Bedroom idea of ​​modern and contemporary style

modern bedroom idea

If you need a idea bedroom in modern style, you must opt ​​for a color combination that emphasizes the design of your furniture.

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But first, of course, you must know what the word "modern" means to you personally. The terms "modern" and "contemporary" are often used as synonyms and yet there is a difference between the two. The "modern" design is not, technically speaking, a very recent style. It appeared again in 1800 and is based on Scandinavian and Asian designs. The modern furniture has clean and simple lines and are in neutral colors. Simplicity and functionality are the highlights of this decorative style.

Idea bedroom modern style

contemporary design bedroom idea

The modern style of the 1950s is very different from the modern style of the 19th century with its bright colors such as the flamingo pink and the Charterhouse. And, finally, contemporary modern style emerged in the 1970s and continues to evolve today according to current trends. Despite some similarities between modern and contemporary styles, the latter represents a mix of Art Deco, Deconstructivism, Futurism, and so on. There are no well-defined colors, everything depends on personal tastes and preferences.

Bedroom idea with black leather furniture

modern design bedroom idea

But no matter what nuance of modern style you choose as idea bedroom , you must opt ​​for colors that complement the clean lines of your furniture and avoid overload. But that does not mean that you have to avoid bright colors in general. Simply choose the shades that will enhance your contemporary bedroom.

Bedroom idea of ​​contemporary design

elegant bedroom idea

Your choice of colors will depend on the atmosphere you want to create in your adult bedroom. If you want to completely renovate the decor of the room, you must first choose a specific style that you like and choose the colors according to this style. Decorate your walls with a deep shade such as green, orange or gold. But in case you have beautiful colored furniture, let them stand out on walls in neutral shades like white, beige or gray.

Gray bedroom of original design

gray bedroom idea

Regarding the bedroom furniture, if despite the new look of your bedroom, you still decided to keep your old bed, opt for a new headboard. This will help you change the decor of your bed, without changing the bed itself. You can also make your headboard yourself from wooden pallets, fabric or incorporate a shelf for more storage space.

Adult bedroom with designer furniture

idea bedroom design

To avoid creating a boring decor, you need accessories for more visual interest in the room. It's about doing simple things like decorating the walls with a modern art painting or your favorite photos. Decorating an accent wall is also a very good bedroom idea . Accent walls are not designated only to living rooms and dining rooms. You can decorate this wall in another color, with a wall sticker, a wallpaper design and even make a brick wall. Decorating with mirrors is also a great idea when you have to decorate a small space bedroom. The options are multiple and doing something different on one of the walls will make the decor of your room even more original.

Modern bedroom decoration in dark colors

idea bedroom deco black gray

Let nature enter your bedroom. Use natural elements and details in the decoration. A bouquet of flowers in one of the corners or a green plant on the bedside table is a great idea. Another possibility is to get inspired by the decor of a hotel room that you have visited and loved. The common point of almost all hotel rooms is their simple and elegant design that you can recreate in your room. Here is a selection of 60 beautiful photos that will help you to get inspired for the decor and atmosphere you want to create in your own room:

Elegant design bedroom with wooden furniture

modern bedroom idea

Bedroom with wooden furniture and carpet in brown shades

gray design bedroom idea

Original wooden bedroom deco

bedroom idea deco

Adult bedroom with gray and white decor

white gray adult bedroom

Adult room of simple decoration in white

bedroom deco white

Adult bedroom decoration with wall in yellow duck

bedroom modern decoration

Adult bedroom inspired by Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style bedroom

Adult bedroom decoration in light shades

modern adult bedroom deco

Modern adult room in blue

blue bedroom deco

Bright bedroom with furniture in gray

gray adult bedroom deco

Designer bedroom with double bed and wooden bench

modern adult room deco

Adult bedroom decoration with original accent wall

deco adult bedroom wall accent wood

contemporary adult bedroom decoration

adult bedroom decoration

bedroom decoration adult neutral colors

bedroom decoration fireplace

bedroom design

elegant bedroom decoration

modern bedroom decoration

wooden adult room decoration

original design bedroom

adult bedroom decoration bright colors

adult bedroom decoration design

adult bedroom wood bed decoration

adult bedroom design bed decoration

minimalist adult room decoration

original bedroom decoration

decoration idea bedroom adult

idea bedroom neutral colors

elegant design bedroom idea

black elegant bedroom idea

idea bedroom design bed

idea bedroom modern bed

idea bedroom furniture wood

idea bedroom modern black white

idea open bedroom design

idea bedroom floor wood

idea bedroom modern industrial style

Scandinavian style bedroom idea

idea bedroom headboard wood

ultra modern bedroom idea

idea deco bedroom adult

idea deco bedroom white gray

idea deco bedroom wood

contemporary bedroom deco idea

idea deco bedroom design

deco idea minimalist bedroom

idea bedroom deco original

adult bedroom deco idea

modern adult room deco idea

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