Canned jars - how to decorate your home

beautiful mural composition adorned with greenery

The preserves jars are very practical accessories, almost fundamental in the kitchen. But today, we prefer to look at their potential as a decorative accessory by presenting 20 original and creative ideas.

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Placed under the sign of DIY deco , this article looks at various projects that force us to be creative and think about recycling our preserves jars. Indeed, you will find below deco ideas more than surprising.

canned jars turn into a bedside lamp

DIY lamps with glass jars

Elegant vases that can be hung on the wall, lanterns hanging on the branches of a tree, a DIY chandelier made from several preserving jars or pump bottles to pour your liquid soap ... preserved jars can be used at any time. this and more. If you have the handy soul you can make your own bedside lamp and use a jar or two as a transparent shade. You can also make a wall accessory adorned with jars that will be used to store miscellaneous items, whether school supplies or objects in the bathroom.

decorative accessory to add character to the wall

elegant decor with a bohemian touch

Canned jars are also the perfect accessory to create a romantic atmosphere: in the blink of an eye, they can turn into candle holders that you can leave blank or paint as you wish. Place them on the window sills or hang them on the wall, the result will be guaranteed. Scroll down for more examples ...

pump bottles made from canned jars

canned jars processed soap bottle

DIY decoration with original suspensions

original suspensions with preserved jars

bathroom accessories in jars of various sizes

jars canned painted and customized for accessories

lanterns decorated for tealights

small lanterns with flat tea lights

DIY vases hanging from the balcony for a bohemian style

balcony adorned with hanging vases DIY

creative chandelier made from recycled jars

beautiful chandelier home style bohemian

wall lanterns to do at home

beautiful DIY wall lanterns

beautiful decorative accessory for wall plants

preserving jars used as vases

how to organize your school supplies

lanterns made with preserving jars

beautiful DIY idea for wall storage

original chandelier with multicolored painted jars

wall vase in a recycled jar

sprinkle garden of candles in jars

DIY vases hanging for a romantic mood

beautiful jar filled with different layers

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