Bed 2 places mezzanine: a very functional equipment

bunk bed wood bedroom child idea space saving design table wood deco wall frames

The double bed loft allows to optimize each square meter of space. If you have a small room, or you only have one for your two children, this is the ideal solution to make it functional and save space.

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If you are planning to install a loft bed in your little one's room, think about it first and do not hurry up. This functional equipment is designed to follow the changing needs of your child. There are many types of bunk beds with desk or built-in storage, with play area or built-in small nightstand. To choose the right solution, it will be necessary to analyze the habits of your child. Does he prefer to work on a desk or rather sit on his bed? Does he like to receive friends to play? His answers will help you orient yourself in a natural way towards some equipment models rather than others. If little kids are more likely to play than to study, a play area is a good idea. If your children are teenagers, they will prefer to have a relaxation area and a comfortable office. In our selection of more than 50 examples of bunk beds and mezzanine beds, we have spotted different models that will fit your children's room.

2-seater loft bed with built-in desks and storage

bed loft two seater office room child floor mats shelf storage desk wood practical design

If you are planning your child's room, it is important that you take into account your own vision of the ideal room. Each child's bedroom represents his universe. For this reason, you must think of your little one according to his needs, but also his expectations. Children must be able to do everything in their room: work, play, have fun, dream and, of course, sleep. All its activities require a certain layout and investments: a comfortable bed, an office, a decoration for the play area, a sofa to receive friends. If the space of the room does not allow it, or if you simply do not want to arrange your child's room with too much furniture, the mezzanine bed remains the most practical equipment. It will allow to engage in different activities in the same room without bulky furniture while enjoying plenty of storage space.

2 places mezzanine beds superimposed and perpendicular

loft bed bunk wood bedroom idea child deco space saving

The mezzanines and bunk beds are imposing equipment, but also a real space saving . Before you start buying or building (you can do it yourself with wooden pallets), you will first have to precisely measure the dimensions of the space where you want to install it. The most important thing to measure is the height of the room because the bed should not be too close to the ceiling. Then, to maximize the space available to you, it is often advisable to come to bear on one of the walls of the room. The ladder or stairs to the upper level of the bed will be more secure in this way. The child will be able to stand on the wall when he climbs to go to bed. One of the essential criteria to take into consideration, when choosing the type of bunk bed, is safety. To avoid the risk of falling, our advice is to choose a bed model protected by guardrails that are high enough. Ladders must also be secured with handrails and steps that are wide enough. Check out our selection of highly functional and modern bunk bed models and find inspiration to choose yours:

Modern equipment with several built-in storage

bed loft 2 places idea room child space saving furniture wood design lighting fixture suspension

Mezzanine bed with very secure staircase

bunk bed bedroom decor childrens room drawer storage bed mezzanine two places

Mezzanine bed with two bunk and perpendicular beds, bedside table and storage drawers

bed loft bunk drawer storage carpet floor beige design idea space saving

Bunk beds in wood

bed 2 places mezzanine bunk bed wood cushion idea lurking pouf

Wooden loft beds

bed 2 places mezzanine idea wooden bed child room space saving

Two modern solutions

bed loft two-seater child room idea layout child room space saving

Secure upper bed with guardrail, similar model at IKEA

double bed loft child room idea floor rug design wall blue

bed 2 places mezzanine idea bedroom child space saving wooden furniture colorful floor mats

double bed mezzanine wooden bed child room original idea floor mats ottoman

bed 2 places mezzanine idea room furniture child

bed loft idea bedroom child space saving beds deco wall paintings

loft bed 2 seater bed wood cushion sheets floor mats white

loft bed 2 seater space saving idea wooden bed white sheets deco design wall frames

bedroom boy bed 2 places mezzanine bedroom blue teen child idea storage space

loft bed two places space saving floor mat bedroom child design idea

wooden bed suspension floor mats ladder wood desk bedroom child design idea decor wall frames

bed loft two places bunk idea floor rug design furniture wood sheets deco idea

loft bed 2 seater child room idea small apartment space saving small room

loft bed 2 seater wood ladder wood idea room child small white floor mats

two-seater loft bed bedroom storage functional layout

double bed loft wood floor mats deco frames wall cushions

bunk beds bedroom child idea space saving wood design floor mats blue

bed 2 places mezzanine idea decoration child room space saving fixture

bed loft child two places deco room child modern carpet floor cushions idea layout small room

bed 2 places mezzanine bedroom child space saving frames wall idea

bed 2 places mezzanine bedroom child idea floor mat white deco wall light fixture suspension

bunk bed three place floor mats idea deco design modern drawers frame wall deco

bed loft two-seater room child space saving blue room

loft bed yellow bunk design deco wall cabinet shelves wood

colorful room child bed loft two place child coffee table wood deco bedroom girl boy

child bedroom bunk bed floor mats wood mezzanine space saving

bed three-seater idea deco room space saving drawer storage idea plant

bed loft two places bedroom child idea chair wood deco frame wall floor mats white deco plant bedroom wooden chair

bed two-seater loft idea wood black design bedroom deco

room space saving design idea bunk bed white wood cushion design floor mats beige curtains

wooden bunk bed ladder wood deco cushions shelves ladder wood design idea

bed 2 places mezzanine wood floor carpet blue idea space saving room child deco frame idea sofa design

bed 2 places mezzanine metal bedroom teen floor mat deco

bed 2 seater mezzanine two seater frames decor wall idea office integrated wood design cushions

bed 2 places mezzanine bedroom child idea white purple design floor rug wood desk chair deco frames wall

double bed loft wood design idea

bed 2 seater mezzanine wooden floor mats blue drawers wood design bedroom child idea

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