Bathroom black, brown and gray: how to develop?

black bathroom design idea layout lighting suspension furniture wood

The black color is inviting in the bathroom to make it elegant and modern. Present in small doses in the minimalist design whose white is the dominant color reference, black is also a color that finds its place in modern design.

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It is not reserved only for futuristic interiors. It also has a place in more classic interiors when it comes to the kitchen, the dining room or the bedroom. The black bathrooms are a recent trend. If you want a black bathroom and you do not want to take risks, our selection of 48 bathrooms in dark colors will guide you in your choices of design and decoration.

Black and white bathroom with wooden floor

black bathroom white wood design idea

A room completely black is a risk that should not be assumed. In addition, the bathroom is a place of relaxation. This is a room where we would like to relax and find tranquility. The black color is not known for its relaxing side, it is rather referred to elegance, melancholy and style. For this reason, it goes very well with white, light colors, red, blue, purple. It is, all the time, advised to associates r at least two or three colors (no more) to create an atmosphere that is not heavy.

Black and white bathroom with wallpaper and original tiles

black bathroom design white deco flowers modern tile wallpaper

You can, of course, opt for another dark color such as blue, gray or brown. No matter which color you choose - the same principles as for black are in effect. The combination of these colors with a clear shade is mandatory. By cons, the brown does not marry very well with some colors such as purple or yellow.

Bathroom in dark blue with silver decoration

bathroom design idea tile blue modern bathtub floor mats white

The example below is a bathroom with tiled floor blue dark that was beautifully decorated with a silver bull's head. The sink, bath and carpet are white. The wooden frame of the windows is the natural touch in this balanced interior.

Bathroom with original bathtub and wall painted in dark purple

Original Bathtub Modern Bathroom Tile Black Luxurious Fixture

If you want to decorate your bathroom with black tiles or another dark color, consider installing furniture in different colors. For a nature side, it is advisable to have at least one piece of wood and a vegetable decoration.

Black and luxurious bathroom with Italian shower

black bathroom design idea deco tiled Italian shower

The gray bathroom has a very natural side. It is the color of the stone that is a natural material. Associated with white, you would have a bathroom with a relaxing atmosphere. Adding a few plants to decorate is a very good idea too.

Luxurious black bathroom

black bathroom design idea mirror wall wallpaper

Black bathroom with wooden bathtub

black bathroom wooden bathtub design furniture wood suspended

Original black tile

black bathroom design tile shower cubicle

Fluffy rug in a black and white bathroom interior

bathroom black white carpet floor black vanity bathroom mirror

Large luxurious bathroom in black and white

black bathroom design floor mat mirror

Gray bathroom

gray bathroom concrete design shower cabin bathtub

Decoration with plants and table

bathroom decoration italian shower cubicle

Modernity and elegance

modern black bathroom design idea fitting out

Idea composition of frames to decorate the space around the toilet

modern gray bathroom design mirror decorating idea

Classic black and white with floor tile 3D effect

bathroom design black white modern mirror fixtures suspension

Marble bathtub in a black interior

marble bathtub design idea layout toilet

Original toilet decoration: black and white balance

black bathroom white design toilet deco idea

Gray and original bathtub

bathtub original gray mirror deco bathroom wall tile

Black tile with small squares

modern bathroom tiling idea furniture wood

Decoration with plants for a nature side

modern bathroom deco vegetable italian shower

Small tile in dark gray

trendy tile bathroom tub curtain

decoration bathroom plant bathtub white design tiles

bathroom tile black design tapsi floor toilet

bathroom gray white bathtub toilet deco

minimalist style bathroom deco wall mirror floor mats white

modern bathroom interior gray decorating idea

deco toilet idea modern bathroom

mirror design frame idea decoration deco

modern interior bathroom deco idea

modern bathroom design black deco idea

tile bathroom large tiles design furniture wood

bathroom idea decoration wall floor mat

bathroom carpet

dark gray tile lighting fixture design cabin italian shower

gray bathroom mirror design deco sink deco idea

modern black tile design wood toilet

idea interior design layout bathroom washbasin

purple modern bathroom modern deco wood furniture

golden bathroom modern design brown wood

modern interior design wood furniture wall mirror

Interior Design Bathroom Gray Italian Shower Enclosure Candle

interior design bathroom tile wood

bathroom interior warm wood deco wall candle

bath zebra idea bathroom deco idea

contemporary interior design wood floor mats white deco

bathroom tile idea

gray bathroom design bathtub idea

black and white modern bathroom italian shower toilet

modern interior design tile design

bathroom decoration idea plant decoration stone

wall tile bathroom idea tile black and white deco design plant

modern bathroom design black tile shower stall

bathroom design gray modern deco plant

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