Bedroom lighting for an elegant interior and design

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What bedroom lighting to choose ? Lighting is art. Balanced décor is important for a practical and beautiful layout. The lighting for the bedroom is soft, sometimes subdued, but especially relaxing.

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The intensity and warmth of the color of the light are also of great importance to create a pleasant atmosphere. How to choose lighting adapted to your needs? Do you like to read at night or do you prefer to watch TV? To choose the right lighting, you have to ask first what are your needs and what is the style of your bedroom. Here are 25 interior ideas of different moods and styles, furnished with design and elegant lighting.

Bedroom lighting: 25 ideas for a stylish interior design

lighting bedroom decoration idea wall headboard quilted lighting fixture suspension

It's like these suspended luminaires , designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, dancing over the wooden deck of the retro bed. The platform, itself, rises on the wall and wraps around the ceiling for a feeling of comfort and privacy even in a large space.

Below, the light platform surrounds the bed to form the headboard and, finally, to the wall in shelf . The lighting is rather dramatic atmosphere. The adjustable lights are fantastic for this kind of futuristic style interior.

Headboard and light platform in a dramatic and futuristic interior

lighting bedroom lighting idea red bed design modern idea

In the interior of the room below, the spotlights and indirect lighting make the atmosphere luxurious and sophisticated. Light plays on an impressive variety of textures and shapes. It would be hard to be wrong in the choice of lighting in a room like this: dramatic and elegant.

Elegant and sophisticated interior with bright spots and indirect lighting

luminaire bedroom bed idea headboard light carpet floor deco bedroom

The color and temperature it suggests are of great importance to the interior atmosphere of a room. Here, blue lighting and yellow are hot and cool. They create a contrast that energizes the rest of the room.

Modern interior with lighting in yellow and blue, visualization Saimir Braho

bedroom lighting lighting deci paintings photographs idea cushions Saimir Braho

The wall panels form a beautiful interior decoration. The wooden panels, below, are very elegant and make the room welcoming. With integrated lighting, they add a dramatic side.

Interior with wooden wall and original integrated lighting, visualization Wladimir Sapyan

lighting fixture room design idea wall decor

Below, light textures and soft light interact directly with the incredible panel that decorates the wall behind the bed. This interior is very fresh, dynamic and full of movement. At the same time, it is also relaxing and clean.

Modern, dynamic and uncluttered interior, Gaurav Kumar visualization

interior bedroom lighting headboard wood idea carpet floor deco table wood flowers

The choice of lighting is even more important when it comes to a room as dark and mysterious as the one presented below. It makes the wall behind the bed more sophisticated, while the candlestick Agnes, in the foreground, immediately draws attention.

Sophisticated bedroom interior

bedroom lighting headboard cushions lighting fixture idea carpet floor gray coffee table

The hanging work Lambris is highlighted thanks to shelves with integrated lighting. This bedroom shows how lighting can add incomparable character to a minimalist space.

Room with extraordinary decoration

bedroom lighting idea wall shelf light

Here is another interior that combines wall panels with conceptual lighting. The panels in this room are of great visual value and correspond to the solid furniture used throughout the room.

Interior with wall decorated with wooden panel and conceptual lighting, visualization N-Gon Archviz

idea bedroom lighting headboard wood fixture suspension bed cushions bench wooden floor mats beige

The geometric luminaries below immediately attract attention and harmonize beautifully with the fresco on the concrete wall.

Elegant bedroom interior with artistic decoration, visualization Yovo Bozhinovski

idea bedroom lighting suspension lighting deco carpet floor black

The wall sconces are a real classic. Below, there are two different sized sconces that direct the light to the ceiling and bedside tables. The subtle and discreet lighting under the bed plays a purely aesthetic role. However, it could be useful at night when we have only one desire: to find the bed!

Discreet lighting underneath to easily find the bed at night

under the bed lighting idea table decor cushions bedside table

The wall panel, placed above the bed, takes the grounds of the beautiful wooden sliding door of the toilet.

Room interior with reflected lighting, visualization Amir Cherni

bedroom lighting idea lighting bedroom bed cushions idea floor mat

Here, functionality is key in the layout and design of this space. Indirect lighting illuminates the bed as recessed lights in the hallway move toward the door.

Bedroom with beautiful discreet lighting

discreet lighting idea wall chalkboard floor lamp cushions chair curtains

In general, indirect lighting is decorative. However, it is suitable for both small and large rooms. At the same time, ceiling lighting can be too strong and brilliant. With indirect lighting, which is less intense and less tiring for the eyes, the atmosphere in the room will always be relaxing.

Indirect lighting is discreet and less tiring for the eyes

indirect lighting bedroom idea headboard light cushions

The hanging fabric luminaries below are a nice, casual touch that contrasts with the rather refined and modern feel of the space.

Original fabric lights that add a touch of chic and modernism

bedroom idea lighting fixture hanging fabric table wall carpet floor bed cushions

In the previous rooms, indirect lighting was used to decorate or highlight the specific details of the interior. In the interior below, the headboard and its integrated lights are not only aesthetic but also practical. The bright headboards are a frequent choice for those who prefer discreet lighting.

Room with illuminated headboard, visualization Omar Essam

luminous headboard hanging idea deco wall modern headboard cushions

In this designer bedroom, there are the copper lamps in suspension of the famous designer Tom Dixon . Decorative and of a high-end aesthetic, they are beautifully in tune with the industrial style of the room.

Contemporary style bedroom, designer Penint Design Studio

luminaire suspension design modern idea deco wall lighting head bed

The lighting natural windows play a major role in this industrial-inspired room, but without the elongated lighting fixtures, the ambiance would not be the same.

Chamber of Industrial Inspiration and Visualization by Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid

bedroom lighting design idea natural light modern

Here, the indirect lighting is in orange shade and gives the cabinets a warmer look. Wood is a frequent choice in interior design because it can immediately make a room more welcoming. The lighting in warm shades emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood.

Beautifully lit wooden wall

indirect lighting idea lighting bedroom bedroom panels wood

This royal room is a source of inspiration. It is even more magical thanks to the addition of crystal beads for the decoration of the lighting integrated into the ceiling.

Princess bedroom, Algedba viewing

bedroom lighting bed headboard quilted floor mats beige stool

Textured panels are transformed according to the lighting. Here, the lighting gently caresses the irregular textured surface.

Magic light effect, visualization Svetlana Nezus

indoor bedroom idea bed headboard fixture suspension floor mat

In this minimalist and very refined interior, decoration as pure and immaterial, is represented by the indirect lighting of the headboard.

Bright headboard, visualization Roman Movliaiko

bedroom minimalist headboard light idea cushions bed parquet wood

Recessed lighting illuminates where the ceiling falls off the walls, making the bedroom more open. The Adjustable lamps are a good option for night lighting and for those who like night reading.

Recessed lighting and adjustable lights

lighting bedroom idea decor wall table cushions bed table wood

In the interior below, the textured wall is highlighted by indirect lighting. The black lamp on the Atollo table is designed by Vico Magistretti.

Dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere, visualization: Maxim Tsiabus

design bedroom lighting lighting wall textured idea armchair gray floor mats

The beautiful wall panels beautifully decorate the wall behind the headboard. They are inclined at different angles and shine thanks to the integrated lighting. Additional light suspensions near the desk draw the eye to the vertical garden.

Natural and vital interior, visualization Elena Zhulikova

modern interior headboard wood idea lighting wall plant

Below, tiled wall panels shine through intelligently integrated lighting that gives the impression that concrete panels are woven like a basket.

Concrete wall basket and plays of light, visualization Buro 82

bedroom lighting idea integrated lighting design coffee table

The suspended chandeliers Smartly give a very artistic side to this room. The integrated lighting on each side integrates well with the interior and decoration of this room.

Room with suspended chandeliers Smartly, design he.D Creative Group

room-a-bed-lighting-idee bed-chandeliers

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