Caravan decoration for a vintage and spring style

caravan deco vintage blue idea sofa

What deco caravan to choose for an interior and an exterior in vintage, feminine and spring style? To answer this question, we have selected 24 examples of retro-inspired caravan decoration, full of color and nuance.

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Caravans are usually small spaces. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the choice of furniture and decoration. Here is a special selection of ideas to personalize and successfully decorate your caravan.

Caravan decoration for a vintage and spring style

caravan deco vintage idea deco exterior caravan

In one previous article we gave practical and functional caravan layout ideas. Being a small space, just like the studios and the huts, the caravan does not require very little to be well arranged. Opt for multi-function wooden furniture extensible tables , sofas-beds, folding furniture), and for a refined and elegant decoration, is the best solution for all small living spaces that we know.

Caravan decoration with vintage and rustic inspiration

deco caravan interior idea kitchen furniture wood floor carpet

In the collective imagination, the caravan is associated with a nomadic way of life: the road and the adventure. It represents a house, temporarily inhabited, that can be moved from one place to another. Passionate campers live there permanently. The caravan, also known as motorhome and motorhome (in Montreal, Canada), was born a long time ago. The first caravan appears in the middle of the 20th e century. The first motorhomes were mostly used by itinerant workers, traveling doctors and merchants. Their vehicles had dual functions: home and work. We never cooked there.

Caravan decoration with cushions and curtains in orange

idea cushions deco caravan curtains orange

In France, there are more than 10 000 pitches for camping, There are different types of caravans. The most popular are those with one or two axles. Nowadays, these comfortable rolling houses are modernized and offer a comfort quite tuned with the tendencies. The contemporary caravans include a kitchenette, a dining area, a small bedroom and a bathroom.

Caravan with very cozy and friendly decoration

deco caravan cozy cushions patterns curtains

As we mentioned before, caravans are not very large living spaces. Having the practical and functional spirit in the design of its layout is the first thing to consider.

Vintage caravan decorated with garland and red flowers

caravan vintage deco idea garland red pot flowers deco parquet

Camping becomes a common practice in the 30s and 40s. With the development of the sociology of work appear holiday holidays. That's when many families start camping. Nowadays, this practice has become very common and many people take advantage of it to live in different environments. Many people prefer this type of holiday and life for freedom, tranquility and adventure.

Vintage outdoor decoration with flowers

deco exterior caravan idea camera flowers

To build a caravan is like designing a room. Choosing the style that suits your tastes and desires is important to feel comfortable. At the same time, it is advisable not to put too many objects of decoration. It is always risky to put too much of it a little bit. The layout, itself, represents a form of decoration: the colors and the material of the furniture, the textures, the general atmosphere. At every moment, the functionality must prevail.

Feminine and vintage decoration with cushions and curtains with floral pattern

decoration caravan idea sofa idea table cushions

Wall decoration with garland of Polaroid DIY photographs

deco caravan wall garland photographs idea polaroid

Idea of ​​decoration and colorful decoration in red, pink, white and blue

deco caravan sofa cushions idea wooden table

DIY fabric garland for window decoration

decoration caravan garland fabric idea table decor cushions

Decorate with cushions, it's practical and pretty

decoration caravan idea cushions

Romantic and feminine decoration to make oneself and to suspend

caravan decoration diy idea suspension deco

Decorating with flowers is always a good idea

deco flowers caravan interior roses idea bouquet flowers

Beautiful cushions for the bed decoration and lighting in vintage style

decoration caravan bedroom cushions idea white curtains fixture

Caravan decoration in blue inspired by the dancing bars of the 60s

caravan deco retro idea furniture tiling black white modern

Caravan decorated in gray with vintage elements and inspired by the sea

caravan layout idea cushions sofa wood furniture

Fresh and floral decoration with cushions

deco caravan pattern flowers wallpaper idea

Others prefer to live on a boat: beautiful interior in New York

idea interior design chair stool kitchen island

Beautiful black and white tiles inspired by the 60s and decorated in red and pink

deco female interior tiling black and white garland deco interior

Decoration in retro-inspired blue

decoration caravan tiling idea black white

Small green caravan decorated with flowers

caravan green idea deco flowers chair indoor

Pink caravan with pergola and decoration inspired by the 70's

vintage decoration idea caravan rose garland paper palms

Decoration full of colors

decoration dining room curtains red deco flowers table yellow idea sofa cushions

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