Boy Room Stickers: 50 Decorating Ideas

bedroom boy idea stickers

Choosing the decor for the kids room can be a lot of fun. You as parents, you certainly have an idea for the wall decor of the boy room. One thing however is certain - you lack artistic abilities for the realization of this idea.

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This is where the stickers boy's room that can help you transform the boy's room into the dream place of your child. In this article, you will discover several useful information to know how to choose the room boy stickers and also 50 ideas for children's rooms with extraordinary wall decorations.

Boys room decals of modern design

bedroom boy design stickers

Many interior decoration shops offer a wide range of stickers boy's room originals. There are also many sites, such as ebay, which sell stickers suitable for decorating the boy's room. But before you buy, you need to make an accurate deco plan that includes the color and deco theme for your boy's room.

Boy room stickers with animal drawings

bedroom deco boy stickers

Before starting your search for stickers, you must specify your budget. Even if stickers do not cost too much in general, their price can still rise according to their parameters. Large stickers with drawings of elephants, castles, horses or even trees are more expensive than those with small drawings. You must think how much it will cost you to do the total decoration of your boy's room before you start. If you plan to paint the walls before applying the stickers, you must also consider the price of the necessary paint. Once you have set your budget, you will be better prepared to decorate the room.

Wall sticker for the boy's room

baby boy bedroom stickers

The age of your boy is also a very important factor. If you are making a baby boy bedroom decor, you have the freedom to choose the theme, colors and accessories yourself. But in the case where your boy is no longer a baby, you must make the decisions by also asking him for his opinion. Babies and small children like strong contrasts, but also need a relaxing, non-aggressive space. Avoid placing the stickers too close to the crib where they can even try to remove them for fun. If it is a slightly older child, the placement of the stickers is not a specific issue and can be done depending on the design of the room.

Wall sticker in black and white for boy room

bedroom animal boy stickers

Choosing the theme for boy room decor and stickers can be something very fun. But in case you do not know how to choose, there are some questions whose answers will help you decide. Talk to your boy first, asking him what he likes and if he has a specific desire. For a baby, you can simply choose stickers with animals, a forest or an ocean. In general, boys love machines, cars and sports. They love exciting activities and objects and admire superheroes, firefighters, police and soldiers. Here is a selection of boy rooms decorated with original wall stickers to inspire you:

Boy bedroom decoration with wall stickers

bedroom boy dinosaurs stickers

Boy room with wall stickers Angry Birds

bedroom boy angry birds stickers

Boy room decorated with dinosaur stickers

bedroom boy dinosaur stickers

Boy's room decoration

teen boy room wall stickers

Boy's room decor for boy

deco teen boy guitar room

Wall sticker design for teen room

deco teen boy room sticker

Boy bedroom decorating idea

boy's room deco boy

Interesting decoration of boy's room

little boy room deco

Boy's room decoration with stickers

boy child room decoration

Boy teen room decoration

idea deco teen boy room

boy room deco idea

idea boy room stickers

wall sticker room teen boy

bedroom boy wall sticker

boy teen room stickers

batman child bedroom stickers

baby boy bedroom stickers

modern baby boy room stickers

room decoration child stickers

dinosaurs room kids stickers

boy child bedroom stickers

kids room stickers giraffes


bedroom boy stickers

bedroom boy letters stickers

modern boy bedroom stickers

original boy bedroom stickers

bedroom boy train stickers

bedroom boy car stickers

bedroom boy cars stickers

room deco boy stickers

wall stickers bob the sponge boy

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room wall stickers baby boy

wall stickers room baby boy modern

wall stickers modern baby room

wall stickers boy room

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wall stickers baby boy room

wall stickers bedroom boy letters

wall stickers modern boy room

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wall stickers boy room

wall stickers minion rush boy

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