Black and white bathroom: an elegant and modern room

modern black and white bathroom

The combination of black and white for the bathroom is one of the most productive decorative techniques in the history of design. It is true that the decor black and white bathroom is kind of a little risky, but when it is successful, the piece becomes mysterious, glamorous, extravagant and never boring.

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When it comes to decorating, it's hard to go wrong with black and white. In case you hesitate how to make a bathroom in black and white and you need some tips, you'll find them in this article.

Black and white bathroom decor

black and white bathroom tub

The black and white bathroom has some elegance and a sleek appearance perfect for the smallest room of the interior. It's also one of the simplest decorations because it does not need painting. There is a good chance that your bathroom is already white to start. Decorating your black and white bathroom is very easy and you just need a little imagination and inspiration.

Retro decorating idea for a black and white bathroom

black and white bathroom tub feet

If you have a bathroom that is already white - a white sink, a white tub and white furniture - you just have to add some black elements to start with. A black accent wall or a black wall border are excellent ideas.

Contemporary bathroom in black and white

bathroom black and white design

Remember, if you have to paint your bathroom, you must choose a glossy and anti-mildew quality paint. Look for a special bathroom paint. If the black wall is a bit too dramatic for you, just try to make patterns in that color. A printed wallpaper with dots or geometric patterns can help you create a contemporary and modern piece.

Bathroom decorated in retro style

retro black and white bathroom

The black and white shower curtain is also something very easy to do when you decorate your bathroom. There is a very wide variety of shower curtains and we are spoiled for choice to find the one we like the most:

Bathroom decoration in black and white

elegant black and white bathroom

Think also about furniture. Do not forget those storage. A shelf in black or white above the sink is a great idea. You can also opt for a floating shelf or a column. Decorate them with black and white patterned ceramic storage boxes or bowls.

Retro design bathroom

retro black and white bathroom

The black and white towels folded on one of the shelves are also a very good idea of ​​decoration. Accessories that you can use in your bathroom include candles or designer candle holders, an elegant vase with flowers, or black and white photo frames. You can also decorate one of the walls or one of your furniture with a 3D black and white wallpaper.

Bathroom accessories idea in black and white

bathroom design idea

If your bathroom is small, you must let the white color dominate and decorate with black accessories. On the contrary, if you have a spacious bathroom, you have to paint it black and choose a large light fixture or designer furniture in white. In case you still need creative and original ideas for decorating your black and white bathroom, then continue to contemplate our beautiful images that can serve as inspiration.

Elegant black and white bathroom with black walls

bathroom design

The marriage of these two totally opposite colors is the best possible combination. They express elegance, power and subtlety. When decorating a house with a combination of black and white colors, you show in your home an atmosphere that represents class.

Bathroom with black lacquered furniture

bathroom black white

Black color is not so often used in interior design because of its negative characteristics, if not used correctly. But by integrating it into your bathroom, you will definitely get a sophisticated and elegant look.

Bathroom with mosaic tile

bathroom mosaic tile

However, when using the black color, you should always keep in mind that it is dominant and so be wary of its quantity.

Decoration idea - small bathroom

bathroom tile design

The bathrooms are the ideal rooms to experiment with these two colors. In addition, the black and white decor is timeless and works with all styles. You can design a modern, traditional, eclectic and even rustic bathroom in these colors.

Bathroom design in black and white

black bathroom tile

One of the obvious advantages of choosing these two colors is the fact that you can never go wrong. Elegant, expressive and sometimes eccentric, there is a vast choice of decor in these colors.

Retro black and white bathroom with black and white tiles

bathroom tile black white

Bet on these black and white tiles, a classic that always remains trendy in every type of home.

Contemporary bathroom in black and white

decoration black white bathroom

You can find at the traders washbasins of white and black colors to decorate your interior of more originality. Every detail counts.

Black and white bathroom of modern design

modern bathroom decoration

For your bathroom project to be successful, choose simplicity. Start by choosing your floor and wall covering, then go to the sink, shower and furniture.

Luxurious black and white bathroom decor

deco bathroom design

Black and white are pure colors, so you have to be very careful about the choice of materials that will highlight these two nuances. Pay special attention to the white, so that it does not tarnish with time.

Bathroom with black tiles

luxurious bathroom deco

In the end, black and white remain simple colors, so put on your bathroom deco to add more softness and a cozy atmosphere.

Elegant bathroom decor

modern bathroom deco

small bathroom deco

bathroom decoration idea

contemporary bathroom deco idea

idea deco bathroom design

elegant bathroom deco idea

modern bathroom design idea

small bathroom design

retro bathtub bathroom

bathroom tile design

bathroom tile black floor

contemporary bathroom

bathroom black white deco

contemporary bathroom design

minimalist design bathroom

modern design bathroom

original design bathroom

retro design bathroom

bathroom shower

bathroom luxury black white

black furniture bathroom

modern bathroom black tub

spacious modern bathroom

black and white bathroom accessories

black and white bathroom idea

modern black and white bathroom

bathroom black and white small

bathroom black white wallpaper

bathroom small space

retro bathroom design

ultra modern bathroom

bathroom floor black white


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