Boy and girl teenager bedroom decoration in 48 ideas

decoration teen room suspension shelves storage bed wood design

Decorating the teen room is not an easy task. At this difficult age, adolescents are often quite sensitive to their private space. It is for this reason that it is better always to ask their opinion and not to buy anything before having it!

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To give you some decorating ideas and how to match colors to create a harmonious interior, we have selected for you 48 examples of teen room decor for boy and girl.

Deco teen room in blue and white with light gray floor

deco bedroom teen idea indoor carpet gray bed frames

Decorating the walls with original frames is a good idea. Your child will have the opportunity to choose and put on the walls the posters of his favorite actors, movies, musicians or bands. It is very important that he personalizes the decoration and that it reflects his personality. Here is the example of a bedroom combining yellow, gray, white and black with decoration of frames and postcards glued to the wall.

Deco teen room with posters and postcards

decoration teen room idea floor mat black white design

The example below represents a teenage room in blue and white. These two colors are very soothing. Moreover, they are universal and loved by both boys and girls. The decoration above the bed consists of a frame with romantic drawing and some objects placed on the shelves. This decoration is light and not heavy, it helps to keep the atmosphere Zen from this interior.

Deco teen room in blue and white

decoration teen room idea bed frame wall shelves

You can decorate the walls or the floor. A patterned carpet or a single color, placed next to the bed, is a practical decoration and easy to install. Teens love ottomans. There are different colors that suit every interior: from the most classic to the most modern. The pouf is a real trend and you will never regret this choice!

Interior room in blue and green

decoration teen room idea pouf green design frame composition

Here is the example of a room furnished in black, red and white. The decoration above the bed is a frame with a comic poster. The floor is decorated with a large black carpet with graphic pattern and a red pouf .

Teen room with white, red and black interior

decoration teen room idea floor mat black pouf red design lamp modern

Room decorated with orange carpet and pouf

decoration teen room idea ottoman orange design floor mats black modern

Room in purple decorated with pendant light and composition of frames

decoration idea bedroom teen girl frames luminaire

Bedroom in elegant blue and white

deco bedroom teen bed suspension wall deco frame

Fresh teen room interior

teen room teen blue green armchair carpet floor lamp foot

Teen bedroom decor in red and black

decoration teen room red black idea bed furniture

Floor mats in blue, red and white

decor teen room idea original floor rug blue sofa white shelves

Composition of four frames and red carpet round

teen room decoration red floor rug design bed composition

In blue and orange

decoration blue room orange teenage carpet floor idea

Pendant lights design

deco bedroom idea minimalist style design luminaire hanging modern

Pink and purple for a very feminine room

decoration teen girl idea girl pink purple floor mats gray

Pink and black: a fairly frequent association

deco idea bedroom bed frames

Blue and lime green

deco room idea green blue design floor rug blue modern shelves

Decoration with frame

bedroom decor girl teenager idea frame

deco teen bedroom idea bed two place wallpaper

decoration room boy idea white frame

deco bedroom teen idea carpet floor white design shelves

ado idea decorating room modern rose

teen bedroom idea deco bed rug red cabinet wall design

teen bedroom idea decorating original shelves wood bed cushion black chair office white

decoration teen room idea floor mat red modern design

deco idea bedroom teen modern frames wall bed shelves wood

decoration teen original idea design modern composition frames

idea room teen black white design deco frames






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