Bathroom: practical and chic!

spacious bathroom view

The bathroom is an essential piece of welfare . We start the day with our shower and finish it by relaxing in the bath . For this reason it is necessary to think carefully about the elements that compose it.

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They must be comfortable and practical. Starting with the layout of the shower, sink, toilet.

A bathroom with black tiles

bathroom big black tile

You will have to choose the place of each element. It is recommended not to place the toilet in the bathroom, but if you do not have enough space it is an option. For more comfort, you can build the bathroom as close as possible to your bedroom .

The bathroom is as close as possible to the bedroom

place bathtub bedroom

It all depends on your personal taste and the place you have. A modern trend is to assemble the two pieces. You can put your bathtub in the bedroom. Turn your bathroom into a Zen place . Choose the decorative elements, think of storage furniture and mirrors too.

Choose the decorative elements

zoom bathroom white bath view bathtub

Give a romantic or modern atmosphere, it's up to you to see. First of all, you have to choose the right materials. It's up to you again to choose between tile, painted walls or wallpaper. If you choose tiling, go for larger sizes, which are more practical and easy to maintain. In addition, the large tile gives the impression that the room is larger.

Give a romantic mood

Zen space bath view

Another very important element is the mirror. We must choose where to place it. For your reflection please, avoid the light falling over the mirror. To inspire yourself, follow our examples and create the bathroom of your dreams. It's not that difficult, but you have to pay attention to all the little details.

Another very important element is the mirror

decoration bathroom original furniture red storage cabinet

An oval shaped bathtub and wooden floor

zoom bathtub oval shape ground wood

A clear and chic space

view clear chic bath room

A pink bathtub

view bath tub pink bath

An elegant marble bathtub

elegant bath view

A small bathroom shabby chic

shabby chic bathroom

modern design bathroom

natural stone walls bath chic room

modern space view bath

chic clear bathroom

green accents bath room

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