Brise balcony view in some interesting ideas

ideas woods breeze view balcony

The weather is nice, it's time to enjoy the garden or terrace. If you want more privacy when you're out, you probably need a balcony view breeze or aesthetic and practical terrace.

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The choice is wide, sometimes it is done according to the furniture and the objects that one already has at its disposal. To find your breeze view that will perfectly match your exterior and match your needs, discover our selection of examples of different breezes view: classic, modern, natural or just original!

Balcony view breeze: the bamboo hedge is a light, aesthetic and inexpensive breeze view

bamboo terrace breeze view balcony

In reality, we often do not realize that we already have at our disposal a breeze of aesthetic and natural sight ... Yes! Do you have flower boxes? Just put three next to each other and here is your breeze! In addition, it is quite natural and it does not feel the impression of being "imprisoned". You risk creating this feeling of isolation by choosing a very high and solid breeze. The pots flowers let in the light. In the end, the more plants and flowers on our balcony, the cooler the air will be. It's a practical, decorative and healthy choice!

Natural and aesthetic balcony breeze view: flower pots

breeze view balcony plant pot

On this balcony, plants and shrubs play a role of breeze view

breeze view balcony palisade

Third example of breeze view made of flower boxes

breeze view balcony plant in pot

Balcony Deco Idea and Privacy Protection

breeze view balcony terrace balcony flowerbeds idea parquet

Bamboo grill and natural view breeze

breeze view balcony bamboo hedge garden chair garden table

Potted plants and natural view breeze for outdoor

breeze view balcony flower pot plant flowers terrace

Balcony decoration and breeze view with green plant pot

breeze view balcony idea flower pots

Breeze view of terrace with green plants

breeze view for balcony and terrace idea outdoor design modern design idea

Classic view breeze: bamboo fence

breeze view canisse by wind idea terrace layout

On these two balconies, the size of the plants plays the role of breeze seen

breeze view for balcony plants nature

Two breezes seen in wood for more intimacy

breeze view canisse balcony idea

Left: breeze view with large flowerbaths; Right: idea of ​​breeze very funny sight!

balcony breeze view idea terrace plant pot of flowers

This wooden fence provides great privacy, but it also creates a sense of isolation

garden canisse wood garden flowerpot fence breeze view

fence garden breeze view balcony idea

garden breeze view idea wood chair wooden idea original cushion plants

outdoor breeze view idea wooden flower pots green

hedge bamboo balcony breeze view idea

terrace breeze view discetion flower box wood plant

breeze view deco plant outdoor flowers idea bamboo outdoor chair

idea breeze view balcony outdoor flowers

balcony idea breeze view gray orange solid wood

breeze view outside idea sofa corner modular design modern outdoor sunshade

idea breeze view balcony outdoor layout flower box

terrace wood breeze view flower pots bamboo idea

breeze view hedge natural sofa cushion modern

idea breeze view natural sofa cushion outdoor chair

outside breeze view idea flowerpot plant

breeze view balcony terrace sofa plant flowerpot deco

toasting breeze view flower pot balcony

breeze view terrace outdoor wood idea

outdoor furniture balcony sofa cushion breeze view

breeze view garden idea original sofa outdoor

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