Bright Christmas decor for soft, subdued lighting

bright christmas decoration candle idea interior modern

Have you ever thought about Christmas light decor for your interior, table, terrace, garden or your house facade? If you are looking for original ideas to decorate your home and home outdoors by playing with light, then our photo gallery will serve you well.

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You will find new inspiring ideas. Check out our gallery of 42 examples of how to decorate our house or apartment with light garlands, candles and more. Our selection includes very different ideas from each other. All the same, if you opt for a decoration with garlands of light, choose them of ecological preferences. Those who rely on solar energy are a thousand times more environmentally friendly than those running on electricity. Another ecological choice is candles and their discreet charm ...

Bright Christmas decoration: candles are an ecological choice

deco light christmas candle fireplace crown wall idea

Christmas is a family and friendly party that we look forward to all year long. The first day of December arrived, we are already beginning to decorate our interior and exterior of the house to welcome the warm and joyful Christmas spirit. For those who have a house, the decoration is inside as well as outside. It does not matter if you want to decorate your terrace or your room. It is important to always opt for light sources that feed either with little energy or with the sun's rays. At Christmas, the lighting is soft and subdued ...

Outdoor decoration with bright garland and silver stars

decoration christmas light outside idea original stars

Nowadays, we are talking more and more about the human impact on the planet. Our excessive consumption of resources and energy is obvious. It is even more important during the Christmas holidays. For this reason, we must choose sources of economic lights. Lamps and light garlands Solar are very much appreciated by decorators and those interested in the health of our planet. Recycling and respecting the environment, nowadays, is no longer a fashion, it is a real necessity. Solar-powered lighting garlands evolve in terms of aesthetics. Six years ago, that was not the case. In addition, they do not require any connection and they are simply fed with sunlight during hot seasons and during cold seasons.

Outdoor light Christmas decoration idea

christmas decoration outdoor garland light idea tree

The choice of light garlands at the solar energy will illuminate your terrace and your garden in an economical, aesthetic and ecological way. If you want to illuminate your interior space, you will have to take out the solar panel and expose it to the light of day. Thanks to this technique, you will have a clean, renewable and free energy. This method guarantees the reduction of your footprint on the environment and you will spend a Christmas with the spirit "ecologically" quiet!

garland light decoration christmas outdoor house idea

Solar powered luminaires are generally easy to install and are not expensive. Their only drawback is that they are sources of lights that depend on weather conditions. For greater efficiency, it is important to avoid having them in shaded areas. It is not surprising that in winter, solar lights have less autonomy. The light in winter will be less strong, but it will be present. The sun's rays are lower, but if your solar panel is inclined at 60 °, you can capture the maximum radiation.

Very elegant battery-powered garland

elegant light garland christmas decoration idea

You can, of course, always buy classic light garlands and many other bright decorative items online. Our advice is to always choose the ones that are the most economical in terms of energy. And here is our selection ...

Luminous decoration that works with solar energy

christmas deco garland light solar energy idea

Garland to decorate the window

deco window christmas idea garland light figurines

Snowflakes operating on electricity

light garland snowflake christmas idea

Small fir trees to decorate the garden

decoration christmas christmas tree fir garland idea

Tree decorated with light garland

decoration christmas light idea garland tree lamp coffee table floor mat

Christmas light decoration stair garland idea socks

bright decoration christmas idea garland crown sock modern deco design

decoration christmas light garland idea interior deco christmas

decoration light christmas interior fireplace idea tree table sofa living room

christmas decoration bright stair garland idea heart hanging

deco light christmas stair garland figurines interior deco idea

christmas candle christmas tree candle idea

deco christmas light garland idea deco christmas stairway

christmas light decoration garland idea interior decoration

christmas decoration light hanging figurines idea branch tree christmas candles

christmas deco original pine cones light garland chimney idea

christmas star bright vintage modern deco

christmas deco garland light idea interior deco christmas modern design ideas

christmas decoration bright bear light idea bright decoration for christmas interior

Christmas light decoration Santa Claus decoration Christmas interior original idea

Christmas decorations fir tree light idea staircase deco snowflakes suspension

candles christmas deco idea original pebbles design snail orange wood deco christmas

bright christmas decoration window idea garland suspension stars

bright decoration christmas star idea garland bird modern deco

deco christmas table candle idea christmas star candle modern design ideas

decorated staircase candle light garland original idea floor mat

light christmas decoration idea christmas tree christmas ball

deco garland apartment candles deco paintings frames idea

candles deco idea bottles plant deco christmas decoration original bright

decoration Christmas light ball idea interior christmas decoration

bedroom decoration tree garland light idea original

outdoor decoration idea wreath light garland

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