Bathroom storage tip in some useful ideas

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The bathroom is a place in the interior where there is never enough storage space. No matter the size of the bathroom, you always need more shelves and cabinets.

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Fortunately, there are many ways to organize your bathroom without spending a fortune and without needing a lot of free space on the floor. So, need a trick storage bathroom to make the space even more functional?

Creative bathroom storage tip

tip storage bathroom cart original

But before you start tidying up and rearranging the space in your bathroom, you must first decide which objects you want to keep and which ones you need to get rid of. Start by looking at the expiry dates of the products and medications. Also dispose of the outdated sun creams. Also be careful how long you have been using your beauty products - lipstick, eye shadow and mascara have different lifetimes. So it's time to throw away everything you no longer use to free up space.

Bathroom storage tip with wooden furniture

tip storage bathroom design

Put a magazine rack on the wall so you can remove the stack of magazines from behind the toilet tank. Opt for a place that is out of the way and does not take up extra utility space in the bathroom to place the magazine shelf. The place should also be quite convenient and comfortable.

Modern bathroom storage idea

tip storage bathroom modern

Use accessory organizers for drawers where you keep your hair elastics, headbands, hair slides, cotton stems, etc. In this way, there will be a space for each object and you will be able to find yourself quickly at each time instead of spending a lot of time searching without finding what you need. You will also prevent your accessories from getting entangled in each other.

Modern bathroom cabinet in black and white

tip storage bathroom ultra modern

Do you usually keep small bottles of shampoo and soaps from hotels where you have stayed? But will you use them or keep them for holiday and travel? You will certainly not use them on your next trips since you will definitely be in a hotel that will offer you all the accessories you will need. It is time to throw them away to make room for something more useful.

Bathroom storage with label baskets

tip storage bathroom labels

Keep your children's bath toys in a mesh bag that will allow them to dry afterwards. Be sure to clean the toys every time after bathing your children. For shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body lotions and shaving gels, it is best to invest in a shelf on the shower wall, in one of the corners of the shower enclosure or attached to the faucet.

Bathroom storage idea with basket design

tip storage bathroom modern design

The storage cabinet below the sink is often the place where you tend to store everything and then forget about it. So, again, you'll need to clean it up, rearrange and store everything you do not need anymore. Opt for storage baskets with handles for smaller products to easily move them when you clean the furniture. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Ideas for practical bathroom storage

tip storage bathroom ideas

Modern bathroom storage

practical storage idea bathroom

Bathroom cabinet organization

trick storage cabinet bathroom

trick storage bathroom makeup

trick storage bathroom furniture

trick storage bathroom cabinet storage

trick-storage-room-suite bathroom-cabinet-sub-basin

tip storage bathroom original

tip storage bathroom idea

tip storage bathroom modern idea

trick storage bathroom basket

trick storage bathroom baskets braids

trick storage bathroom small

tip storage bathroom towels

modern bathroom storage ideas

idea storage bathroom accessories

idea storage bathroom original

storage makeup bathroom

practical storage bathroom

contemporary bathroom storage

DIY bathroom storage

bathroom storage wall shelves

bathroom storage idea

storage bathroom idea furniture

storage bathroom furniture wood

modern bathroom storage

original bathroom storage

storage bathroom baskets

storage bathroom services

drawer bathroom storage

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