Boy and girl baby room decorated with stripes

baby boy child room wallpaper stripes deco ideas

In fashion or interior design, the stripes are very trendy! Want to arrange the bedroom of your little one in a modern way with graphic touches?

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If you are looking for original decoration and decoration ideas, we invite you to discover our file of baby boy's room and girl and see how some designers or design enthusiasts have integrated the stripes into their interiors.

Baby boy room with striped wall in blue and white

baby room boy idea furniture bed floor mats wall decoration

To arrange the room of the new arrival in the family is an important moment: this room will serve of its universe for a little while, but you too will spend a lot of time in it. To conceive of it in a practical and functional way is then essential for the well-being of all. Choose a bed of baby comfortable and wooden, create a play area by putting a soft floor mat for more comfort and safety, install a chair for mom and dad and finally decorate. We have already explore the many possibilities of Scandinavian design wood furniture Muuto and we shared several ideas how to create a play area even in a small room. Today, we are interested in the decoration of the baby room and, in particular, the scratches in the decoration!

Baby boy or girl room in blue and orange

baby room boy deco wall chalkboard fish idea bed child floor mat

Many parents prefer to decorate and decorate with neutral colors: beige, white, orange, brown. Choosing a single color for your baby's room is a possible choice and often justified by the fact of not wanting to choose between "blue" or "pink". All the same, if you want to add a touch a little funky, scratches are an ideal solution and easy to integrate. Wallpaper , floor mats, curtains ... the stripes are invited in the nursery! Let's discover the results ...

Baby room in neutral color with striped wallpaper in white and beige

baby boy room beige white baby bed fixture suspension

White and gold stripes in a very modern Scandinavian-inspired interior

child room baby bed chair idea floor rug white deco wall paintings

Stripes in neutral colors

baby room boy idea layout floor rug stripes original curtains

In white and gray

baby room idea idea pink floor mats

Bedroom in blue and white with modern suspended light

white blue stripes modern fixture suspension cot baby floor mats

Ideal room for girl and boy

wallpaper room baby idea wallpaper stripes modern design cot

Ceiling with white and orange stripes

baby room boy idea orange white modern furniture floor mat chair white baby bed

bedroom yellow stripes white idea nursery boy bed

baby room boy idea furniture design wall decoration garland cot

room baby boy idea bed wood armchair stool wall decoration frames

baby room boy idea cot baby wood wall decoration with frames

baby room gray white idea wall decoration bedroom child

baby girl boy girl pink idea gray fixture hanging

baby room boy idea interior modern curtains stool white chair baby bed

baby room idea armchair deco wall frame lighting floor mat blue

room blue green idea baby child room armchair carpet floor chair

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