Boho: a trendy style for the decoration of the dining room

boho texture chic rug

The boho style is not just for clothes and accessories to wear. He also invites himself in our homes and, in particular, in a room where we tend to spend a lot of time - the dining room.

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If you like boho clothing, why not take advantage of the ideas we have selected for a bohemian look in your dining room?

Eclectic boho look

boho decor, bohemian style

This style is characterized by a great eclecticism, whether it is furniture or accessories. It is obtained through objects that can be reminiscent of other parts of the house or come from various periods.

The boho, vintage and modern

bohemian colors layers style

So the vintage look can mix, for example, with more modern furniture. It is this freedom and eclecticism that gives the specific chic aspect of the style, for all the spaces of the house .

Bohemian style, relaxing atmosphere

boho chic accents

The boho is almost always associated with the atmosphere of relaxation of bohemian life and the hippie period. The same goes for the decoration of the bohemian dining room. The relaxing effect can be achieved thanks to different accessories such as plants or cushions, for example.

The bohemian chic look suits all spaces

bobo look small table

This style is suitable for all spaces, big or small. Lofts and small apartments can be easily converted into bohemian spaces. What is essential in this case is to use furniture that matches the size of the apartment to avoid cluttering the room.

Textures and colors

hippie clothing textures boho

Another typical element of the bohemian chic look is the richness of textures and colors. Tablecloths, rugs and faux fur are among the most used accessories in boho decoration. The tablecloth Sonora, creation of Anthropology , is an excellent accessory in this style.

The chic dining room, rich in color, invites you to have a good time around the table

bohemian style faux fur rug

The bohemian look got with accessories and furniture from different periods

bohemian style bo bo

Plants and opulence rhyme with bohemian

eclectic boho style dining room

Bohemian chic accessories ideas

style bo bo textures carpet accessories

Small spaces adapt perfectly to the chic style

dining room look boho hippie

bohemian look small table

bobo bo bo plant look

chic bobo style accessories

boho dining room furniture eclectic

boho bohemian colors textures

bohemian style modern dining room

bohemian chic boho decor

bobo style eclectic room decoration eat

bobo bohemian table look

bobo look style boho colors plants

bo bo chic look

eclectic boho chic style colors

bo bo bohemian style deco objects


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