Bathroom mirror that reflects your style and personality

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There are really a lot of ways to decorate a bathroom, starting with the choice of its style, its textures and colors. And when it comes to decor, the bathroom mirror is a must.
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But this does not mean that you can not opt ​​for a design and original model that reflects your style and personality. In this article, we offer some design tips and lots of interesting ideas in pictures for the mirror bathroom modern. It does not matter if you want to completely redecorate your bathroom or just modernize it with a nice room. You will find many suggestions in this publication that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

Mirror bathroom: very original idea of ​​deco

interesting bathroom mirror deco

Have you ever had the idea to decorate your bathroom with two mirrors instead of one? If the answer is "no," then you may have to think about it. Create an even more modern and elegant style using two or even more mirrors. This type of decor is often seen in a bathroom with multiple sinks, but multiple mirrors can be used even over a single sink as an alternative to a single large mirror. This is a particularly useful tip in a small space bathroom because the mirrors will make it look more spacious and bright.

Bathroom decor with elegant mirror

bathroom mirror frame luxury

One of the most beautiful idea of ​​bathroom deco with mirrors is choosing an unconventional shape model. This way you will create a truly unique bathroom. Many vintage mirrors offer interesting shapes and original designs. It's a perfect way to turn the mirror in the bathroom into a central decorative piece without the need for other accessories.
Bathroom mirror with design frame

mirror bathroom design idea

What you can also do is create a collection of mirrors of different shapes and styles and store them on one of the walls in the bathroom. Be sure to vary the mirrors so that they complement each other instead of "gerroyer" with each other. Store all the mirrors on one wall to avoid a distorting effect. You can decorate only one part of the wall, or the entire wall, with mirrors.
Design bathroom decorated with two mirrors

double bathroom mirror

Technically, most mirrors are made to hang on the wall. And yet, hanging the mirror on a visible string is a great way to create an interesting decor in the room. You can choose from a wide variety of materials to hang your mirror like, for example, rope to create a nautical style or cable for a more modern or industrial style.
Bathroom decor with gold framed mirror

mirror bathroom golden frame

It's easy to modernize your bathroom mirror by illuminating it with LED lights. Or you can buy a mirror with integrated lights of different colors. The illuminated mirrors are very practical when you wash or make up and allow to see his face in a more detailed way. These mirrors are perfect for rooms that lack natural light, just choose soft light and not fluorescent. Here are some ideas in pictures:
Modern bathroom with two minimalist mirrors

bathroom mirror black white

Ultra modern bathroom mirror

modern bathroom mirror

Decorative bathroom idea with mirrors

mirror bathroom idea deco

Bathroom decorated with elegant mirrors

deco elegant bathroom idea

wall mirror bathroom deco

bathroom mirror deco

deco elegant bathroom mirror

deco bathroom mirror

retro mirror bathroom deco

mirror frame golden bathroom

mirror deco idea bathroom

bathroom deco mirror

mirror deco bathroom idea

mirror bathroom deco light

bathroom mirror wood

bright bathroom mirror

luxury bathroom mirror

black and white bathroom mirror

mirror modern design idea

modern bathroom design mirror

bathroom design mirror

bright mirror design bathroom

light mirror bathroom

light mirror bathroom design

bathroom wall mirror

bathroom mirror frame wood

stylish bathroom mirror design

mirror bathroom design interrssant

bathroom mirror original design

bathroom mirror irregular shape

mirror bathroom walls

original bathroom mirror

mirror bathroom round

bathroom mirror retro style

ultra modern bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror design

bathroom mirror idea

bathroom mirror rustic style

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