Bathroom design ideas with designer bathtub

modern bathrooms ideas round designer bathtubs

The bathroom is a space that meets our needs for physical and mental rest. The designer bathtub allows us to take full advantage of this place. Originally, the bathtub is primarily a practical object that has become a charming and sometimes amusing accessory in modern bathrooms.

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Today, when it comes to choosing a bathtub, there are a thousand possibilities. This article gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the frequent shapes of designer bathtubs and to find ideas for the layout of a beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom design idea with designer bathtub in white

white bathroom bathtub modern design

The interior design professionals sometimes remember with a little nostalgia for the time when the choice of baths was limited to a few possibilities, most often equipped with a shower. Unlike this period, modern designer bathtubs are often arranged in a separate space. This type of bathroom design corresponds to the design that the bath is reserved for longer baths and moments of relaxation. It is precisely this design that is at the origin of the wide choice of modern bathtub shapes.

Bathroom and bathtub design by Benedini Associati

bathroom design white tubs

What are the elements to take into account when choosing the shape of its design bath? The bathroom space and the function you want to give to the bathtub are the most important elements for choosing the shape of a designer bath. It's the size of the room that will tell us which bathtub to opt for. Another important element is the theme chosen for the decoration of the bathroom. Here are some ideas about the types of baths that are often found on the market and the decorations that can accompany them.

Black bathroom with Ka design bathtub Inbani

bathroom noie bathtub design

The rectangular design bathtub is a frequent choice for a classic sized bathroom. Having a shape to which one is accustomed and that one likes for the comfort that it provides, this bath fits perfectly well in the bathrooms with contemporary decoration. Modern rectangular bathtubs are also a good choice for furnishing a Zen design bathroom or minimalist.

Black and white bathroom with Yole de Mastella design bathtub

black and white bathroom design bath

The round bathtub is inspired by a model of bathtubs, used in the distant past, as well as small pools of thermal baths. For this reason, it is an ideal choice for the layout of a spa bathroom. It also harmonizes very well with the Zen decoration and with the more modern decorations of the black bathroom or the bathroom in black and white . Only downside of this type of bath, it is greedy space point of view and is therefore not convenient for a small bathroom.

Modern bathroom with Vanity Party design bath by Mastella Design

idea bathrooms design bathtubs

The freestanding bathtub is one of the trendy accessories of designer bathrooms. At the base, the island bath is also inspired by ancient times when one could take baths in movable bathtubs. The modern free-standing bath offers several benefits for the bathroom layout. In the first place, it exists in various forms that can easily fit into spaces of different styles and sizes. In addition, the freestanding bathtub is installed separately from the rest of the bathroom accessories, which facilitates the organization of the space in the room. Finally, it can be made of various materials, natural or artificial: this detail is important for the price of this type of bathtub and the look of the bathroom.

Design bathroom idea with freestanding tub in black from Porcelanosa

deco bathrooms design black bathtubs

And now, we suggest you to spot the design bath for the installation of your dream bathroom among the pictures in our gallery!

Design bathroom and rectangular island bath

bathroom deco design bathtubs island

Bathroom in vintage style with designer bathtub

bathrooms design ideas vintage bathtubs

Luxury bathroom with Bahia design bath by Mastella

image bathroom luxury designer bathtub

Small bathroom idea with designer bathtub

small bathroom deco modern bathtubs

Designer bathroom with stone imitation bathtub

modern bathrooms stone bathtubs

Idea for small bathrooms design: the white bathtub Or by Inbani

small white bathrooms designer bathtubs

Bathroom design idea with small bathtub by Porcelanosa

idea layout bathroom small bathtubs

Design Bath Idea: Spoon Agape by Benedini Associati

ideas bathrooms design bathtubs

Modern bathroom with designer bathtubs by Benediti Associati

idea bathrooms modern deco designer bathtubs

Designer bathroom fitting with jacuzzi bathtub

ideas bathroom design bathtubs jacuzzi

Idea for a dream bathroom: the Gout design bath by Inbani

deco idea bathroom dream baths design

Contemporary Bathroom Idea: Original Bathtub by Mastella Design

contemporary bathrooms idea bath tub library

Bathroom idea with Vov White designer bath from Mastella

luxury bathrooms designer bathtubs

photo bathrooms bathtub design campaign

ideas baths photos bathroom minimalist deco

black bathroom ideas white tubs

beautiful bathroom with designer island bathtubs

bathtubs photo bathroom design

beautiful stone bathrooms with modern bathtub

rectangular baths images white bathrooms

models of bathtubs for small contemporary bathroom

images tub small modern designer bathrooms

baths island dream bathroom

transparent island bathtubs images modern bathrooms

bathtubs island images contemporary bathrooms

pictures baths ilot ideas bright bathrooms

image bathtub ilot ideas bathroom luxury design

bathtubs design modern model black bathroom

deco bathtub bathroom zen

bathtubs design photo luxury bathrooms

modern bath tub bathrooms amenagement

baths and images luxury bathrooms

bathroom contemporary bathtub

bathtub design contemporary ideas bathroom deco

upscale bathtubs white and black bathroom

beautiful baths bathrooms design

shower room design bathtub small spaces

black tubs modern design layered bathtubs

round baths and stone bathroom

stone bathtub beautiful bathroom

bathtubs wooden shower rooms

rectangular bath tub black bathrooms

wooden tubs japanese bath

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