Bright and intense painting idea: 15 suggestions for the interior

idea painting living room deco contemporary trend

Do you like bright colors and intense hues? So, you can choose a painting idea from this gallery of interiors pictures with these colors! In the not-so-distant past, decorators favored neutral colors and pale, like white, black, shades of gray and beige.

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The use of this range of colors had spread to all parts of the house.

Painting idea for contemporary living and dining room

ideas painting wall living room dining room

It corresponded to a decoration trend and was complemented by minimalist design furniture choices. Today, we are witnessing a new trend: the return of daring and intriguing paint colors in bright and intense colors. They are found in all areas of the contemporary house, including the ceilings of living rooms and bedrooms!

Idea mural and ceiling of bedroom or guest room

idea painting room friends bright colors

Idea ceiling painting with bright tones

idea painting contemporary bedroom warm color

A common way to introduce a bright or dark color into your interior is to create an accent wall. It is a wall (or a part of wall) which is distinguished by its decoration in interesting shade. These elements of contemporary decoration have the function of making a room more original and warmer.

Idea ceiling painting in intense nuance and color association

harmonize the colors of painting dining room

House painting idea: create an accent wall to revive a room quickly

ideas color painting home office

Creating an accent wall is a great way to revamp a room quickly, even if it was only decorated in neutral colors in the past. Just locate the wall you want to repaint and select a color that you like!

Trendy painting idea: accent wall in appropriate colors for different pieces

harmonize colors paint ideas deco house

Intense and dark painting idea with contemporary deco paintings

painting deco dining room decor contemporary

A similar solution is painting the ceiling of a room. In Europe, the technique of painting ceilings has always existed and it was very popular during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. At this time, we took advantage of the entire surface of the room to create real works of art!

Trendy decor color of peaceful bedroom

idea painting deco rooms palette colors

Wall painting and ceiling deco to personalize a bedroom

idea painting deco contemporary room

If the interiors of these periods fascinate you, why not try a modern decoration inspired by them? Geometric patterns and ornaments borrowed from nature can thus replace the grandiose scenes of historical paintings.

Ceiling paint is very suitable for nursery and baby room *

idea painting ceiling bedroom boy girl

This kind of decoration is particularly suitable for bedrooms because it is in these rooms that tend to pay much attention to the ornaments ceilings. They are even suitable for children's rooms and baby!

Choose the right colors for each room in your house

ideas color wall kitchen interior decoration contemporary

As our readers already know, the choice of a paint color will be more successful if one takes into account how it affects the mood in the room. As a general rule, greedy or fresh colors will be used in the kitchen and dining room (red, orange, yellow, green) and relaxing shades in the bedrooms, living room and bathroom (green). , blue, soft tones).

Quick house makeover: ideas for repainting furniture

idea painting furniture design modern dining room

Finally, do not forget that repainting furniture in intense colors is also an excellent idea: this technique will renovate the furniture and revamp your interior at the same time!

Introduce touches of color for a cozy atmosphere

color paint trendy interior cozy

Harmonize shades with neutral tones

deco colors trendy house decor

* Baby Nursery Ceiling Painting Idea By Dina Holland Interiors

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