Built-in kitchen designed to stay hidden

furniture facade integrated kitchen

The creators of Minosa Design are original with this integrated kitchen designed to stay out of sight when not in use. The unique space we reveal to you today is in an old Victorian house located in Sydney, Australia.

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It belongs to a young couple with a child who had a wish unusual: make their kitchen completely invisible!

Idea to hide an integrated kitchen by Minosa Design

hide fitted kitchen

Being great lovers of the style of the French houses, the owners of this house wanted absolutely introduce touches of this style in their Australian residence . They imagined an open and bright kitchen that could offer them all the necessary comfort for a young couple and, at the same time, blend easily into the rest of the decor.

Integrated and hidden kitchen with marble surfaces

hidden kitchen furniture

The solution envisioned by Minosa designers? Create an integrated and hidden kitchen in cupboards with a look influenced by the design of Parisian homes. To do this, they used a facade painted white and marble of the same color for work plans. The central island , the only element left visible in this space, is also manufactured using this material. It is complemented by an oak top, playing the role of a bar counter.

Integrated kitchen in white with central island by Minosa Design

white kitchen built-in furniture

The creation of this original interior space required a lot of planning work: it had to take into consideration in particular the lighting of the integrated electrical household appliances, as well as its ventilation. But, in our opinion, the game certainly has a candle! So, what is your opinion of this cuisine inspired by the French style?

White kitchen hidden in a closet

kitchen design idea

Built-in kitchen with white furniture

color integrated kitchen

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