Cardboard cabin magic, creative and ecological

cardboard hut child diy idea brico deco house

A hut in the trees, it's a dream! But what can we say about the cardboard hut ? Treehouses are very magical and tempting, but often require more investment in terms of time and money.

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While the cabin cardboard-based is easy to make, inexpensive and will be very appreciated by children. Ready in less than an hour, it is an ideal alternative to teepee and children's houses made of wood or plastic. In addition, it is 100% ecological! If you are looking for activities for your little ones or you simply want to offer them a nice little house to play, we invite you to discover our record of over 30 ideas of cardboard huts to make or buy online!

Cardboard hut for little princes and princesses

home cardboard hut child diy home idea

Cardboard is a material that is found everywhere and that we tend to neglect the ability to transform. In reality, it is very easy to manipulate and it allows us to realize many interesting projects and different. For winter days at home or for outdoor games in the garden, the cardboard bends to all the whims to offer children a fun creative activity.

Cardboard hut with black fireplace

hut child cardboard diy idea brico activity child

Realizing a cardboard hut yourself is the cheapest and most creative solution. It is still possible to buy online , mount it and then customize it. Our advice is to opt for the most ecological solution: make it yourself! To get really interesting results, why not let your children's imagination speak and give them the freedom to make their own cardboard mini cocoon?

Colorful cardboard hut with beams

cardboard hut child diy idea deco huts

To tinker is to stimulate the imagination of the child which is essential to its creative and emotional development. In his little cardboard castle, he can dream, imagine, live adventures and, at the same time, he will have a little cocoon just for him. No matter the final shape of your hut, you can be sure he will love it! Finally, it will be his universe, his little kingdom ...

Cabin to buy online and customize then

hut child cardboard diy idea outdoor activity child

Cardboard is a simple material that can be transformed in many different ways with little means and without much knowledge. Once your cardboard hut is built, you can wrap it with beautiful wallpaper, paint it or decorate it with stickers. If you do not have a box at home, it's very easy to pick up some of the store next door. Small and large stores give free because they throw them. So, let's save a few boxes and please the children!

Cardboard house of modern design for small architects

hut child modern design cardboard idea diy child

To make a cardboard hut yourself, you will need: rather large and long cardboard, a ruler, a pencil, glue or tape, a stapler, scissors, a cutter, paint, fabrics and other objects for decoration.

Two very original cardboard huts

Cardboard cabin magic, creative and ecological

If you already have all the necessary material, you must first choose the shape of the hut. Want a classic little house or an igloo, a tepee, a castle or even a spaceship? Our advice is to ask your child what is the shape of his future hut that he imagines and design and draw together on a sheet. He will feel like a real architect.

What an original idea: an igloo to teleport to Alaska

child igloo cardboard house diy idea original brico decoration

Just like the great architects and designers, it is always wonderful to see his design realizing for real. This will show your little one that everything is possible and dreams come true ... with a little bit of cardboard and help from your side.

Cardboard house decorated with white adhesive tape

cardboard hut child diy idea activity DIY

It is important to think of the windows: a large or a few small squares to ventilate the space. If you have chosen to decorate your hut or house with paint, it is a very good idea. You can leave this task to your children and keep them busy for two hours. But be careful: choose paint based on natural ingredients and avoid any toxic product that can be dangerous for your health. It is important to read the components of the chosen painting. A painting for the exterior of the house may not be suitable for interior walls. There are more and more bio paintings and even if their price remains high, do not hesitate to invest in a product of good quality. Choose the most natural paint possible.

Cabin to buy online and customize at home

white cardboard hut child activity idea

You can create a door with the cardboard by cutting it on one side or put a curtain for a magical atmosphere!

Real huts for creative and playful kids by Kidsonroof

cardboard hut child idea diy original idea

The company Kidsonroof is one of the major companies specialized in the design of products Cardboard hut "Based on the imagination and creativity of children" . Created in 2005 by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin, the products it offers are of pure design and made with natural materials. All cabins for sale online are made of recycled cardboard and are biodegradable.

Hut that you can install outside

cardboard hut child wood idea diy brico activity

Gray cabin

hut child gray idea deco activity child

Hut painted in black and white

cardboard hut child diy idea colors

A personalized and original hut while recovering

child hut diy cardboard idea original home cardboard child

Funny hut with fireplace

home card idea DIY activity kid brico deco

DIY cardboard hut

hut child cardboard idea diy original idea

A house or a café: your little ones to choose!

cardboard house child idea diy activity child


spaceship child idea cardboard diy activity brico

Classically shaped cardboard house

idea brico child activity house cardboard diy cheap

House in pink, white and brown

cardboard house child house idea activity

House of design ... interesting!

hut child diy cardboard idea activity child garden

A spaceship in white cardboard!

cardboard idea activity child diy original idea

You can also make very small cardboard houses

cardboard house hut diy child activity

Custom design villa

activity child cardboard diy idea original home children

Three small custom homes with garden and car included

home child idea cardboard diy brico activity child

Three ideas to realize

cardboard hut diy child idea modern table chair carton

Medium sized house drawn with felt

cardboard hut child diy idea original home children

Wooden house with tree drawing

cardboard house child idea diy original

House of minimalist style

hut child window white idea diy

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