Birthday table decoration for your child's party

Decorative red table bright color and a super cub in the middle

We have assembled some ideas from birthday table decoration for the feast of your little ones. Girl or boy, small or a little more grown up, your little one deserves a nice celebration with a interesting decoration and original .

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Think about his interests - what is his favorite sport, the Disney character he loves, his favorite superhero? This will allow you to be the best in the world by making thematic birthday table decoration that will make him a lot of fun.

Birthday table decoration with Batman theme

Birthday table decoration boy celebrate Batman theme

But even if you do not leave for a concrete subject, you can always make a little effort and prepare a beautiful table for the Party . Colors are important for the little ones, so dare for bright shades of red, green, blue. And if all accessories are well matched, your birthday table will have its finished look. The balloons, a simple decorative element and even a little commonplace, can be hung on all chairs. Do not hesitate to put several, children love them anyway!

Huge balloons and lots of colors for a fun party

huge balloons party table a lot of colors for funny birthday

And to go back a bit on the subject of the theme, if you do not have too much idea you can always refer to the last cartoon released or popular - it was Snow Queen for the past year. If your child liked a little film like this, why not use it for birthday table decoration?

Birthday table decoration with a very concrete and original subject

Decoration table birthday subject concretely original queen snow

More neutral decor in bright green, nice for a spring party

decoration in bright green idea spring birthday table

Deco in blue tones well matched for an eight year old boy

Deco blue tones well match for eight-year-old boy

Pretty simple table decoration in bright colors including orange, yellow and blue

Anniversary decoration simple table bright color orange yellow and blue

Idea for a table decoration for parties outdoors

Birthday idea a table decoration for child garden outdoor party

Superhero theme again, but with different characters

Thematic super hero once but different character

A deco suitable for the little ones

deco suitable kids anniv small panel table cakes

Birthday table decoration perfect for your little princess

Perfect Birthday Table Decoration Princess Muffins Pink Purple Pale Blue

And more masculine version Lego style

more male version Lego theme boy black orange

Another princess decoration with flowers

Princess birthday idea princess purple green flowers

Party decoration ideas for kids in full colors

Child party decoration ideas in full colors pretty girl

Beautiful color combination for birthday deco

Beautiful combination colors deco birthday table pink beige

Child birthday table with little surprises

Birthday table child sweet little surprises

More springtime decoration in bright pink and green

spring table in pink party decor bright green

Themed table decoration idea

blue table decoration idea garland paper garland

DIY idea with little green guys

child idea deco birthday table diy paper

Decorated theme table

blue decor table plates balloons garland giraffe

original fruit decoration idea

deco table girl birthday party child pink


decorating idea table child girl princess waltdisney

child original idea decoration spaceship garland cheap

birthday themed deco table doctor seuss cat hat

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