoxy resin walls

In addition, a resin coating has an irreproachable flatness, without visible joints, which allows a greater ease of maintenance during the cleaning, and eliminates the deposit of stains in the joints which are sometimes a source of appearance of molds. joints. In addition, it is quite possible to cast this resin coating on an existing tile, which allows substantial savings in terms of demolition of the old tile, which is a very messy and slow process, and its evacuation .

for an irreproachable flatness

wide tiles floor resin

In terms of paint, the safest protection for a bathroom is a satin synthetic enamel paint, which is washable and water resistant obviously. It is better to avoid a glossy paint, because it will more easily reveal the defects and imperfections often unavoidable walls, and will make more visible the possible presence of traces of condensation.

favor a matt or satin paint

epoxy resin furniture

Another option for painting is to use a water-based paint, which is a much easier application, it also helps to better hide the defects of the walls, but unlike enamels, a more difficult maintenance and having a lower resistance over time.

epoxy resin floor with shiny reflections

colorful resin soil paint aquatic base

A solution that meets more rarely but is equally valid, is the application of a washable vinyl wallpaper. Before gluing it to the wall, the surface of the walls must be treated with a waterproofing agent, and for the installation it is advisable to use an adhesive that is also fungicidal. This type of coating withstands a certain hygrometric threshold quite well, but beyond this threshold, the paper will tend not to remain in place, and ripples may appear in the areas of overlap, which of course produces a result catastrophic and very unpleasant. It is possible, however, to remedy this, apply a transparent waterproofing on the wallpaper.

design and waterproof wallpaper for bathroom

bathroom waterproof wallpaper

Finally, there is an ecological option for the walls of a bathroom, the tadelakt, which consists of applying a lime-based coating from Marrakech, ideally, or an adjuvant classic air lime, and tightening the topcoat. using a roller, to give it waterproofing properties. It's not very difficult, but if you're not a handyman, call on a expert , for a unique result and rendering. See our photos hoping that you will find your happiness.

the tadelakt is waterproof

bathroom decoration duotone

simplicity of forms and beauty of materials with tadelakt

decoration bathroom tadelakt nature

a very successful design always in tadelakt

decoration bathroom tadelakt niches

Tadelakt reinforcement of the wet area around the bathtub

rustic tadelakt bathroom decoration

the richness of the textures of porcelain stoneware

porcelain stoneware tiles

elegant and versatile style of porcelain stoneware

diamond shaped tiles

variety of shapes

Rewind Marazzi tiles

elegance of the grounds

satin-patterned tiles

exclusive Italian design by Marazzi

Smart Marazzi tiles

simple and flowery style

blue Smart Marazzi tiles

dare the colors!

Marazzi smart orange tiles

an impeccable design

Italian shower Marazzi

brightness is also a source of well-being

bathroom decoration wall glass

walk-in shower and insulated bath

wood porcelain stoneware

large bay windows

bay bathroom decoration

to take a bath of light

bright bathroom decoration

solid tones and neoclassical ambience

decoration bathroom tadelakt neoclassical

Natural materials and oriental inspiration

bathrooms 2015 false ceiling bamboo zen

with a panoramic view

bathrooms 2015 bamboo panorama

decorate with stone

bathrooms 2015 asian volcanic stone hawai

Japanese bathroom

2015 prestigious furniture bathrooms

a natural style

bathrooms 2015 contrate textures

shower covered with wallpaper

waterproof wallpaper design

mosaic with printed patterns

wall mosaic imitation wallpaper

delicate nuances

small wall tiles

application of resin like color-block

protective resin height

the resin is available in a wide range of colors

epoxy resin turquoise finish

between the rustic style and the Japanese bathroom

Shoji tiles BARDELLI

simplicity and elegance

harmonious tones

imitation metal walls for an industrial style

2015 trends bathrooms mixed industrial style

the tones of nature are very trendy

2015 bathroom bathrooms incomparable heat trends

trends 2015 bathroom lighting LED mirror

bamboo bathroom deco

contrasts trend black white bathroom

bathroom furniture materials metal wood

nature theme grounds carpet floor

ensuite water room parental room

bathroom style hamam

baths ficus atmosphere relax

bathroom furniture bath tub design fireplace

Bathroom cabinet neutral tones geometric contrasts

modern bathroom design decoration

sauna bath

SDB wood fittings

SDB design

warm bathroom layout

male bathroom fittings

arrangement SDB gray roses

gray SDB arrangement

fitted out bathroom sink door heather

development SDB stones fireplace

SDB fireplace gas fireplace

luxury bathroom fittings

SDB open fire

fitted out bathroom chimney

bathroom marble fireplace ceramic tiles

decorating tricks bathroom mirror porthole

deco tips bathroom reduced wallpaper

deco tips bathroom fireplace ethanol

decorating tips bathroom plants

deco tricks bathroom finish wood

deco tricks bathroom elements wood

decorating tricks bathroom arranged under roof

deco tricks bathroom levels

deco tricks bathroom big bays

bathroom furniture classic style painted walls

unique delpha bathroom furniture

bathroom furniture mirror astrid mirror

Delpha bath furniture

furniture bath walls gray

bath furniture sanijura mylodge

bath furniture sanijura pacific

2015 bamboo bathrooms

trends 2015 bathrooms shades lighting

2015 trends bathrooms heated floor

bathroom decor 2015 orange touches

vegetable touch contrast walls

2015 marble bathroom heater LED deco

bathroom decor 2015 heated tile

Italian tiles Marazzi

bathroom marble bath

warm bath room deco

trends 2015 bathrooms outside access

retro modern bathroom

2015 trends bathrooms forest view

ultra modern bathroom

classic style painted walls

stone tiles Rapolano

rustic style resin

slate tiles

resin cement application

bright simple atmosphere

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