Black vase design: decoration ideas

black vase deco idea flowers interior wooden deco table

Want to decorate your living space with a nice black vase ? Discover our selection of decoration ideas with a black vase. This color is always elegant and suitable for all styles: industrial, minimalist or classic.

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If you want an original vase, you will be surprised by the creativity of the designers! All forms are possible and, of course, always using the best materials to ensure healthy plants.

Black ceramic design vase decorated with white flowers

black vase idea deco modern ceramic design

At first glance, this black vase does not represent any interest to decorate the inside . You will be surprised that Flowerbox is made from an absorbent plant moss called sphagnum moss. This material has a large capacity of water retention which limits the watering of your plants to twice a month. You can lay the vase flat or hang it on the wall. Sphagnum is a universal material that will ensure the health of your plants. Its "preserve" side makes it very original, does not it?

Black vase Flowerbox ceramic "Conserve" by Giardango Srl

black vase design flowers idea decorating can

This porcelain vase by Alessi is available in black and white. Its design and shape are very original. If you want to decorate your home with an aesthetically captivating and interesting object, this vase will satisfy all your requirements.

Porcelain vase Alessi

black white idea design vase flowers modern design

The black terracotta vase "Grow Pot" is created by the talented young designer Hallgeir Homstvedt. This traditional terracotta round pot, is a simple shaped object, ideal for creating a small indoor garden and growing grasses on the windowsill. It allows you many compositions: you can, for example, have on the tray several pots filled with plants, rosemary or fresh basil, purple flowers or roses.

Terracotta vase "Grow Pot" by Menu

original black terracotta vase design menu

Its design is simple and minimalist. It can decorate your kitchen, your living room or your bedroom. Terracotta is the reference material for flower pots.

Terracotta: ideal for planting aromatic herbs

vase modern design decoration idea kitchen flowers plant fresh basil

Here are three vases in three different colors and shapes. The company Muuto creates furniture and design objects in minimalist style. The manufacturers use the best possible materials, respectful of the environment. Each piece is a true work of art that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Vase in three different colors and shapes, Hallgeir Homstvedt for Muuto

vase modern design idea deco vase flowers

The three vases of different shape exist in black color

vase design modern deco idea interior plants

Monforte offers a series of design vases for the interior with wheels. They are available in different heights and colors. Here is the white and black version. The interior material is made of galvanized steel sheet with external cover in lacquered steel sheet.

Vase "Monforte" with wheels in black

deco vase design black idea practical casters

Vase "Monforte" white in three different heights

deco idea vase design modern white casters

Babyboop is a stainless steel vase. It is a vase-sculpture. Its manufacture was a real challenge. It is a "blister" type container (introduced by its creator Ron Arad). He mated two steel sheets stamped and welded together to obtain an interesting and original vase. Alessi technicians were able to realize this design object thanks to their know-how and their love for challenges!

Stainless Steel Black Babyboop Vase by Alessi

deco idea vase original black modern design

"Fruit", paper vases

interior design deco idea black vase modern brown

Showtime, porcelain vase


Porcelain Vases Porcelain Showtime BD Barcelon Design

idea base black original design modern flowers deco

Black wooden vase Ten Ond Norr 11

black vase design idea wood design black coffee table

Kyoto Polyethylene Vases by Made Design

deco idea vase yellow black polyethylene kyoto made modern design

Original and elegant

object design idea black vase modern design deco idea

interior idea black vase flowers branches tree decoration

deco idea vase black green modern design coffee table

deco vase japanese idea interior zen

deco idea design flowerpot black modern kitchen

black vase idea decor white flowers modern design dining table

deco table idea black vase design

vase design idea interior decor yellow flowers modern hanging lamp

deco idea vase glass roses deco table

black vase design flowers idea interior modern deco

deco flowers idea flower pot black design sofa floor mats white

vase design blown glass modern basequadra produzione privata


idea black white vase design modern pattern

modern vase design deco idea black white

idea living room vase black vase hanging wall chart design

idea of ​​deco bathroom toilet black vase flowers

modern design vase black modern interior decoration

decoration black vase idea original flowers bouquet

decoration black vase idea interior modern flowers

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