Brown eyes makeup in addition to 65 stylish ideas and tutorials to inspire you

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People with brown eyes are the most numerous in the world but brown eyes are also the most versatile when it comes to make-up. Many women do not know the different types of brown eyes makeup who can help them accentuate emphasize the nuance of their eyes .

Brown eyes makeup - some basic principles

The brown eyes are beautiful with almost all the colors of makeup but there are different techniques to use to showcase your face. When wondering which eye shadow color to choose, ask yourself what colors are going well with brown in general. It is important to consider also the rest of the makeup that you intend to use. Think, for example, of the type of mascara, eyeliner and lipstick you have chosen.

Brown eyes give a lot of freedom on the side of make-up

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Since brown is a very universal color, the brown eyes makeup is the subject of a rather easy choice. At the same time, in terms of makeup , one of the perfect shades for brown eyes is purple. The plus of this nuance is that she herself is very versatile. As a result, it works very well with almost all colors of skin and hair!


Metallic shades are also great for brown eyes but especially when it comes to golden, tanned and pink shades. These shades make the brown eyes shine more and catch the eye on them. They are used rather for parties and special occasions.

Examples-makeup-eye-color-brown hair clear

Blue and green can also highlight brown eyes. This, provided you only use them in small amounts and in the corners of your eyes. Green is perfect for hazel eyes because it will highlight their luster.

idee-makeup-eye-color-brown natural

In case you want to create a natural look, the neutral shades also go very well for brown eyes. It is important to know that lighter shades visually enhance the eyes. The darker shades, on the other hand, make the eyes look smaller.

Elegant makeup in metallic shades - think of the precise shade of his eyes

makeup eyes brown blue idea woman

Brown eyes exist in very varied shades. Some eye shadow colors can help you accentuate the natural color of your eyes. For those with darker brown eyes, shades like dark green, purple, or even gray in its rich shades are excellent choices.

tutorial-makeup-eye-brown easy-models

The golden and tanned colors also work very well for evenings or for a more daring look. For clearer eyes, our advice is to choose neutral shades or different shades of brown.

makeup-natural-eyes-brown hair clear

As for those with hazel eyes, they are advised to use lighter tones. The best, in this case, would be to combine the eyeshadow with a dark colored eyeliner. That being said, black is to be avoided so as not to "crush" the natural color of his eyes.

How to wear your brown eyes makeup and harmonize with the rest of your makeup

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Choose the makeup Brown eyes Perfect means to pay attention not only to one's eyes but also to one's lips and cheeks. Opt for neutral shades for your lips and cheekbones. With this clever technique, you will keep the focus on your eyes without distracting it.

Eye-makeup-brown-colored dark

Side harmony of colors on your face, consider using three similar shades on your eyes. More specifically, it would be a light color, a medium and a dark one.


Also use a base of the same shade as your skin. it would be a good way to make your makeup more sustainable. Finally, remember that darker shades usually apply in the corners of the eyes!

makeup-colored eyes-brown eyeliner-color beige-tutorial

7 colorful brown eye makeup tutorials for all occasions

makeup brown eyes tutorial-idea-photo-tips

After talking about the general principles for a really successful brown eye makeup, let's now review some easy makeup tutorials. They suggest you to adopt the shades of eyeshadow that we talked about above while guiding you in the steps to follow. Let's go to examine them together!

Tuto makeup eyes brown color with plum color

brown eye makeup tutorial-easy-makeup-sexy

The plum color is an ideal shade for dark brown eyes. It's an eye shadow idea to try absolutely if you like natural shades and dark colors. Match a blush of this color with your fall outfit for a more successful look. And because of its very natural appearance, this type of makeup is also suitable for a casual outfit.

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • a brown eyeshadow;
  • a plum-colored eyeshadow;
  • your favorite mascara;
  • eyeliner;
  • an eye shadow in dark purple shade.

Plum color makeup tutorial

To begin, apply the eye shadow brown with shades of pink. This shade will be used to create a transition effect between your complexion and other colors. Then apply the plum shade in the middle of the eyelid and in its inner part.

In the outer area, bring some dark purple makeup, and then create a natural transition between this shade and the plum color. Finally, apply your favorite eyeliner and mascara.

Brown eyes makeup idea with shades of dark green

brown eyes makeup eyeshadow-green-tuto

The dark green eyeshadow is very pretty and perfectly compliments dark brown eyes. It can be applied matte version for the day and alternatively with shiny splashes for parties. So here are two ideal makeup solutions for two different types of occasions.

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • a brown eyeshadow, warm tint;
  • a dark green eyeshadow;
  • eyeliner;
  • your favorite mascara;
  • a black eyeshadow.

Tuto makeup color green

For the first step of this makeup tutorial, apply the warm brown color. It is this precise shade that will serve as a background for the other tones you will use.

Then proceed to the second step of covering the entire eyelids with dark green. In the outer area of ​​your eyelids, bring a darker shade with the help of the black eye shadow. Add finishing touches with the eyeliner and mascara of your choice.

Brown eyes makeup with shades of gray

brown-eye-makeup idea-natural-smokey-eye-gray

Gray is a neutral color that is suitable for eyes of all colors. For brown eyes, it is a solution that enhances the look, without giving a look too dark. In addition, it is an idea of ​​makeup that can be worn with outfits of all colors!

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • a light brown eyeshadow;
  • a gray eyeshadow;
  • your favorite mascara;
  • a black eyeliner;
  • a silver-colored eyeliner.

Tuto makeup in gray color

First, apply the light brown color on your eyelids. Then use the gray shade eyeshadow.

Complete the look with both eyeliners, starting with the black one. Finish it off with a touch of mascara.

Brown eyes makeup model with golden eyeshadow

brown-eye makeup color-golden-tutorial

The brown eyes blend very well with a golden-colored eyeshadow. It's a makeup option for special occasions that will make your look really hypnotizing. Have a good time !

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • a brown eyeshadow;
  • a golden eye shadow;
  • your favorite mascara;
  • your anti-dark circles product;
  • a black gel eyeliner.

Makeup tutorial for brown eyes with golden color

Start by applying the brown eye shadow, then complete with the black eyeliner.

Continue using the golden-colored eye shadow for the rest of the eyelids. Using your concealer, draw a well-defined line in the area above the fold of the eyelid. Finish with some touches of mascara!

Brown eyes make-up template with light green

brown eyes makeup easy-eyeshadow-green

After the dark green, let's look at another easy makeup idea for brown eyes: light green. It is a beautiful natural shade that is very suitable for spring, summer and fall. You can also wear it with similar shades.

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • an eye shadow of brown or orange color;
  • an eye shadow of a light green color;
  • a touch of black eyeshadow;
  • your mascara;
  • an eyeliner.

Makeup tutorial for brown eyes with light green and orange color:

Create a background on your eyelids using the color brown or orange. Then apply the light green paint. In the outer area of ​​your eyelids, add a touch of black.

Finally, add mascara and eyeliner.

Easy makeup idea for brown eyes with tan color

brown-eyelid eyeshadow-tuto-easy makeup

The tanned color is discreet and chic. It is synonymous with glamor and elegance. For this reason, she is a beautiful alternative to brown-eye makeup for an evening. You can also wear it in summer, since the warm shades of bronze rhyme very nicely with the atmosphere of this season.

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • a brown eyeshadow;
  • an eyeshadow of dark brown shade;
  • your favorite eyeliner
  • mascara;
  • a tinted eye shadow.

Tuttle makeup for brown eyes with tan color:

First, use brown paint to create a natural background. Then apply the dark shade in the outer area and in the space above the crease of your eyebrows. Then, cover the eyelid with bronzed color.

Finally, add eyeliner and mascara.

Maroon eyes makeup idea of ​​light shade with light pink

makeup-colored eyes-brown-tutorial-simple-ideas-pink

The light pink color is fine and delicate. It will beautify your look in a natural and very refined way. It's a perfect makeup idea for the day at work or for outings with friends.

The materials needed for this makeup tutorial:

  • an eyeshadow of natural color (which corresponds to that of your skin);
  • an eye shadow of mauve shade;
  • your eyeliner
  • your mascara;
  • an eye shadow of pink shade.

Tuttle makeup for brown eyes with pink color

Start by applying the color of natural makeup. Then add a touch of mauve shade to the outer part of your eyelids. Finally, cover them with pink shade.

Finally, add some eyeliner and mascara.

Brown eyes makeup - inspirations in pictures


Here are some interesting ideas and trends how to make up your brown eyes:

Direct and elegant makeup with eyeliner

makeup brown eyes discreet eyeliner idea

Trendy makeup model for brown eyes

makeup how-to-choose-brown-eyes-ideas-

Natural makeup for brown eyes

photo-makeup-eye-color-brown ideas

Natural make-up model for brown eyes

model-makeup-for-eyes-brown color

Natural and chic brown makeup

original brown eye makeup

Makeup in dark shades

brown eye makeup dark shades

Makeup photo for brown eyes in black

brown eyes makeup idea

Makeup with eyeliner

modern brown eyes makeup

Want a natural make-up for the eyes chestnuts ?

elegant brown eyes makeup

Original makeup for brown eyes

brown eyes makeup light shades

Stylish makeup option for brown eyes

brown eyes make-up idea

Natural make-up idea for brown eyes

makeup idea neutral shades

Sophisticated makeup idea

original makeup idea

What modern makeup for brown eyes?

sophistic makeup idea

Makeup with multicolored eye shadows

brown eyes trendy makeup

Makeup example for brown eyes and light hair

blond hair makeup brown eyes

Elegant makeup in golden shades

golden makeup argneté brown eyes

Interesting makeup idea

gilded makeup green eyes brown

stylish brown eyes makeup

interesting makeup brown eyes

modern make-up brown eyes

blue shades makeup

makeup shades golden hazel eyes

makeup shades golden brown eyes

makeup gray shades brown eyes

brown shades makeup

purple shades makeup

blue green shades makeup

makeup green shades brown eyes

original makeup brown eyes

evening makeup green shades

evening makeup brown eyes

trendy brown eyes makeup

hazel eyes makeup

natural makeup brown eyes

brown eye shadows

brown eyes make-up

stylish eye makeup tutorial brown


brown eyes makeup golden shades

brown eyes golden makeup

brown eyes mascara black pencils

brown eyes gray papery shadows

brown eyes blue eye shadows

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