Bed-desk or desk-bed: nap at work to be efficient

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Have you ever thought how a little nap of about fifteen minutes will be enough for you to be in shape, more productive and concentrated in your work? Do you know that in Japan, when you sleep at work, you are considered a great worker?

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The studio of NL Greek design decided to marry sleep and work with their new invention the office-bed, the brother of Multi-Purpose ! The principle of this original equipment is simple. It serves as office and bed at a time. As soon as you feel that your eyes are heavy and you have only one desire - to take a nap - the underside of your office offers you a hidden and comfortable corner to realize it! What a wonderful idea, is not it? The sleeping corner is hidden by a tray of furniture. Once the tray is pushed, fold the side panels.

Office bed transformed into a desk-bed: an invention to be efficient at work

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The designer of this piece, Athanasia Leivaditou explained that the desk-bed was intended for people spending a lot of their time at work. The idea of ​​creating this original equipment came to the mind of the young designer during these studies and the long nights of revisions. Some of his friends lived far away from the center and the university and they could not go home. For this reason, they were building beds improvised with chairs to sleep and then continue to work. This beautiful invention rethinks and redefines the relationship to work and sleep by marrying them in an original way ...

The office-bed in these four states

bed-office desk-bed design furniture office furniture idea design modern studio nl

A comforting nap ...

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