Bedroom girl decorating ideas for little princesses

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These 25 room decor ideas for little princesses are for parents looking for inspiration for their daughters' bedroom decor. The decoration with motifs borrowed from the games and cartoons of princesses is now classic for the rooms of little girls .

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Manufacturers of furniture and accessories offer more and more products with this type of pattern. Here are some examples that will probably please your child:

Room decoration idea for little princesses

princess princess bedroom pictures

The decoration of the princess room often begins with the choice of colors. The shades of pink, lilac and white are usually used in a variety of Princess furniture and accessories. In addition, it is the colors of the toys in the Barbie collection, as well as the houses and cars of the doll, of which there are several models in princess style. Parents who do not wish to decorate their daughter's room in these colors, could also opt for shades of beige and gold.

Room for little princesses and castle bed

little princesses children's rooms

The bed is the main piece of furniture in any bedroom. In the case of the princess room decoration, one can choose between several models of original beds. First there are coach beds that will appeal to little girls fascinated by Cinderella's history. Another interesting option is the castle bed of which there are several models, including furniture on two levels.

Canopy bed for little princesses

bedroom colors girl princesses

These two types of beds are original and nice furniture that little princesses can use as playground during the day. The third classic option is a four-poster bed that you can buy or create yourself, with the help of your daughter. You see an example in pink and white on the picture above.

Idea of ​​bedding for little princesses

princess bedroom bed

For a perfect princess room, do not forget the comfy bedding in shades of pink or white or that decorated with cartoon characters. There are also images of these characters on stickers which can be used for decorating the walls of the room.

Wall stickers for decorating the walls of a princess bedroom

princess rooms kids stickers

These are the most popular elements of the decoration of princess room today. You can complement them with a series of small furniture and accessories, which you will find examples of the rest of our selection of photos:

Room for little princesses by A Well Dressed Home

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