Cardboard furniture: original, ecological and creative ideas

cardboard furniture idea cardboard shelf armchair original idea cheap

The cardboard is not at the top of the list when it comes to building materials and furniture. This does not mean, however, that it is not a possible option. You will be amazed at how much it can be transformed and used by discovering this gallery of projects and ideas made with cardboard.
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They are certainly very original and unusual. Get inspired by our selection of cardboard furniture from Milan to Hiroshima!

Cardboard furniture: the office of the company Nothing in Amsterdam

cardboard furniture office idea cardboard table idea cheap

The two Dutch creators Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg were supposed to realize the design of the office of the advertising company Nothing. The big challenge was the small budget and we had to find the most economical and original solution. The entire interior of this office was made at the base of the carton. Everything was cut with a lot of attention and precision. The result: an interior that includes everything needed: desks, tables, shelves, stairs and other items all in cardboard!

Cardboard furniture: design Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg

cardboard furniture cardboard table white chair idea furniture carton

The conference room

furniture cardboard table desk cardboard lamp white chair

The cardboard staircase

furniture cardboard cabinet design staircase

Small coffee table

cardboard furniture table idea office sofa white

Architect Toby Horrocks and designer Kristian Aus have created an interesting concept for Melbourne's "The State of Design" festival with a foldable cardboard interior! It includes five cardboard panels that can be transformed into office , a series of shelves and a lighting device.

Project directed by Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus

foldable office cardboard cabinet make cardboard furniture

Foldable desk

cardboard furniture cardboard office manufacture build cardboard

The Trash Cafe is the result of a teamwork of university students in Newcastle, some engineers and architects. It was made at the base of recycled materials, often thrown in the bin where the name of the coffee "trash" comes from ( filth in English). The walls were made of cardboard and the chairs of bottles plastics.

The Trash Cafe

How to make cardboard furniture chair cardboard table cardboard walls cardboard

University students take a coffee sitting on cardboard stools

cardboard table chair plastic bottle manufacture cardboard furniture chest of drawers

The project " Room in a box "(Room in a cardboard box") is an interesting concept that is especially aimed at low-budget students. This project can be done and undone in 30 minutes and you do not need tools. The box includes all that is needed to live: a desk, a chair, a bed, a dresser, a trash. Itching and itching becomes child's play!

Cardboard room: achievable in 30 minutes

room carton office chair carton carton desk cheap bed cardboard

The project "Aesio DTLA" by Brooks + Scarpa is located in Los Angeles in a historic area. The creative team used cylindrical cartons to create partitions and then install shelves. The cement floor is authentic. Materials and styles marry beautifully.

Cardboard partitions

cardboard wall cardboard partition shelf cement floor los angeles

Partitions and cardboard lamp

tube partition cardboard furniture cardboard office shelf

Cardboard drawers

cardboard cabinet drawer office idea

The Common Kin clothing store changed its conceptual and aesthetic vision in 2014. The Intussen Studio was tasked with the mission of offering a new, original interior. They decided to use the white painted cardboard and combine it with black steel panels. The result: a minimalist interior store, modern and attractive!

The Common Kin store

store common kin design manufacture cardboard cabinet idea shelves painted cardboard white idea

Original cardboard shelves

cardboard shelf idea manufacture furniture cheap

The Japanese architect Shigeru Ban created a tea house made entirely of cardboard and paper! The project is titled "Paper Tea House" ( Paper tea house ). The house is more than 5 meters long and inside has a table, four stools and a bench. It can not, of course, be installed outdoors.

The paper tea house

cardboard house idea cardboard bench cardboard chair cardboard table

Cardboard bench

cardboard furniture home cardboard bench decoration idea decoration

With a surface of more than 800 square meters the interior of this store located in Milan is made at the base of the carton. This project was realized by the design studio A4A .

Shop with cardboard furniture in Milan

furniture cardboard idea original shelves storage cardboard

Design store in Milan with ecological interior

store milan carton manufacture cardboard cabinet idea

Yes, it's cardboard!

cardboard idea DIY realized original furniture modern design

This store is located in Los Angeles, California, in a shopping district. The DCPP architects realized this interior, simple and captivating at the same time, using recycled cardboard tubes.

Cardboard shelves in a store in Los Angeles

office furniture office los angeles deco table office carton

Modern and ecological design

cardboard shelf manufacture cardboard cabinet shelves ideas chairs wooden table

By using the cardboard tubes, the studio Suppose design office created this project for the Karis shopping center located in Hiroshima in Japan. It is a multifunctional space and design.

Karis Shopping Center in Hiroshima

cardboard cabinet idea store design Suppose design office

Interior design, modern and elegant made with cardboard tubes

cardboard store tubes hiroshima japan modern design Suppose design office

Here is another example of a store with an interior made of cardboard by Urbantainer . The Naver App Square store represents a metal kiosk with cardboard furniture.

Naver App Square

modern interior carton office idea original manufacture furniture

Modern interior, design and eco-friendly by Urbantainer

manufacture cardboard cabinet design modern office cardboard chair

In fact, you can use cardboard to make furniture even outdoors! Here is the example we brought students Min-Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi from ETH Zurich . Their project is called Packed and is a pavilion made of cardboard. They used 409 cylinders of different sizes and thicknesses. The pavilion has been made numerically.

Cardboard pavilion realized by three students of ETH Zurich

furniture cardboard idea pavilion cardboard design Min-Chieh Chen Dominik Zausinger Michele Leidi from ETH Zurich

The pavilion seen from the inside

manufacture furniture cardboard idea pavilion cardboard design

The artist Paul Coudamy created the design of the interior of this office for an advertising agency located in Paris. The office includes twenty workspaces, several storage and storage, plus a meeting room.

Office in Paris with dark interior and design with cardboard furniture

cardboard office interior design paris Paul Coudamy

This welcome desk was produced by ECAA (Edward Cella Art + Architecture). It is practical and with several storage for books and documents.

Office cardboard receipt by ECAA

object cardboard office cardboard manufacture furniture by dear design ECAA

Karton Group is a company that offers designer cardboard furniture for bedrooms, offices and dining rooms. Everything is done at the base of recycled cardboard.

Cardboard furniture by Karton Group

cardboard bed cardboard table dresser drawer cardboard karton group

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