Besta Ikea furniture: a modular storage system

furniture besta ikea salon idea storage

The furniture BESTA IKEA is a collection of storage units that blend beautifully with the walls. The doors close slowly thanks to the "soft closing" function.

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The simplicity and clean lines of the design of this piece of furniture allow them to be decorated and matched to very different styles of interiors. You can place BESTA furniture anywhere in your home. It is possible to use them as a TV stand, furniture for storing your children's belongings or sheets or furniture or storage bench. There are many ways to personalize this stylish furniture and match it with the interior design of your room. Here are more than 33 ideas how to integrate and decorate them in the pieces of utilities and different sizes ...

Besta Ikea furniture ideal to save space

furniture besta ikea living room entrance storage idea

The BESTA system is a modular storage solution that is very practical and functional. This collection of furniture is ideal for furnishing and organizing your stay, your dining room, your entrance or your bedroom with elegance. From TV stand to kitchen sideboard, you can choose from a wide range of different combinations to create your own storage solution for your rooms. Thanks to the' BESTA planning tool you can do it online first. BESTA is expandable based on your changing needs and the space you have available. Even if it is installed once, you can modulate it as you go. The choice of its use is yours!

Besta Ikea furniture placed in the entrance

Besta Ikea furniture: a modular storage system

Ideal for the living room and the dining room as well as for the bedroom

besta furniture ikea interior Scandinavian design

If you have a small space, you can place BESTA on the wall to save space and have plenty of storage space for your shoes, clothes, or anything else you do not know where to put away. This furniture adapts to all tastes, all tastes and all rooms.

You can place it in your entrance or living room

furniture besta ikea entrance bar idea design

Several people integrate the simple furniture BESTA Ikea as TV stand . It also allows you to have storage space under the TV where you can store your DVDs, books and more. Its elegant and sleek design easily matches any interior style.

One of the Besta Ikea furniture used as TV stand

furniture idea besta ikea salon deco

As you already know, the big Swedish company IKEA is at the top of the low-cost design solutions. All their furniture is designed according to the rules of Scandinavian design - modern, refined, functional. Besta furniture is no exception. They are universal and very practical thanks to their modular system. Throughout our lives, we need to change the mood and configuration of our living space. The Besta Ikea furniture collection is designed exactly with this idea - it can evolve and change functions as and when you need it.

Ideal furniture for the entrance of the house

deco furniture besta ikea entree house

On the IKEA website you will find two categories of Besta furniture: TV cabinet and storage units. The prices of this furniture vary from 85 euros to 600 euros and more. There is a wide variety of colors, sizes and patterns. Finally, some Besta furniture is not really put in specific categories. The idea is to use them in all rooms of the house if necessary. A vast majority of the furniture in this collection is universal, as we have already mentioned. The Besta Ikea entrance furniture can easily fit into the child's room, for example.

Or for your reading corner ...

furniture besta ikea decoration living room idea

How to choose and create your furniture Besta Ikea? First, take into account the surface of where you want to place it. Depending on this we choose its width and depth. Subsequently, we choose the storage structure, its color and its accessories - drawers, shelves, showcases, doors etc. The color, as well as the size, are not definitive. If you move it at some point to another room of your need, you can easily change its color and remove some units if needed. It looks like: a living piece of furniture!

Or turn it into a TV stand ...

furniture besta ikea storage drawers design idea tv watch mirror frame

Below, we see a Besta white cabinet of small size with four drawers silent closing. It has been installed in the entrance of the house and is probably used as a storage cabinet for shoes. Usually, we avoid placing large furniture in the entrance. If you have a lot of shoes, think about fitting a dressing room.

pretty one decoration matching the Besta furniture

furniture white wood design idea plant deco picture picture idea drawers storage cabinet

Here is the suspended BESTA furniture installed in a child's room. It serves as a storage chest, but also a reading corner fitted with cushions. Its sleek design is perfect for the nursery because it is compact and has no handles that can be dangerous for small children.

Besta furniture hanging in white and wood in the child's room

furniture besta ikea wood design drawers deco wall chart floor mats white

Another similar model in light wood

furniture ikea besta idea storage corridors table wall design shelves

We are watching less and less television nowadays. However, some people keep it at home to watch movies or play video games. The Besta furniture is ideal for storing your Playstation, for example.

Besta furniture of similar design installed in the living room

wooden furniture tv plant lamp design idea parquet living room floor mats television wooden furniture ikea

A multifunctional entrance bench? The Besta furniture is easily transformed into a bench and storage unit in the entrance. It will ensure you all the necessary comfort when you put your shoes out!

All white, all elegant and surface with marble effect

ikea furniture besta design frames design living room cabinet storage frames lamp design

Its sleek design is also due to the fact that it has no handles. Its silent closure makes it revolutionary furniture. He is deprived of all kinds of useless accessories. Long live minimalism and Scandinavian design!

Besta chest in the Scandinavian bedroom

furniture ikea besta idea bedroom furniture storage cheap

Reading corner and storage space for the little ones

furniture besta child room idea storage cushions shelves design drawers

Scandinavian style reading corner

furniture ikea besta design corner reading cushions deco plants design modern idea

Besta furniture in dark blue

furniture dark wood blue design idea storage interior modern parquet wood deco lamp objects design

Discreet design furniture

furniture ikea besta idea storage lighting suspension bouquet deco flowers frames

Composition of some Besta furniture

living room design lighting suspension decoration wooden furniture ikea design dining room lighting suspension

furniture besta ikea design lighting suspension design lighting suspension design parquet wood deco idea

furniture besta ikea wood design idea flowers cushions design floor mats

furniture ikea wood design storage TV idea deco plant vase floor mats furniture wood candles

furniture besta ikea white wood design table wall composition floor mat coffee table

furniture ikea besta idea storage living room deco wall plant

storage ikea furniture besta design wood coffee table armchair white cushions plant deco wall frame

furniture storage ikea blackboard frames composition floor mats wood floor chair black

tv stand ikea besta design wood frame wall deco plant armchair white table

furniture besta ikea design storage living room space saving chair gray cushion deco wall wood

decoration living room furniture wood white board parquet plant deco

ikea furniture wood design frame wall armchair white cushion idea plant candles

furniture ikea design besta armchair frames composition drawers storage carpet round

furniture ikea storage idea space saving living room hallway shelves storage books

interior black and white deco wall frame fixture suspension furniture besta

furniture storage ikea design white table wood chair deco wall frames

ikea interior modern design storage cabinet idea candle interior deco modern parquet wood

furniture besta ikea design idea decoration storage tv cabinet

tv stand ikea wood design deco flowers bouquet frames design idea storage

furniture ikea besta idea living room storage wood design furniture tv deco frames plant

furniture besta ikea design hallway idea storage bench tile black and white parquet wood

furniture besta ikea idea bedroom storage cabinet

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