Cheap, original and design garden fence

original design garden fence

A garden fence can be both safe and at the same time very aesthetic. Its decorative function is important for the general ambience in your outdoor space. A wide range of grilles and barriers made of wood, plastic, stone, wood pallets, wrought iron, metal are available to you.

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It is important to choose it well. First, think about what purpose you really need? To help you in the search for original ideas, we advise you to discover our selection of 30 examples garden fence of different types.

Bamboo garden fence

modern bamboo garden fence design

The size of your garden fence may vary. What is the privacy you desire? If you want to tan in the sun and avoid external looks, go for a high fence. At the same time there are garden fences perfect for sheltering prying eyes, but without giving a feeling of isolation or confinement.

Pretty wooden garden fence

fence garden wood trend modern flowers landscaping

Several materials exist. They vary according to the degree of security desired and your tastes and needs. The most trendy, modern and natural material is wood. It is light and it fits perfectly in harmony with nature. The variety of styles and designs can inspire you in the choice of design. At first sight, wood can be considered as a sensitive material. You can of course ensure the necessary treatment to ensure its resistance to weather: you can either paint or varnish. If you like the rustic style, you can also keep it raw and leave its natural effect. If you have a small budget and you like DIY, the tree branches are perfect for making it your own cheap fence. Pallets are another very trendy and environmentally friendly option.

Fence of flower pots

fence garden original flower pot wall wood ideas

Closing form interesting

bamboo garden fence modern outdoor idea

Original wooden fence with grating

garden fence design wood metal deco plant

Bamboo garden fence

wooden garden fence fence his garden

Single garden fence in wood

wooden fence design garden deco

Classic garden fence in wood

outdoor garden idea grid

Pretty garden gate

garden grid in braided resin or wood

White garden grating

garden gate white wood design

Discreet garden grill

garden landscaping fence its garden

Long garden grill and metal

very solid metal garden fence

Garden fence with a very solid grid and PVC

white pvc grid idea home improvement house stone deco

white french garden fence

grid garden design metal stone large garden

deco wood fence

garden idea grid

vegetable garden hedge

gray garden fence design

fence garden brown metal plant decoration

deco garden metal grille

idea of ​​garden wood gate

wooden fence garden deco

garden gate metal wood

deco garden design black fence

concrete garden fence design

outdoor furniture

garden wall fence his stone garden

garden gate pvc white

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