Bathroom wall tiles: ideas and design tips

bathroom design wall tile FAP ceramiche

Choose a bathroom wall tile modern is not as easy as it sounds. With all the possibilities offered by today's market, we can quickly get lost and not know how to make the right choice.

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You must choose between ceramic tiles, slate or metal, simple or with patterns, large or small, smooth or textured. The options are really endless. So, to help you make the right decision for your wall tile bathroom here are some practical tips and some bathrooms pictures with modern tiles.

Modern bathroom wall tile by CERAMICHE KEOPE

modern bathroom wall tile CERAMICHE KEOPE

Ceramic tile is indisputably the most popular type of tile. It is durable and its smooth surface makes it highly resistant to microbes. It is also very easy to maintain, clean and exists in many different styles. If you opt for a bathroom wall tile in ceramic, know that tiles vary from lot to lot and you must check them before taking them.

Bathroom wall tile in yellow by Cooperativa Ceramica of Imola

yellow bathroom wall tile Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola

The glazed terracotta tiles are very fashionable at the moment and especially for the Mediterranean-style bathrooms . This type of tile is not only beautiful to look at, but also very very durable. The problem is that this tile is very difficult to find good quality. It is important to know that taking the cheapest tile is not a good option.

Original design bathroom wall tile by CERAMICA SANT'AGOSTINO

bathroom design wall tile CERAMICA SANT'AGOSTINO

Natural stone tiles such as granite, slate or marble are beautiful and luxurious. And also quite expensive finance side. These materials tend to be porous, so you need to put some joints to prevent the tiles from absorbing water. Glass, metal and porcelain tiles are superb if properly installed. So let the professionals take care of your bathroom rather than trying to do it yourself.

Original bathroom deco with tiled floor by Ceramica Fondovalle

bathroom wall tile CERAMICA FONDOVALLE

Most bathrooms are white or one-colored, so wall tile is a great way to add texture to the room. The bright tiles are very chic on the walls and reflect the light, making them a perfect choice for small spaces. On the other hand the relief tiles can make your decor more original and especially if your bathroom is decorated in one or two colors only.

Bathroom tile in neutral colors by CERAMICA SANT'AGOSTINO

bathroom wall tile CERAMICA SANT'AGOSTINO

As you probably already know, white is the color most often chosen for bathroom tiling. The white tiles are fresh, classic, elegant and make the room visually larger. If you are afraid of the total look in white, just buy accessories in other contrasting colors and you will have a very beautiful bathroom decor. You can also use relief tiles, in color or with patterns as accent in the room. So you can make a wall in color and leave the others in white. It is very important to know that for smaller rooms you have to choose smaller tiles and for larger ones - bigger tiles. Here are some ideas for modern bathroom wall tile:

Design wall tile with interesting patterns by Ascot Ceramiche

bathroom design wall tile ASCOT Ceramiche

Luxury bathroom tile by CERAMICHE BRENNERO

bathroom wall tile CERAMICHE BRENNERO

Bathroom with black and beige tiles by Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde modern bathroom wall tile

Bathroom tile in blue and orange by Ceramica Vogue

bathroom wall tile blue orange CERAMICA VOGUE

Modern bathroom idea with tiled floor by Ascot Ceramiche

white beige tile ASCOT Ceramiche

Contemporary bathroom with tile by Fap Ceramiche

bathroom design tile FAP ceramiche

Contemporary bathroom with concrete effect tile by Caremen Ceramic Art

concrete effect tile Carmen Ceramic Art

Design bathroom wall tile by Ape Ceramica

modern bathroom tile APE CERAMICA

Wall tile yellow bathroom luminous and vitaminized by Novoceram

yellow bathroom tile NOVOCERAM

Idea of ​​coating with tiling Novoceram for bathroom interior colors

faience bathroom multicolored NOVOCERAM

ceramic wall tile LOVE CERAMIC TILES

neutral color wall tile CERAMICA FONDOVALLE

design wall tile Mosa

original design wall tile Ceramiche GARDENIA ORCHIDEA

modern wall tile Ceramiche Supergres

floral wall tile Ragno

natural stone wall tile ARTESIA®

Porcelain wall tile Revigrés

bathroom wall tile APPIANI

original bathroom wall tile APE CERAMICA

porcelain bathroom wall tile MARAZZI

bathroom wall tile YURTBAY SERAMIK


relief bathroom tile APE CERAMICA

relief tile bathroom modern FAP ceramiche

beige bathroom tile brown FAP ceramiche

contemporary bathroom tile CERAMICA SANT'AGOSTINO

bathroom tile design Ceramishe Caesar

bathroom tile effect brick Ceramica Rondine

modern bathroom tile Ceramiche Supergres

original bathroom tile Ragno

bathroom wall deco Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola

original deco bathroom Ragno

ceramic tile bathroom decoration Ceramiche Supergres

modern bathroom decoration CERAMICA VOGUE

bathroom faience APE CERAMICA

faience bathroom multicolor LEA CERAMICHE

bathroom deco idea CERAMICA CAS

idea bathroom tile effect wood Ceramiche GARDENIA ORCHIDEA

bathroom tile Faq p ceramiche

modern bathroom idea Lago

bathroom retro tile CERAMICA VOGUE

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