Carpet for original room and design

carpet bedroom child idea design myk interior modern arrangement pompons

To finalize the decoration of the soil, nothing better than a carpet for bedroom design and mellow. It warms the mood and makes it more cozy. It is ideal if you want to bring touches of color to a monochrome interior.

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You can also match it with the style and decor of your room and combine it with other elements and textures. Discover our selection of carpets with a unique design that you can find and buy online.

Huichol Design Room Rug Design Elissa Medina

carpet design modern huichol idea interior design design deco ideas

The carpet reinvents itself and takes amazing forms. This colorful rug is actually inspired by Huichol Indians living in Sierra Madres, Mexico. Intense colors and ancient symbols - this rug is 100% original and handmade in Mexico. For its manufacture more than 80 hours were needed. Made of leather, it is a marriage of tradition and innovation. It is flexible and allows you to create your own color palette. It was presented at Deseno's Abierto Mexicano design event in 2013. You can even decorate your walls with!

Huichol Design Room Rug

carpet design exterior interior idea carpet floor modern deco bedroom

Palette of warm colors

carpet room design idea modern floor mat deco

The carpet in blue

modern interior design floor mats deco idea huichol modern wool

Carpet ideal for the bedroom baby

carpet design bedroom arrangement idea design contemporary modern interior

This designer leopard rug is handmade in Germany. It is composed of 700 pompoms all handmade. Everything is wool. Its weight is 35 kg. You can order it online or choose the color, size and even the design yourself. It takes 13-14 weeks to manufacture and deliver it.

Carpet for very original room by MYK Berlin

carpet for bedroom design child carpet deco idea interior myk berlin

The kids love it

carpet for kids room deco idea interior design modern myk berlin

Made of 700 handmade woolen pom-poms

room child decoration idea indoor carpet plush

Black version: puma

carpet for children room idea carpet black interior fireplace

Very graphic and clean, this design carpet bears the name "Bearhug". It represents a puzzle and its shape and size can be modified. Discover the rest of our selection of innovative and modern room mats.

Bearhug Design Rug by Permafrost

children's room rug modular design idea deco bear

"Bearhug" design rug by Permafrost

carpet for kids room idea floor rug design interior decor kids room modern

Carpet with pompons in white MYK Berlin

modern interior design white round rug interior design myk berlin

Bandas modular rug by Patricia Urquiola for Gan

carpet for bedroom design idea design cushions contemporary design

Three small designer rugs, Angela Adams

carpet bedroom design decoration design idea

modern interior design carpet floor decoration bedroom decoration

carpet room design green idea interior design modern deco

Wool rug from Canada by Sandra Figuerola

modern wool design rug floor mats blue green stool design sandra figuerola

Chen Chen and Kai designer rugs Williams

carpet for kids bedroom idea design deco modern bedroom layout

carpet for bedroom interior design modern deco idea design

Design carpets Sweet Tooth Rug Camilla Ebdrup and Camilla Korschen

interior carpet bedroom idea design carpet living room armchair

Modular carpet ZigZag

carpet floor zigzag design modern interior idea bedroom child arrangement bed cushions table night

rug for bedroom red white patterns interior design modern idea

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