Bathroom wallpaper: an original selection

bathroom wallpaper original idea mirror sink lamp deco

Bathroom paper ? For some it may seem like a funny idea to dress the walls in their bathroom with wallpaper knowing that it will be constantly exposed to moisture.
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It is now possible to put wallpaper in the bathroom. Nowadays, this idea appeals more and more to lovers of design and good taste. There are many ways to find or make your own moisture-resistant wallpaper and customize the bathroom and toilet. These sacred places are actually where our day begins and ends. The bathroom, in many cultures, is considered a kind of temple. The Roman baths are known for their grandeur and splendor. It was also the place of the city of social, political, friendly and negotiating meetings. All this to say that each bathroom deserves a decoration and a decoration attentive because it is the temple of your space of life.

Bathroom paper with banana leaf patterns

bathroom wallpaper idea toilet deco

Laying tiles is long and tedious, while painting the walls limits the impetus for creativity. Wallpaper comes to the rescue. Easy to install and with an immediate cooling effect, your bathroom can change its look in a day. For this wet room, classic wallpaper is not a good idea because it may come off your first baths. The best solution for this room is the PVC-coated waterproof wallpaper.

Bathroom wallpaper with nice fish designs

wallpaper for bathroom fish

If you want to be sure of the resistance of your wallpaper, it is better to opt for a thick wallpaper. Not only will it be more resistant to water, but it will also dress and hide the imperfections of your walls. The choice of colors and patterns will depend on your taste and the style of your water feature. If his style is rather minimalist and his interior furnished with white furniture and not imposing, why not opt ​​for bright colors and original impressions. This will put everyone in a good mood in the morning.

Very original wallpaper with printed world map

bathroom wallpaper idea mirror frame golden sink deco

It is also quite possible to create a clean and Zen decoration, to enjoy moments of relaxation in your bathtub. For small spaces or rooms with important furnishings, it is however advisable to opt for monochrome wallpaper with few patterns, in light colors. In general, you must respect the balance of your room, matching the style of wallpaper to that of the furniture in place.

Bathroom wallpaper in black and white imitating a mosaic

bathroom wallpaper black white design mirror

Although some wallpapers are suitable for rooms exposed to moisture, it is better to put some floor tile in the most at risk areas, such as the walls of the shower enclosure. The bathroom must also be easy to ventilate, the best solution is to have a window. In general, laying wallpaper with patterns is a more complex task, as it is more demanding and ideally suited to the existing interior style. It is always possible and less risky to settle for a plain wallpaper and add accessories such as stickers or friezes as you go.

Bathroom with tropical wallpaper that makes you dream

bathroom wallpaper design idea arrange space

In recent times, floral patterns are back and again in fashion. Dress your walls with floral wallpaper to create a fresh, feminine and fresh mood.

Wallpaper with floral motifs

wallpaper for bathroom flowers vanity bathroom mirror

For a truly modern interior, opt for unique patterned white wallpaper printed several times, like the one with bananas:

Wallpaper with printed bananas style "The Velvet Undergroud": blow of heart!

wallpaper for bathroom idea bananas design sink flowers deco

The wallpaper can become the accent of the decoration of your pond. If you do not want wallpaper that is too imposing or in very bright colors, there are elegant solutions that will only bring a little decorative touch to your walls.

Bathroom in gray and white with elegant wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper idea original designs sink mirror fixture suspension

Minimalist style bathroom with a nice little vegetal decoration

wallpaper bathroom mirror design fixture suspension deco plant

Usually, to make the choice of wallpaper every time, it is advisable to limit yourself to a two-color wallpaper. A wallpaper that has three or more colors may make your bathroom too kitschy.

Wallpaper with blue abstract flowers

blue bathroom wallpaper white mirror idea furniture bathroom

Bathroom in light and soft colors

bathroom wallpaper idea mirror bathroom furniture

Dark-colored wallpapers are not suitable for small spaces because they can visually make space even smaller. Except in small touches ...

Floral wallpaper inspired by the 30s

bathroom white tiling idea round mirror floral wallpaper

Here is a bathroom in white and gray that has been refreshed using wallpaper with bird motifs and flowering tree branches. The little yellow flower harmonizes beautifully with everything else.

Bathroom with bird drawings and flowering tree branches

bathroom wallpaper birds flowers mirror frame idea

Golden frame, sophisticated wallpaper, stylish and temperate atmosphere

bathroom black white mirror gold frame

For a modern interior, choose geometric wallpaper: one of the great trends in Scandinavian design.

Blue and white wallpaper inspired by modern art

blue and white wallpaper mirror frame toilet design idea

Wallpaper for a bathroom retro feminine style

bathroom wallpaper idea black white round mirror furniture

Bathroom with wallpaper in style Art Deco , Beautiful House source

wallpaper art deco idea mirror frame golden sink flowers bouquet

Some wallpaper patterns look like wood, bricks or tiles, like the one below:

Very original bathroom wallpaper for a rustic style

bathroom wallpaper round mirror idea lighting integrated chair deco flowers

Discover the rest of our original ideas and choose the wallpaper that will match the style of your bathroom and your tastes.

Wallpaper with authentic black and white drawings

bathroom wallpaper black white round mirror idea frame mirror sink

Paper painted with tropical motifs

bathroom wallpaper idea original tile

Pink and brown wallpaper with floral decoration

brown rose wall decorating idea bathroom bathroom tub flowers

Wallpaper in red and white with authentic wooden bathroom cabinet

bathroom red wallpaper white furniture wood mirror frame fixture

Floral and plant wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper flowers idea plants pot flowers bathtub tile black and white

Color wallpaper marsala with flower pattern and small monkeys

idea bathroom wallpaper flowers bouquet light

Wallpaper with abstract patterns

abstract wallpaper pattern idea mirror idea frame lighting deco flowers

Bathroom in white and red and wall clad in wallpaper with detailed patterns

red white bathroom deco bathtub flowers

Elegant wallpaper ideal for a bathroom in black and white

black white wallpaper round mirror black wood furniture wall decor idea

Bathroom with black wallpaper with patterns of roses and white flowers and mirror with gold frame complementing sophisticated style

bathroom idea modern mirror round frames

Interesting motif wallpaper and mirror with original frame

interesting wallpaper bathroom mirror idea sink tiling

Bathroom furnished and decorated with taste and elegance

wallpaper for bathroom mirror idea decorate deco

Wallpaper with drawings of theater characters

wallpaper idea sink mirror frame flowers flowerpot design

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