Bathroom flooring: how to make the right choice?

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Natural materials are back in the world of interior design and the bathroom is no exception! We see more and more bathrooms decorated with wood including a wooden floor covering.

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But is the parquet bathroom is really a good choice and how do you choose and maintain it? Wood is a durable and strong material that requires little maintenance and has a beautiful natural appearance appreciated by many homeowners. There may still be problems with wet spaces and even if some floors are suitable for such use, they will need more appropriate maintenance than in other spaces.

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So, is the floor really a suitable floor covering for the bathroom? Yes, but everything depends on the finish. In its unprotected state, the wooden floor in the bathroom can swell, distort and stain conact with water because it is a natural and highly absorbent material. In these cases, applying a finishing agent, usually polyurethane sealant, can create an invisible layer over the wood that makes it impossible to penetrate the water. This finishing agent should be applied several times in the bathroom, paying close attention to the joints.

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It is very important to choose a quality finishing agent, specially designed for wet environments. There are finishes that are suitable for outdoor use and that support a variety of weather conditions, while others are specifically designed for indoor use in wet areas. You must be aware that the finish will only protect the top surface parquet bathroom and if there is water that gets inside the joints, it can cause wood damage to the sides and bottom.

Contemporary design bathroom parquet

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What kind of wood should I choose for the bathroom? Parquet can be made of different types of wood, but some are more suitable for the bathroom than others. Generally, soft woods such as pine and fir should be avoided, since they are less dense and therefore more able to absorb moisture. Teak, oak, cedar, cherry, maple, ash and walnut are a good choice.

Bathroom decoration with parquet flooring

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What guarantee for the parquet bathroom? Most floors have warranty sets that include replacement after a certain period of time if the material has defects. But often these guarantees have stipulations that cancel them when the floor is installed in very wet rooms like bathrooms. That's why it is very important to choose a parquet specially designed for the bathroom.

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Spills and splashes of water are the biggest problem in every bathroom - no matter what floor covering it is. Showers and bathtubs tend to splash water naturally when used. Even washing your face in the sink, you can pour more or less important quantities on the floor. And while the finish will protect the material to a certain degree, you will still need to always mop the spilled water immediately so that moisture does not enter the lower layers of the floor or between the joints.

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Leveling the floor in the bathroom is another factor to consider when planning to install parquet. If the floor of your bathroom is not perfectly leveled, then you will certainly have problems with water and other liquids tending to slide to the low areas and form puddles. These puddles of moisture are very dangerous for the parquet and can even go as far as to weaken its structure and its integrity.

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With most flooring, you will need to nail the boards directly to the subfloor, which means that a vapor barrier can not be used because it will be pierced during this process. So, if there is moisture that seeps below the surface, it can penetrate the walls and cause damage. That's why there are special methods for installing parquet floors in the bathroom and glue the floor with special glue.

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Floods are a constant threat to the bathroom. This risk is exacerbated for bathrooms with wooden floors. If there is, for example, a hose that starts to leak or a faucet that is not properly closed, you can quickly find yourself in front of a bathroom filled with water. This is something that can usually destroy the installation of your parquet even if it is properly sealed since the water will be able to penetrate below and slide inside each crack in the unprotected surface.

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There are many kinds of soaps, cleaners and other sanitary products that we use in the bathroom. The nature of most of these products is slightly acidic and if there are spills on the floor, they can easily damage the finish of the parquet and / or cause permanent stains on the wood. So, it is recommended to be very careful to avoid spills.

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Even if special attention is paid to water spills in bathrooms, the permanent humidity in the room can be just as dangerous. When you take a shower, the bathroom tends to become very humid as the air heats up and moistens. Then, this air will hover in the room penetrating inside each crack and infiltrating the floor. And even if it is a very small amount of air, over time the amount will accumulate. Unfortunately, moisture can attack each side of the floor even the underside, which is usually not finished. In the case of a heavily used bathroom, moisture can cause floor twisting and other damage.

Original bathroom decoration with modern parquet

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Since the bathroom is a fairly humid room, mold will always be a problem. These harmful organic substances like warm, humid environments and feed on natural materials such as wood. The finish will protect the floor to a certain degree, but over time the mold can grow between the floors and even below them.

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Keeping the finish of the floor intact is vital when you have parquet in the bathroom. This is your first line of defense and you will need to deliver the finish regularly every few months. You can also test if the finish is intact by putting a small amount of water on the floor and waiting to see if it will be absorbed by the wood. If the water is absorbed, then you must put the finishing coat back on.

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What you can also do is place floor mats in strategic places in the bathroom, for example, next to the bath or sink to absorb any splashing water. Another way to limit water damage is by installing decorative tile around the perimeter of the tub. This can be very beautiful if you choose the tiles according to the rest of the decoration in the bathroom.

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Hoses coming in and out of the bathroom can also become a problem as there can sometimes be leaks causing damage in areas that are hard to see. Cold water lines can cause condensation because the water is cooler than the rest of the bathroom. The best way to solve this problem is to make sure all the hoses are carefully caulked and to check for leaks routinely.

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Finally, it's up to you to evaluate whether or not a wood floor is appropriate for your type of bathroom. If it is a bathroom with a very frequent use then, it is very possible that moisture becomes a problem that will reduce the life of the material and increase maintenance. This is especially true when the bathroom is used by children. Wood flooring is more appropriate in bathrooms where water can be controlled in a certain way.

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