Braided garden furniture: 50 ideas in resin and rattan

deco garden furniture braided rattan furniture

The braided garden furniture is one of the most popular choices for outdoor spaces, whatever their size and style of decoration.

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But for many people, the difference between the various types of braided salons is rather obscure. In this publication, we give you some information on the two most common types of rattan garden furniture: rattan and resin. They will allow you to know how furniture of both types are made and what are their main advantages as well as their disadvantages.

Rattan wicker garden furniture with round table

furniture living room terrace braid wood

The rattan garden furniture is made of furniture made from natural materials. It has a very long history since the first furniture of this kind was used by the ancient Egyptians and was made by means of marsh plants in this region of Africa. While they accompanied men throughout their later history, these pieces of furniture became very popular during the time of Queen Victoria of England and have not ceased to be so until today.

Resin garden furniture and terrace decoration with flowers

garden furniture braided deco outdoor terrace

The furniture of the resin garden furniture as for them, have not been known until very recently. This is because resin is essentially a kind of plastic, that is, a material created by man only a few decades ago. With the birth of environmental protection movements, some of the manufacturers of this type of furniture have also started producing products from recycled materials, such as bottles of water, for example.

Braided garden furniture with large modern sofa and pergola

pergola terrace braided garden furniture

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of both types of furniture? Those, made of rattan, have a natural and friendly look, very suitable for a garden or for a sunny terrace. Rattan outdoor furniture, on the other hand, is also less durable, especially when exposed to sunlight and rain. However, this problem can be easily remedied by covering its chairs and table when not in use.

Braided garden chairs with wooden table

resin idea braided dining room

Being made in a kind of plastic, outdoor furniture made of resin is more durable than that made of natural materials. To maintain it, just use a damp cloth and a little soap. In addition, the resin furniture is sold in different colors. They can also be repainted and customized to better fit into your outdoors. One of their major drawbacks: they are not biodegradable and must therefore be recycled when they are no longer usable.

Resin wicker garden furniture with white furniture, design by Brown Jordan

garden furniture braided design

Price side, there is a small difference in the cost of two kinds of braided salons. It is explained by the fact that rattan furniture is manufactured by hand and therefore requires additional assembly efforts. In the category of resin furniture, we will find different variants, more or less expensive. Here, the price will depend on the quality of the product, its durability and the material from which it was made. In general, stronger and more durable furniture is also sold at a higher price. Knowing this practical information about resin and rattan furniture, what will be your choice of braided garden furniture? Spot designs, colors and outdoor decorating ideas with the rest of our 50 images:

Resin and metal woven garden chairs

modern garden furniture braided chairs

Idea garden terrace with braided living room

braided terrace living room furniture

Deco terrace and garden with braided living room

living room braid deco terrace and garden

Idea garden living room in resin of modern style

idea living room garden modern design

Outdoor decoration with rattan garden furniture

furniture living room garden rattan outdoor deco

Garden decoration with pergola and braided furniture

pergola deco living room modern garden

Photo wicker rattan garden lounge with coffee table

braided garden furniture set

Terrace and outdoor living room with braided furniture

exterior decoration furniture braid

Resin wicker garden furniture with coffee table, corner sofa and stools

woven garden furniture materials

Color braided garden furniture and deco with cushions

outdoor furniture black braided garden furniture

Modern design braided corner sofa

garden furniture braided modern furniture

Image braided garden living room of modern design

modern decoration braided garden furniture

chairs braided garden furniture

outdoor deco outdoor garden furniture

dining room terrace

color braided garden furniture

furniture natural garden furniture

living room garden complete furniture braid

modern terrace decoration outdoor lounges

furniture small living room garden gray braid

painting lounges garden braid

outdoor terrace resin furniture

idea furniture garden resin salons

lounge chair braided garden furniture

braided furniture outdoor terraces

photo modern furniture outdoor terrace

outdoor garden furniture

deco garden salons braids

garden bench braided living room

outdoor furniture garden stool

cushion decoration living room garden resin

furniture exterior furniture braid

lounge chair outdoor terraces

outdoor garden lounge chair

photo terrace garden living room furniture resin

painting furniture terrace braids

decoration terrace decking furniture braid

outdoor dining terrace outdoor living rooms

terraces and gardens chairs braided

garden chair living room furniture resin

corner sofa furniture outdoor

canapes design living room garden

outdoor terrace seating rattan

idea landscaping outdoor tent garden

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