Brick wall in the bedroom - why not?

brick wall bedroom ideas

The '90s were the period when interior design and decoration moved towards a more sanitized look. The bright colors of the 70s and 80s have been replaced by neutral shades like beige and white and the decor has become more eclectic.

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But the old trends always come back at a time and in recent years we are seeing the return of color, textural contrast and original styles. And it's the return of all these trends that emphasizes the beautiful Wall bricks in the bedroom! The Brick wall in the room offers much more than just contrast. She is also that eccentric touch that contemporary deco often needs.

Brick wall in the bedroom

bedroom brick wall

There are, indeed, many reasons to love the brick wall in the room beyond the purely aesthetic effect. This is a trend born of practical reasons such as the reuse of old structures, for example. More and more people are converting old factories, houses, farms and even churches into beautiful and contemporary buildings where brick walls are once again at the center of the decoration.

Brick wall adult bedroom design

brick wall bedroom

It is hard to deny that brick walls are more appropriate for industrial-style rooms that incorporate elements like exposed ductwork, large windows, metal frames and wooden beams. The brick wall is like an essential part of all the decoration without which the industrial interior will be largely incomplete. Of course, you can create a softer and more cozy atmosphere in the industrial-style bedroom by mixing different elements and opting for the chic side of industrial style.

Bedroom decor with brick wall and fireplace

brick wall adult bedroom

If there is already a brick wall in your room, then most of the work is already done. You just need to clean and seal it. You can opt for either a normal sealer or a sealer that creates a "glossy" look that may be more appropriate for contemporary style rooms. Once this work done, you must choose the finish of the brick wall. And that's what will allow you to customize the brick wall by giving it the color and look you want.

Small bedroom deco with brick wall

brick wall bedroom deco simple

When it comes to decorating a room with a brick wall, do not focus on the wall itself. Act as if the brick wall did not exist. If your bedroom is contemporary, modern or transitional, then the brick accent wall may be all you need to complete the decor. So let the rest of the room evolve naturally with the decor and accessories that you like. In case all the walls in the bedroom are brick, then you can break the monotony with storage furniture, large mirrors or with decorative paintings captivating the eye. This will give the room an elegant, softer and more inviting style.

Elegant adult bedroom with brick walls

brick wall elegant room

The brick wall in the small bedroom is an even easier detail to work with and more fun since it brings a touch of warmth and originality to the simple decor. Opt for a monotonous look to avoid visual fragmentation. That means painting the white brick wall and letting it blend in with the rest of the decor. Here are some examples in pictures:

Bedroom decoration with white brick wall

bedroom white brick wall

Modern design room with brick accent wall

deco adult room idea

Bedroom deco idea

deco modern room idea

Original deco room with brick accent wall

brick bedroom wall deco

modern bedroom wall deco

adult room decoration idea

elegant brick bedroom decoration

contemporary bedroom brick wall

brick wall bedroom deco interesting

brick wall eclectic chamber

industrial chamber brick wall

modern bedroom brick wall

brick wall small room

original deco brick wall

brick wall deco original room

brick wall idea room

brick wall idee adult bedroom

brick wall idee deco room

brick wall original idea

small bedroom brick wall

white brick wall bedroom

brick wall bedroom

brick wall adult bedroom

contemporary bedroom brick wall

brick wall elegant room

brick wall bedroom black white

brick wall deco bedroom

brick wall deco bedroom

elegant brick wall deco

brick wall design bedroom

brick wall gray bedroom

brick wall idea room

design brick wall

brick wall idee design bedroom

bedroom yellow brick wall

brick wall bedroom design

brick wall eclectic chamber

brick wall industrial chamber

brick wall idee design

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