Boutique hotels: the Treehotel in Sweden

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Go with us to discover the rooms of one of these hotels of intriguing charm that remain hidden on the European continent: the Treehotel in Sweden! Treehotel (literally: "the hotel-tree") invites you to live unique holidays by booking a room built directly in a tree, in the peaceful setting of a pine forest in Sweden.

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There you can forget the stressful pace of life and enjoy a communion with nature.

Charming hotels in Europe: the Treehotel in Sweden

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This ecological hotel , which offers its visitors comfortable rooms of contemporary design, is located in the Harads village area, residence of no more than 558 people. Located not far from the majestic Lulealven, one of Sweden's longest rivers, the hotel offers a beautiful view of the river and the unforgettable Scandinavian landscapes. Perfect ingredients for your holiday in nature!

Charming hotels in Sweden: one of the original rooms of the Treehotel, the Bird's Nest

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If you want to visit the region and book a room here, know that the Treehotel offers you to choose between 6 interiors and different solutions: the Cabin ("the Hut"), the UFO ("UFO"), the Mirrorcube, Blue Cone and Bird's Nest and Dragonfly ("Dragonfly"). Curious to know a little more? Examine the pictures below that will give you an idea of ​​the exteriors and interiors of each of these rooms!

Photo of the UFO room in one of the original charming hotels of Sweden

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Hotel idea for ecological holidays in Scandinavia

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Design hotel image: The Treehotel, near one of the longest rivers in Sweden

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Ecological holidays in nature: the charming hotel Treehotel

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Scandinavian-style Treehouse room

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Design room of one of Europe's boutique hotels

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Idea for a holiday in nature and boutique design hotels

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