Central island IKEA kitchen in 54 different ideas

central island kitchen modern ikea

IKEA encourages us to see the kitchen differently and always gives us more and more ideas to better develop our living space. The central kitchen island is a flagship element that is present in most solutions offered by IKEA for the layout of the kitchen.

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It becomes a dominant element and an indispensable module. It offers a new work plan, but also a dining area and many extra storage. If you want a central island design, functional and affordable, we invite you to discover our selection of 54 ideas. central island kitchen IKEA . Find the one that best suits your needs and your kitchen space!

Central island wooden IKEA kitchen

central island kitchen ikea Scandinavian decoration

Very elegant kitchen in black and white

kitchen interior contemporary design arrangement central island black and white lighting suspension design furniture wood deco plant

The more space is open, the better! The central island is an element that can save space and brightness. It also helps to organize tasks in the kitchen and to enjoy many storage (cupboards, buffets, shelves ...). The open spaces are warmer. The installation of a central island in your kitchen will change your habits and make your culinary activities much more enjoyable.

Central island IKEA wooden kitchen with drawers

central island kitchen ikea wood furniture

What is your favorite interior design style? Are you rather style minimalist e, traditional style or futuristic style? Here is a kitchen fitted and decorated in an industrial and modern style: dark wood cabinets, brick wall tiles and fixtures hanging in black. The central island is in black painted wood with a light wood surface. It serves as a preparation and washing area.

Industrial style kitchen with central island IKEA

central island kitchen ikea industrial style

Who said it's forbidden to mix styles? The kitchen is a place of expression, imagination and creativity. It is the ideal place to assert your desires for decoration and to experiment. The kitchen does not always have to be conventional, you can mix styles and colors. Let your imagination speak and create an interior that matches your personality.

Scandinavian style white kitchen

central island kitchen ikea white furniture

For a rustic and functional kitchen, it is advisable to opt for an independent central island (light to move or with wheels). A work plan that moves according to our needs, it is very practical!

Detachable central island and Scandinavian style design

ikea kitchen idea island central wood cheap interior design scandinavian

Once installed, the central island will become the living heart of your living space. It will allow the whole family to get their hands dirty. If you are installing comfortable benches or stools, children and your friends can also participate in the preparation of the meal. Prepare a good meal or have a drink in good company, the central island will become a place of conviviality and valuable sharing. Then check out our gallery of central island examples from the leading Swedish manufacturer IKEA and find the one that best matches your interior. To choose your central kitchen island, do not forget to make a plan of the configuration and the surface of your room.

Interior decoration with kitchen island Ikea

central island kitchen wood design interior Scandinavian modern wood fixture suspension wall bricks

In principle, central kitchen island Ikea or other brand is located in the middle of the kitchen area. It is good that it is at an equal distance from other key points of the kitchen, namely the stove, the sink and the fridge.

Interior design with kitchen island Ikea

ikea kitchen furniture idea design lighting fixture suspension design interior modern

What to find on the kitchen island? The island may include a sink or hot plates. Most often, the central Ikea kitchen island represents a storage table with cupboards. In fact, it is a storage place for cooking utensils. It is also the place where the chef prepares his dishes. He washes and cuts his vegetables and ingredients.

Idea of ​​small central island kitchen Ikea

modern kitchen ikea idea central island wood design fixture hanging modern floor mat

Inside the central kitchen island, the chef can put away food for the cat or dog. He can also hold his sharpest knives. It is even obligatory that they hold them because, just to recall what we have already mentioned, it is there that it prepares the delights the dishes for the day.

Photo of Ikea kitchen island in black and wood

kitchen industrial style design idea central island fixture industrial suspension

How to tell the difference between a central Ikea kitchen island and an Ikea table? Well, the Ikea islet can contain stoves and other utensils of this kind, while the simple Ikea table is only used to sit there and eat there.

Kitchen idea with Ikea central island

small central island kitchen ikea wood fixture suspension design idea furniture white wood kitchen

A central Ikea kitchen island can be huge or classic in size. When it's huge, it can be very useful. Observe on the picture below how many drawers the island holds! The number of drawers is really impressive. Then, the surface of the central island kitchen is impressive, too. Ready-made dishes, candlesticks, plants, etc. were put there. And there is still room to perform his normal and traditional kitchen work.

Industrial style kitchen with hanging lights design

kitchen ikea contemporary design idea island central modern lighting industrial style design

Small white central island in wood

central island kitchen ikea wood design chair black wall tile white idea

Large central island with dining area, cooking area and laundry area

island central kitchen ikea plates cooking stool chair black design furniture ikea kitchen cheap

Central island in white and bar in green

island central kitchen ikea stool black design hood kitchen modern kitchen idea

Central island with white wooden cupboards

central island kitchen ikea white design idea layout lighting suspension floor mats fixture hanging design

Small removable center island in wood with wheels

modern kitchen island central wood removable design cupboard deco flowers

Large central island with extractor hood

island central kitchen ikea design arrangement extractor hood white chair design hobs

Small center island in removable wood and practical for small kitchens

interior kitchen modern island central removable wooden wheels design idea

IKEA offers a wide range of products, furniture and practical accessories. There is something for all tastes and styles. One of the storage solutions in their collection is the Stenstorp or Rimforsa series.

American kitchen ikea design wood table chair stool white fixture hanging tile white furniture design

Why place plants on its central Ikea kitchen island? Because plants purify the air and improve the atmosphere. Even more practical is to grow aromatic herbs in the kitchen. Season your life!

central island kitchen ikea design idea sink kitchen deco

Furniture that is easy to move or with wheels - here's a practical kitchen idea. Forget the heavy furniture and bulky furniture, the more functional and lightweight it is, the better! When the island has wheels, you can find it at Ikea under the name of service.

central island kitchen ikea wood small kitchen storage tip

Dress her wooden kitchen - what a good idea!

ikea kitchen wooden design idea hood suction chair design wood closet

Traditional look kitchen with kitchen island

interior kitchen idea layout central island design lighting fixture suspension chair

Modern kitchen idea with island in L

central island kitchen ikea black and white design idea layout lighting suspension hood hood

Semi-open kitchen design idea rich in vegetation

ikea kitchen white wood design idea furniture arrangement ikea

modern kitchen idea design island central sink integrated design modern idea furniture white table wood

A white interior is an interior that shines and relaxes. Decorate with greenery, aromatic herbs and any kind of potted plants and create a real paradise in your kitchen.

central island kitchen ikea cheap interior kitchen modern white design

All white kitchen, refined design decorated with greenery - paradise corner at home

ikea minimalist kitchen design idea island c entral layout baking plates

ikea kitchen island wood cheap lighting idea lighting fixture

A modern and open living space with large kitchen island in L

open kitchen design central island lighting fixture suspension

interior kitchen modern central island lighting idea fixture hanging table design stool bench

kitchen ikea design central island cheap idea storage kitchen extractor hood

Having a comfortable kitchen is essential to live comfortably. Even if you are not very "cooking", you spend all your time there every day. We prepare our tea or coffee in the morning, we have breakfast, we prepare food for all our family, we sit there, we read, we work when the kitchen is spacious and bright.

central island ikea kitchen idea furniture furniture kitchen cheap

We adapt his cuisine to his desires and his space. While some only need a functional kitchenette, others need more space to practice their culinary skills. Cooking is a very relaxing creative activity. It is also an art.

ikea kitchen idea design furniture design ikea white

The marriage of white and green is a marriage always successful, a reflection of nature and purity.

kitchen ikea design idea design white chair deco plants kitchen idea furniture cheap ikea

Open spaces are considered more welcoming, warmer and zen.

ikea center island design wood fixture suspension yellow floor mats green white table design idea furniture kitchen cheap

Country style kitchen in yellow, white and brick

island ikea kitchen cheap furniture buy idea

islet central kitchen ikea simple design cheap furniture wood cheap design

central island kitchen ikea design idea lighting kitchen layout

ikea central island gray design idea kitchen hood kitchen kitchen design idea open space design

This wooden furniture with roulette plays the role of a removable central island multi-functional. His work plan turns into a bar as soon as you need it. Its natural color of light wood transforms this piece of furniture into a jewel of simple and functional design:

island kitchen removable ikea wood cheap

And yes, there are many practical and multi-functional furniture. Some even have stools that rank below!

central island kitchen small space idea ikea kitchen furniture cheap design

Gray has long been a shade reserved for bedrooms and bathrooms. For a while now, he has found his place in the modern kitchen. We marry it to white and we add wooden objects and a very rich vegetable decoration to soften its monochrome side.

ikea furniture design central island modern kitchen stools idea

modern kitchen idea layout design wood lighting fixture traditional kitchen

Feminine and luxurious kitchen interior

ikea kitchen furniture cheap central island idea hood design

Kitchen worktop in black granite

center island wood design black surface extractor hood ikea design furniture

Removable kitchen furniture solution in black

kitchen ikea furniture idea island central wood design modern plant decoration

Kitchen idea dressed in wood and white with square island

interior modern kitchen wood furniture cheap kitchen design central island white wood design

Open and elegant space with large kitchen island and bar

ikea furniture cheap design idea stools white modern armchair deco plant interior idea

Multi-color kitchen with window

ikea central island idea wood design lighting fixture hanging closet idea modern

Wooden kitchen cabinet with castors for easy movement

central island kitchen ikea wood design island removable idea

central island kitchen ikea design wood idea interior design floor mats stool kitchen deco

kitchen ultra-modern-island-central-elegant-design-chic




central island-kitchen-installation-L

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