Bathroom with Italian shower in some decorating ideas

bathroom with italian shower ideas for decoration

The bathroom is perhaps the most important room in a modern interior. This is the place that offers freshness and relaxation after long days at work. That's why making a functional bathroom decor and design is so important.
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The bathroom with Italian shower is at the same time elegant and comfortable. It does not matter if you have or not, in addition to the shower, a bathtub. You will have a functional and chic decor. Opting for a walk-in shower will give your bathroom a modern look and a very good opportunity to use the free space effectively. In this article you will find some interesting ideas of design for your bathroom with Italian shower .

Bathroom with italian shower decorated in white

bathroom with italian shower washbasin furniture

If you want to create a seamless transition between the shower part and the rest of your bathroom, transparent glass is the perfect material that will help you do it. You can very well opt for glazed walls or shower doors and, why not, for a shower enclosure made entirely of transparent glass panels. Inside, it is possible to decorate your shower with a bench or wall shelves. The oversized shower head can also be an interesting choice.

Bathroom with Italian shower of elegant decoration

modern bathroom deco with italian shower

A window in the bathroom, no matter how large, can make a big difference in the decor of the bathroom. This is a very nice addition also for the shower . The feeling you will experience seeing and feeling the light around you is truly unique. A skylight or skylight will of course be perfect for this purpose. Your shower will bathe in natural light and will look almost divine.

Bathroom with modern walk-in shower

bathroom with italian modern interior shower

Do a Italian shower in combination with a steam room is a very good idea for those who like to pamper themselves. It's like making your own spa at home. Equipment and facilities are crucial in this case. It is recommended to make a small window that will remain open when you only use the shower to let air circulate. You will be able to use the space both as a traditional shower and as a steam room to relax.

Bathroom decoration idea with walk-in shower

bathroom tiles with Italian shower decor

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can still have a walk-in shower without sacrificing much space. It's all about making it a smaller version. To avoid overloading your bathroom, opt for a simple design with clean lines and materials like glass that will seamlessly transition between the spaces in your bathroom.

Photos of bathroom with italian shower

bathroom with italian shower ideas

Italian shower room in bathroom

bathroom with italian shower idee deco

Modern Italian shower room layout

bathroom with italian shower

Tile idea for Italian shower room

bathroom with italian shower elegant design

Bathroom decoration tiles with Italian shower

bathroom with Italian shower decoration

Modern bathroom with Italian shower

bathroom with italian shower wood

And if you have the necessary space and resources, try going one step further and making your own spa at home. Opt for a spa-style shower, limestone bench and black-and-white mosaic tile. A niche in the wall will allow you to have storage space for your bathroom products. The roof window or skylight is also recommended. If you still want more ideas for deco and design of your walk-in shower, look at these beautiful examples in pictures:

Bathroom with Italian shower of original design

bathroom with Italian shower interesting

Design bathroom decorated in beige and brown

bathroom with beige italian shower

Original design bathroom

white bathroom deco

Bathroom - elegant decoration

bathroom with italian shower white gray

Luxurious design bathroom

deco bathroom design

luxury bathroom deco

modern bathroom deco

bathroom italian shower tub

italian style shower

deco Italian bathroom floor wood

walk-in shower minimalist bathroom

italian shower bathroom

idee deco small bathroom

small bathroom decoration idea

bathroom decoration idea

small bathroom italian shower

modern bathroom italian shower

bathroom with italian shower tub

bathroom with italian shower round bathtub

bathroom with Italian shower deco

bathroom with Italian shower design

bathroom with elegant Italian shower

bathroom with italian shower and shelves

bathroom with gray italian shower

bathroom with italian shower idea

bathroom with Italian shower luxury

bathroom with minimalist Italian shower

bathroom with modern italian shower

bathroom with Italian shower walls

bathroom with italian shower black white

bathroom with Italian shower small space

stylish bathroom design

modern design bathroom

bathroom design black white

spacious designer bathroom

bathroom shower tub

modern bathroom shower

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