Blue kitchen: more than 50 decoration suggestions

blue kitchen design deco

The blue kitchen is rare and not very traditional. Take inspiration from our selection of over 50 decorating ideas and bring an original touch to this space of your home!

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The blue color is generally associated with water, freshness and purity. If you like to spend time at the seaside, a river or a lake, you are surely tempted by the possibility of introducing shades of blue into your home. And since the kitchen is one of the rooms where we spend the most time, why not experiment with these nuances?

Blue kitchen decoration idea with touches of gray taupe and white

deco design modern kitchen blue

If you find this idea appealing, keep reading for some facts and tips that will help you. First of all, know that using the color blue in your kitchen is a daring choice. This is so because its tones are considered "cold" and they do not belong to the group of shades stimulating the appetite.

Open blue kitchen of modern style

blue kitchen painting ideas

Think about it: apart from some rare exceptions like eggplant, nature does not offer a very large selection of foods of this color. However, it is usually considered that the colors of fruits and vegetables are those of delicious dishes and that it is they who invite us to eat. For this reason, your choice of color may be considered by some as unusual, even unexpected or daring.

How to incorporate the tones of blue in his kitchen?

blue-and-white kitchen-bar-tiling-wall-design

However, blue is also associated with freshness and purity. This makes its shades very suitable for the decoration of a kitchen. In fact, the dark shades of this color evoke images of the sea and the sky. They are certainly a bit cold, but at the same time, everyone will confirm that they introduce a sensation of natural beauty and lightness.

Kitchen decoration idea in blue and beige by Scavolini

blue kitchen italian design

The light shades of blue, on the other hand, usually remind us of the purity of the water in the mountain streams. In a kitchen, they will bring a sense of cleanliness that is so important for this type of space.

Duck and wood blue kitchen - trendy paint tones for indoors

kitchen blue duck-island-central-bar-modern

Another useful thing to know is that the blue color is one of the trend tones for kitchen decoration in recent years. As such, it appears in a list of shades that also includes white, black, Grey and the mole.

Blue color for kitchen decoration

ideas modern kitchen color

This fact is good to know because it will allow you to think of variants of trend color association in your home. So, for example, to get a brighter interior, you could bet on a combination of blue and white. For a daring set and modern we will choose furniture in black and blue.

What surfaces to paint in blue to decorate your kitchen?

blue kitchen furniture arrangement

Of course, a blue kitchen will not necessarily be painted entirely in this color. In fact, the tones of the blue may be present on part of the walls, furniture, credence or the floor of the interior space. In these cases, it is essential to think about how to associate the tones of this color with other materials in the room.

Blue color kitchen furniture

blue kitchen modern furniture

Using the blue color in the kitchen decor is a good idea if you want to create a fresh and natural atmosphere. The cold tones of this painting will be immediately balanced by touches of wood in a space of rustic or vintage style. This decor will be even more successful if you decide to combine it with a parquet flooring.

Idea of ​​kitchen furniture in blue

blue kitchen furniture

Some touches of wood will be enough for such an interior decoration. Even a work plan in this material can make the difference. The picture above clearly shows it!

Kitchen island in blue color

central island of blue kitchen

Light blue is considered an acceptable option for modern kitchen deco. One can experiment freely with its nuances by combining them with neutral tones like white. For an ultra trendy look, we will think of a lacquered finish for kitchen furniture doors.

How to incorporate a blue credence into your kitchen decor

credence kitchen blue

Those who love blue but do not dare to use it on a large surface of their interior are free to bet for a credence in blue shades. To decide which shade is best for your interior, consider the hues of the rest of your furniture and worktop.

Association of colors and materials in the kitchen

blue color gray kitchen

It has been said: blue is a cold color. It needs to be softened by soft tones or warm materials. But, contrary to all expectations, the combination of this color with a cold material like stone can also give very interesting results. So that's an idea for those who like to experiment!

Balancing paint colors for a harmonious atmosphere kitchen

color kitchen decoration campaign

But beware: if you decide to bet on such a combination, you would need some touches of warm tones to balance the atmosphere. Pastel yellow or pale lemon is a very nice option for the occasion.

Idea kitchen daring: combine several shades of blue

contemporary style kitchen decoration idea

Another interesting option for the most daring decorators: combine two different shades of blue. Extremely rare, this idea of ​​decoration guarantees you an extraordinary result. However, it is not suitable for all types of kitchens. It's up to you to test it if you have a vintage, industrial or eclectic style interior.

Realize a modern interior space - blue kitchen decor with metal keys

blue kitchen cupboard

How to use shades of blue color in a modern design space? To emphasize the contemporary atmosphere of the kitchen decor, we opt for metal accents. The door handles, stainless steel accessories and the silver hood enhance the cold and modern ambience of such a kitchen.

Small white and blue kitchen

white and blue kitchen deco idea

Finally, do not forget that the dark shades of blue harmonize very nicely with light shades of beige, gray and taupe. You will find, in our gallery of images, illustrations of this type of color palette for kitchen decoration.

Blue kitchen color idea and design by Karen Soojian

color paint contemporary design kitchen

Blue is an interesting and original color for the decoration of a kitchen. She is able to make this space of the house very charming and very pretty, as long as it is used correctly. If you want to experiment with its nuances, take inspiration from our beautiful collection of images below:

Blue kitchen - inspirations of decoration and colors of paint

blue-and-white-modern-style-seaside-style kitchen

Wall painting and kitchen in blue

blue kitchen wall painting

Blue paint for modern kitchen

color painting modern kitchens

Kitchen furniture and blue color

blue kitchen decoration

Dark blue furniture for contemporary kitchen

color blue kitchen painting

Central kitchen island in blue color

ideas central island blue kitchen

Blue kitchen paint idea

blue kitchen paint colors

Blue kitchen decorating idea

blue kitchen decoration ideas

Modern kitchen colors: blue and gray

colors modern style kitchen

Large kitchen furniture in blue and wood

blue kitchen amenageme

Rustic kitchen decoration in blue

photo of country chic kitchens

deco kitchen blue furniture

wall painting kitchens blue color

modern blue kitchen decor

yellow kitchen photos

color paint kitchen wood

black and blue kitchen furniture

blue walls kitchen paint

blue furniture design kitchen image

blue color kitchen decoration

color combination kitchens dark blue

blue and black kitchen paint

wood blue kitchen images

blue kitchen modern decoration

kitchen light color rustic decoration

kitchen interior design blue white

bright kitchen paint colors

painting and blue kitchen decor

blue kitchen credenza ideas

blue kitchen color palette

harmony of color kitchen modern style

color blue kitchen splashback

interior decoration of white and blue kitchen

idea color blue kitchen modern style

blue kitchen bar

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