Birthday birthday cake for the first birthday

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Your treasure will soon be one year old and you are looking for ideas for a birthday child cake? Explore our 50 ideas for your little darling's party! The first birthday of your child is an opportunity to gather friends or family to celebrate the year that has passed since the appearance of your little treasure.

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So much has changed in your life since birth and so many happy moments have taken place since this day of birth. So, to celebrate this very special day, nothing better than a beautiful cake!

Child birthday cake idea for girl

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As in fashion, in the world of pastry and in the preparation of children's cakes, there are timeless trends and ideas that are always a success. We suggest you choose the second option and focus on timeless ideas. So, for example, for decorating your child birthday cake, choose soft and pretty colors, such as pink, yellow, blue or pale green. This color palette always has a nice effect for decorating a child's cake, especially when it comes to the first birthday of your daughter or boy.

Child birthday cake idea for girl or boy

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If you want to give this day a very special atmosphere, go for a big cake on several levels. It will attract the attention of all guests on this special day and will allow you to invent original decorations for each level, with, of course, a space specially dedicated to a beautiful inscription commemorating the happy event! Think of the photos you could take of this beautiful ornament of your child's first birthday and the day when, several years later, you will be able to show them to your daughter or your son during another birthday.

Child birthday cake: idea for girl

photo birthday cakes girls

For those who love them birthday parties more casual, there is always the option of cakes of a smaller size. Although small, this type of cake can have beautiful ornaments: flowers, glitter, crowns or small vessels are just a few examples. If you like nice cupcakes and are comfortable in the kitchen, you might even try to make that cupcake yourself or, if that idea seems too fastidious, you make cupcakes for your party. child.

Original birthday cake idea

birthday cake ideas kids

Side decoration you could bet on more neutral patterns, such as those mentioned above, or choose items that your child will love and find funny. Animated series characters or children's books are always a good choice! Have you ever found any ideas for the first birthday cake of your little treasure? Explore all of our child birthday cake proposals in the gallery above:

Child birthday cake image: idea by Sweetthings

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Child birthday cake: recipe idea for boy

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Cute birthday cake child: idea for boy

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Nice idea of ​​cake for first birthday child

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Images of cakes for the first birthday of a child

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Picture of cake for child and first birthday

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Example of a child's birthday cake

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Birthday cake for children: idea for the first birthday

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