Boy room decoration idea: 50 beautiful rooms to inspire

modern boy room deco idea

Decorating your boy's bedroom can be a very fun experience for you and your son. Boys love superheroes and firefighters, but if you do not want to decorate your entire room with the theme of your favorite character, this article will help you.

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A deco idea boy's room interesting is to create a decor for your boy's room that will adapt to any changes through which your child passes. In this article we have prepared for you some tips that will give you at least a deco idea boy's room who will need just a few small changes in the years to come. We will also present 50 modern and original boy's rooms.

Boy bedroom decorating idea in neutral colors

blue boy room decoration idea

If you want to create a universal boy's bedroom decor, the furniture you choose will play a very important role. Opt for a large bed and basic furniture such as a desk, wardrobe and storage shelves. So you will not have additional expenses as your son gets older. Choose versatile furniture that can be used even when your boy becomes a teenager. You can do your shopping online or go for a ride in Ikea, for example.

Boy room decorating idea in blue and white

modern white blue boy room decor idea

As for the wall decor, it will be more convenient to paint the walls of the boy's room than to put wallpaper. This way the wall decoration will be easier to change later and more durable too. Opt for neutral colors such as beige, gray or brown. Blue is also very suitable for the boy's room. The wall decor, with stripes or geometric patterns of different colors, is a great idea. It will be easy and cheap to repaint the whole room later if your son wants to change the decor.

Boy's room decorating idea with a beautiful storage shelf

deco idea room boy etagere

If you can change the floor covering, opt for a durable and comfortable type of flooring. Neutral colors are once again the best choice. Avoid coatings with patterns that will wear out in a few years. A proper carpet is a great way to decorate the floor and give some color to the room. It will be easy for you to change it if your son claims it later.

Boy room decoration in blue and white

deco idea bedroom boy blue white

If you decide to choose a deco theme for the boy's room, limit yourself to accessories which can easily be changed in a few years. Opt for curtains or blinds, lamps or bedding depending on the theme chosen. Favor a neutral color that can serve as a background for the room and decorate the room with specific accessories that can be changed as soon as your son does not like it anymore. Here are some ideas in pictures how to decorate the room boy modern and universal:

Boy room decorating idea with walls in blue

deco idea bedroom boy original

Boy room with original decor

deco idea boy room design

Boy's room decorated in white

white boy bedroom deco idea

Boy's room with original bed

boy room bed original design

Boy's room with bunk bed

deco teen boy room bed superpose

Interesting decoration for boy's room

original boy's room idea

Boy's room in blue and yellow

room boy design

Interesting room boy deco idea

room furniture boy double bed

Boy's room with a large bed

teen boy design room

Planning idea for a boy's room

teen boy room big wooden bed

boy room bright colors

bedroom boy contemporary deco

bedroom boy decoration idea

boy room bed design

practical bed boy room

bed boy room superimposed

modern boy room design

black boy boy room

little boy bed wood bedroom

boy's room deco boy

deco room teen boy blue green

deco bedroom boy white black

deco bedroom boy blue beige

deco bedroom boy design

deco bedroom boy bed wood

modern boy room deco

little boy room deco

interesting deco boy room

contemporary boy room decoration

decoration boy boy design

modern boy room decoration

idea room amenagement boy

modern boy room idea

idea deco room baby boy

idea deco room baby boy blue

deco idea bedroom boy blue orange

gray boy room decoration idea

modern boy room decorating idea

decorating idea boy universal room

wood furniture boy room

green yellow boy room

modern furniture boy room

modern boy bedroom furniture

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