Bedroom with dressing room: 20 stylish and modern interiors

bedroom with walk-in closet design quilted headboard design floor mats

A bedroom with dressing room ? It makes girls and boys dream ... Fans of good style and good taste deserve the best storage solution for their clothes and accessories.

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Having a tidy wardrobe facilitates the choice of outfit for the day or evening! Exposing your clothes is very convenient because you can have a look at all the clothes, their colors, their patterns and accessories. The desire to combine your clothes and match them successfully is no longer a challenge. Explore this exceptional selection of rooms with walk-in wardrobes and find inspiration for the design and decoration of yours.

Bedroom with Scandinavian design dressing room

bedroom with dressing room interior design modern idea arrange

It's not easy for a person with a small living room to have a bedroom with a dressing room. Still, this can be a very practical decision that will help you gain space. Below, we can see a bedroom designed in gray color with a dressing that closes with sliding doors in polished glass. Thanks to the material chosen for the closure, the dressing remains visible and hidden at a time. In addition, it reflects the light and makes the room more spacious. If the doors were dark, the room would have lost visually in space and brightness. Apparently, this interior is Scandinavian in inspiration and functionality - spatial, but also visual - premium.

Bedroom with gray dressing room

bedroom dressing room design modern headboard gray floor mats

The decision to install transparent sliding doors is ideal for classic interiors as well as for interiors more modern .

Bedroom with dressing room in black, white and gray

bedroom with dressing room arrange idea bedroom headboard

Large dressing room with transparent sliding doors

dressing room design idea bed carpet floor

If the installation of sliding doors you seem complicated and difficult, another possible solution is to leave your semi-open dressing by simply installing a matte glass panel.

Bedroom with open dressing closed by a matte glass panel

bedroom with dressing room design glass matte idea arrange bedroom

Here is a room designed in gray and white with beautiful black accents. The dressing is of medium size and well arranged in height. At the upper level, the owner has installed boxes for the storage of accessories: hats, caps, scarves, gloves and others.

Room in gray and white with nice black accents and practical dressing room and tidy

bedroom design dressing bed bed headboard floor mat

For bedrooms furnished and decorated in light colors and for those who want a little more nuances in their interiors, the dressing room can play the role of focal point. Here is a bedroom white and bright whose dressing closes with a matte black glass door. This door harmonizes well with the completely white interior and adds a sophisticated touch.

Room in light colors with large dressing room that closes with a sliding glass door dyed black

bedroom dressing idea design interior design

This time, the dressing room is located in a separate room next to the bedroom.

Bedroom in blue and gray with dressing room located in a small room next door

idea bedroom headboard quilted bed gray fixture suspension

Here is another solution for clear glass panels, this time the glass panel is with gray stripes and creates a nice "grid" effect.

Sophisticated and stylish interior with semi-open dressing

bedroom with walk-in wardrobe design padded headboard modern parquet wood

The following interior is very modern in inspiration, even futuristic. It is designed in gray and white with accents in black. The dressing is all along the wall in front of the bed and closes with semi-transparent sliding doors. The most extraordinary thing about this bedroom is the large window behind the bed overlooking the majestic mountains.

Very modern style bedroom with large dressing room and amazing views: harmony of white, gray and black

bedroom dressing idea design contemporary design bed

Installing a white cabinet is always a good solution for minimalist style interiors and especially those that lack space. A piece of furniture takes the same space regardless of its color. But a white piece of furniture visually takes up less space. Here is a beautiful large open space, the white wardrobe, placed between the bedroom and the living room, ideally fits the style of design, but also plays the role of room divider.

Bedroom arranged and decorated in black and white in a large open space with white cabinet that acts as a room divider

bedroom with dressing room design interior modern white idea landscap floor mats black wardrobe closet

The design of this interior is very interesting: the dressing room is located behind the bed, between the bathroom and the bedroom. One of the gray wardrobes act as a room divider and headboard at a time.

Gray cabinet: room divider and headboard at a time

headboard idea dressing arrange bedroom cabinet bed coffee table

The layout and decoration of the bedroom, below, are zen inspired. In Feng Shui, the correct positioning of the bed in a room depends on several parameters. Here he is very well placed:

Room furnished and decorated in Zen style

bedroom dressing japanese idea arrange modern space fixture suspended

The space below is not very big and yet it seems very functional. In industrial style, the designers of this bedroom have devoted an important part of its surface for the dressing. A practical idea for the lighting of the dressing area: the luminous strips.

Industrial style bedroom, design Zalf

bedroom dressing design idea arrange space modern bed

bedroom with walk-in closet design idea bed lighting carpet floor chair

Small bedroom, large dressing room and large windows overlooking the outside: here we have all the key elements to make a small room functional and brighter. To avoid visually losing space, the dressing room, this time, is open. It is quite possible to install a transparent glass panel, but here it is not really necessary.

Modern bedroom in dark colors, Black Box design

bedroom dressing idea arrange space modern fixture dressing

For those who have a large wardrobe, arrange an entire room dressing is essential. Below, the dressing is located behind the headboard. It is visible, but its location makes it more intimate.

Bedroom in a large open space with fireplace

bedroom dressing design open fireplace idea modern bed shelves

Bedroom with original wooden headboard and dressing

headboard wood idea lighting modern design landscaping dressing

Room layout idea with open dressing room, design Michel Leyraud

design bedroom modern idea landscaping space design modern carpet floor

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