Bulb flowers: plant them now, contemplate them this summer

white pink lily flowers

Who does not dream of having a garden full of flowers to really feel in the spring when the first rays of sunshine appear? The problem is that they should have been planted in autumn or winter, and we do not always want to clear snow to anticipate a flower garden .

The flowers require a good organization

spring bulbous varieties

Never mind, we are going to explore an abbreviated way to create a beautiful floral decoration in our alleys, which will last longer than the classic crop of annuals, and for which there is still time to act. Even if you start from scratch, we advise you planning which will include 1/3 of bulbs that will hatch in summer, 1/3 of perennials to plant in a few months, and 1/3 of annuals to plant when you want to.

for crocus or hyacinth, it's a little late

bulbous winter culture

Tuberose is a bulbous plant that grows in spring, native to Mexico and has the distinction of blooming during the night. Its very strong scent is sought after, and it is an ideal flower to fall asleep with heavenly scents during the summer nights. Although it is a plant cultivated mainly for its virtues in perfumery, its aesthetic side is not to neglect, it can create an impressive plant sculpture with an abundance of elegant flowers.

an abundance of elegant flowers

tuberous flowers views

The iris is another example of a bulbous plant planting in the spring. With its delicate aroma, and its magnificent flower, enthroned at the top of a long stem, it is an easy care flower. It is cultivated again industrially for its perfume, a time fallen into disuse, which comes mainly from its rhizomes.

lily variety Kesselringianum

The daylily is a perennial, long-stemmed flower with 6 large petals. They are perfect in the garden, and spread very well by themselves. Also fragrant, these are flowers that are good to be in bouquets, because every day a new flower can grow on a cut stem.

yellow flowers daylily

Let's still mention gladioli and dahlias, which require a little more maintenance and bring them back during the winter. Tulips, daffodils and snowdrops are flowers with classic bulbs, but they never go out of style. You have to think about planting them in autumn, though. See our selection of photos.

pink glaieul field

magenta dahlias

tulip double dutch

composition varieties flowers

iris flowers variety dutch

colorful field tulips

flower bulbs pot

tuberous flowers adorning garden

Tulip varieties

wild iris flowers field

red tulips culture

bulbous clay pots

landscaped garden glaieuls

Southampton variety dahlias flowers

bulbous fall planting

massive iris flowers

landscaped garden rows glaieuls

massive yellow daylily flowers

massive pink flowers dahlia

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