Brick wall in the bathroom - 25 inspiring ideas

wall bricks bathroom idea

The design of the modern bathroom seems, in recent years, to move in two opposite directions. Some of the owners who want a bathroom with spa-style contemporary decor and the other part looking to embrace textural beauty and imperfect elegance.

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The brick wall is definitely in this last category as it carries with it a touch of roughness, ample contrast and some asperities that are welcome in the modern design. The brick wall fits well in a variety of styles and with the right finish, it can even be easily used to decorate the bathroom.

Brick wall of modern design in the bathroom

wall bricks accent bathroom

There are many different ways to decorate your bathroom with a brick wall - it can play the role of an impressive accent wall or just become a discreet decorative background. The first problem that most people encounter when opting for a Brick wall in the bathroom is maintenance and mildew. But these problems are actually not very difficult to solve thanks to a good finish that will also help you make the wall brighter and even more elegant.

Bathroom decoration with brick wall design

brick bricks design bathroom

The brick wall is also an excellent choice for shower deco. Again, the most common problems are water infiltration and steam. But by placing the shower at a distance, using several layers of sealant and ventilating the space well, these problems can be quickly resolved. A glass shower stall, in combination with an exposed brick wall, creates a contemporary and modern decor for your bathroom.

Elegant bathroom decorating idea

brick wall contemporary bathroom

Bathroom of original design

modern bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration with bricks and wood

modern bathroom deco

Bathroom decor with white tiles and exposed brickwork

stylish modern bathroom deco

Bathroom with brick accent wall and vintage bathtub

deco bathroom wall brick

Industrial vintage style bathroom

bathroom deco idea

Small bathroom decoration with brick walls

wall bricks wood bathroom

wall bricks bathroom

brick wall bathroom design

brick wall modern bathroom

wall bricks bathroom industrial style

brick wall ultra modern bathroom

bath tub deco

modern contemporary bathroom

bathroom deco idea

elegant design bathroom

bathroom wall design

bathroom idea decoration

bathroom wall design bricks

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