Birthday child: 50 ideas birthday boy

birthday child idea table deco

When it comes to organizing a birthday child , and especially a birthday boy, all activities like running, climbing, laughing and playing will be a great success!

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In this article, we will help you with ideas of organizing a birthday child for little boy. We offer some deco themes and 50 images that will certainly inspire you to make your little boy's party more fun and original.

Birthday child with original decoration

boy child birthday party decor

A birthday party Jurassic Park

It seems that all the little boys, at a time of their childhood, adore the dinosaurs. To make a birthday party with dinosaurs as a decoration, you can ask your child to choose his favorite dinosaur from his coloring book, for example. If your little one wants something more real, then opt for a theme inspired by the film Jurassic Park . You can make paper dinosaur models and decorate with them your entrance or your garden. Also use green plants and toys to adorn the place where children will gather to celebrate the birthday.

With regard to activities for a theme of anniversary with dinosaurs you can, for example, bury your boy's dinosaur toys in a sandbox and have the children play archeologists to find them. A large dinosaur birthday cake and also small dinosaur-shaped sandwiches seem perfect for the occasion.

Child birthday decoration idea

birthday child outdoor party deco

The little pirates

Searching for treasure and playing with swords is one of the favorite activities of little boys. Kids love to dress up. That's why, preparing the pirate clothes that they will put, will make them very happy. The birthday party inspired by this theme, will develop the imagination of little boys. Everyone will need a pirate flag and a treasure chest, filled with sweets and chocolate coins. Decorate the room or garden with fishing nets, paper parrots and small boxes of treasure.

Birthday child for little boy

theme birthday child pirates deco

You can ask children to come with striped t-shirts and give them paper pirate hats, headbands, waist belts or pirate jewelry. Give them temporary tattoos and mustaches with your eyeliner. Then take individual and group photos and make thank-you cards with.

Make a menu that continues the deco theme by giving fun names to cocktails like "shark blood" or "ocean water". Fill a large bowl with pretzels and have the children take them out with a pirate hook. These are just two birthday suggestions, but the options are of course infinite. You can do a Deco anniversary child inspired by a cartoon, sports, jungle or animals. Here are 50 ideas in pictures for the deco of your boy's birthday:

Child birthday decoration ideas outdoors

birthday child boy decoration

Another child's birthday with dinosaurs as a decoration

birthday boy boy Jurassic Park

Original decoration for child birthday party

birthday child decoration idea

Little boy birthday party decoration

birthday child decoration little boy

Little boy birthday decoration

birthday child boy deco dinosaurs

Little boy birthday table deco idea

birthday child boy idea

Original decoration for child's birthday

birthday child boy idea deco

Original birthday party decoration for boy

birthday child boy original idea

Little boy birthday party decoration in red and blue

birthday little boy original

birthday boy child idea deco

birthday child idea decoration

birthday child muffins idea

birthday boy deco table

birthday deco 1 year old boy

birthday deco 6 years boy

birthday deco 10 years boy

child birthday deco idea

birthday child deco

spiderman child birthday deco

deco birthday boy idea

little boy birthday deco

boy child birthday decoration

modern boy child birthday decoration

original child's birthday decoration

birthday boy idea decoration

birthday decoration idea dinosaurs

boy child birthday cake

birthday cake child boy deco

birthday cake boy idea

original boy birthday cake

little boy birthday cake

little boy birthday idea

boy birthday decoration idea

boy birthday decoration idea

idea deco table birthday boy

boy child birthday ideas


birthday child boy deco dinosaurs

birthday child boy indians

birthday boy child pirates

birthday child deco table idea boy

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