Black and white tiles very chic: original ideas to be inspired

black and white tiles kitchen decoration

The black and white tiles are a chic and timeless decoration for the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom. Here's how to highlight it. Whether it's a checkerboard or some other type of black and white tile, this one is usually in geometric shapes.
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This specificity of this type of tile helps to structure the room and create interesting visual effects. Did you know that, somewhat paradoxically, black and white tiles can enlarge a room? Yes, it's a trick used for decorating small spaces, as you can see in our pictures!

Black and white tiles: info sheet

black and white tiling deco wall kitchen

The black and white tiles come in different versions, large or small, checkerboard type, other geometric shapes or even floral motifs (in the image gallery above: image of a Scandinavian bathroom with flowers in black and white). Historically, it is characteristic for the Victorian era where the use of small checkerboard was particularly widespread. That's why it's also called "Victorian tile" among our British neighbors, whose manufacturers like Olde English Tile continue to produce pretty and interesting versions of black and white tiles.

Black and white tiles: how to enhance it?

black and white tile bathroom deco luxury

Here are some ideas to highlight your tile and make the most of it, while creating a pretty decoration in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. In the kitchen, you can complete the black or white wall or floor covering with white kitchen furniture. Then you can use a wooden table and chairs to create a pleasant and elegant atmosphere, characteristic for the white kitchen and wood . Add a few touches in color using accessories and voila!

The black and white tiles is an excellent complement to the retro decor

black and white tile bathroom retro decoration

For the living room and dining room, consider choosing light wood furniture or a glass table. Chairs, sofas and sofas suitable for this type of flooring can be black and white also. As for the accessories, it is thanks to them that you will add color to these pieces, so choose the one you like! In a bathroom with black and white tiles, like the one shown on the picture above, on the walls or on the floor, consider using towels that compliment these two colors and play on the volume of the room. adding a mirror.

Black and white tile for flooring in a black and white designer kitchen

black and white tile kitchen floor covering

In a black and white kitchen, the only element that brings softness and tenderness is the natural material - wood. It is rather pastel in color, it does not bring dynamism and vivacity to the kitchen in black and white but the Scandinavian style is characterized, anyway, by the combination of black and white with calm tones, and natural materials .

Scandinavian kitchen with checkered tile

tiles white kitchen black floors

The black and the white, when the configuration of the drawing is not that of the checkerboard, can be combined in a playful way which, paradoxically, looks more like a dance than a game. That's how the whole elegance and all the movement that we have in this bathroom dichrome, we arrive thanks to the interesting and divergent forms drawn on the tiled floor covering.

Scandinavian bathroom floor covering in white and black tiles

bathroom floor tiles tiles flowers

The checkerboard has a lot of style. Any furniture in any form that you choose for your kitchen whose floor is covered with checkered tiles will have a stylish look. Look at these gray furniture in the picture below and you will see that they look more chic on this tile in question than they would have if they were placed on a white tiled floor.

Checkered kitchen floor tiles

kitchen floors in black and white tiles

We can say the same from inside this bathroom. The tiles are beautiful and it changes the pace of the room. Yes, the ceiling, washbasin and other objects in the bathroom design contribute to the overall style of the venue, but the not-so-traditional checkerboard floor is the key game changer.

Vintage style kitchen and black and white tile

retro black and white tile flooring bathroom floors

The look of this kitchen whose subway tile is chosen for its walls is nothing sterile exactly because checkerboard tiles were chosen for its floor.

Design kitchen interior with tiles in white and black

modern white tile kitchens

This tile that you see in the following photo is really exquisite! Lacquered, it covers the floor of the entrance and the living room of this divine apartment. It represents a real game board to the ladies alongside a parquet also lacquered and brings chic to the already elegant style characterizing this home.

Black and white checkered flooring in a contemporary home

modern deco flooring black white

Black and white tile for white kitchen floor

black and white tile white kitchen floor tiles

The black and white tiles, as already mentioned, give an extraordinary look. It does particularly well in kitchens sheltered in small spaces. It amplifies the cocoon look while emphasizing on the warm atmosphere. It renovates the old side of the look of the place because it brings freshness and style.

Black and white checkered tile for kitchen floor small space

flooring small kitchen layout tiling floor

Which class ! What a beautiful bathroom! Without this extraordinary floor, the bathroom already has a lot of style but with the mosaic in black and white tiles, this place has no equal!

Floor covering with geometric black and white tiles in a bathroom

geometric floors bathrooms ideas tiling

Here are the many ways to marry black and white so that everything has its own movement and dynamism. We aim for the whole this splendid living room where several styles rub shoulders. In addition, the different ways of linking the two extremes of the spectrum of light (black and white) allow the interior of this room to have its own soul. In stripes or checkerboard of a new type (playing on the triangles inside the tiles), by bringing white on a black frame (aiming the table) or by posing black objects on the white chimney, it is able to mix styles, eras and shapes!

Black and white tile with geometric shapes in a living room

deco dining rooms black and white floor tiles

Do not hesitate to go to the end of this wonderful collection of images that can not only inspire you but also give you a glimpse into the genius of designers who come so well to play with colors and shapes!

Floor covering for living room with black and white tiles

black and white living room floor tile coverings

black and white tile bathroom coverings

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small black and white tiles retro decoration

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black and white kitchen idea bathroom floor tiles

tiles for kitchen idea flooring black and white

black and white tile layout vintage bathroom

large white tiles decoration black kitchen floor

large tiles living room flooring

white bedroom black tile coatings

black and white floor tiles floor coverings

corridor tile floor coverings in black or white

living room design floor covering neutral tiles

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